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zero_cool  +   1163d ago
To me next gen gaming dose not truely start until this happens below...

Cheers Gamers & Happy Gaming!

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weap0nx  +   1163d ago
No matter how powerful the consoles are. Winning the next gen will come down to who has the best SOFTWARE not hardware for the most reasonable price. PC are 100x more powerful than any console out and yet Xbox and PS3 sale way more. Again Hardware not everything.
Bladesfist  +   1162d ago
Well PC also has the cheapest software here in the UK (New releases are £10 less on PC)
deletingthis34675334  +   1162d ago
Meh, I don't need generations. I'll play my games in their glory on my PC while watching console kids duke it out over the scraps.
ApexHell  +   1162d ago
dude i was playing next gen in 2007 on my pc
sniperxx  +   1162d ago
check out the comment I just posted - you are right on man...
sniperxx  +   1162d ago
This is getting pretty stupid... 'Next Gen' ? How about the new xbox and ps4 will already be 2 generations behind a current generation PC? Seriously...

Food for thought - How much does a 'current gen' top of the line video card cost? $600 dollars (GTX 680) - if your a serious PC gamer, you most likely have 2 of those, and a rig that goes along with it - 2500-3000 dollars = current gen when it comes to graphics department.

Unless the next xbox or ps4 are going to come out with a price point of 700+, it is not really going to be anything much better then the Wii U. Who cares anyway? The Wii U doesnt suck, the xbox doesnt suck, the ps3 doesn't suck - they are all great systems with great games. Why is everyone so interested on which if faster? At the end of the day, its about the games, the person and what they like.

Also, its annoying to read so many ignorant comments about the Wii U - coming from someone who has a PC (battlefield 3, Diablo 3), a PS3 (Uncharted) an Xbox (Gears of War) and now a Wii U - I can assure you that black ops, for example, runs/looks and plays much better then the xbox/ps3 version. The sad part? I BOUGHT the xbox version of black ops (couldnt wait lol) and RETURNED it for the Wii U version, why? Simple, the gamepad... Perfect example - playing split screen black ops 2 on the xbox or ps3 downgrades the graphics (lowers the resolution and draw distances) and puts two who black bars on either side of your screen. The Wii U? One of my friends uses the pro controller (xbox controller ripoff) playing on the TV, and the other uses the gamepad, it looks even BETTER on the gamepad because the screen is much smaller, and the perspective from the user is that it looks so much clearer - same principle of playing black ops on a 70" TV vs a 47" tv - the 47" will look 'sharper' simply because the pixels dont have to stretch to fill all 70" (given that it is 1080p).

Anyway, done with my rant - but you guys are all idiots for the most part.
sniperxx  +   1162d ago
That isnt to say the Wii U is the best out there - but FOR ME, it is. If you want to argue current gen - then your an idiot, that was my original point. The new xbox, ps4 and the recently released Wii U all suck when it comes to power and graphics, plain and simple (compared to a 'current gen' PC).

Went off on a tanget above - but the point I was making was - console makers cannot AFFORD to even come close to competing to PC's - a console = a very slow/old computer with a decent GPU. This translates into the next xbox/ps4 using PC hardware from 3-4 years ago to make it cheap enough to sell at 300-400 dollars.
Bebedora  +   1162d ago
I actually want a console that makes developers execute their games as intended by the same. Old hardwar means vast knowledge to plan and execute. Not entirely a bad thing.

Only the top of the crop of developers can and will use newer systems as intended by that game they develop. That's my experience.

Developers of lesser kind do have a span on using older hardware while phasing out the old and starting with getting on to the new gen.

So, I hope little of a few companies, coming the new next brilliant ultra bright coloured epic awesome dope gen.
Zha1tan  +   1162d ago
All those games were run on a single GTX 680

Next gen? pfft im already there.
Jason143  +   1162d ago
SinisterKieran  +   1162d ago just went full retard.
Jason143  +   1162d ago
been playing next gen forawhile on pc. console hasnt even used direct x 11 yet lol in terms of consoles i think they have hit the limit in terms of graphics without selling a console that costs $1000 i dont see it ever happening
josephayal  +   1162d ago
PLAYING Next GEN? yes, i have a WII U
Fakdafakinfakerz  +   1162d ago
The next gen is yet to come so you can't play it... from a metaphysical point of view... of course... or not...
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