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rrquinta  +   1089d ago
I still need to get this game, lol.
TheLiztress  +   1089d ago
I still need to get me a copy of this game. It looks like something I would love. And you can never have too many RPGs.
catch  +   1089d ago
Agreed, especially since quality console rpgs tend to be in relatively short supply. I finished this game and it is very charming with a surprisingly addictive multiplayer mode. Not sure if that is still very active though.
Cam977  +   1089d ago
I read this as "The Last Of Us" at first! Silly me.
LiViNgLeGaCY  +   1089d ago
You're such a silly Sally.
Snookies12  +   1089d ago
I have the special edition with the book case, and it looks really nice. Unfortunately I have yet to play more than about 20 minutes of it. o_o

Seemed to be off to a good start, but other things pulled my attention away lol.

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