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Dogswithguns  +   1159d ago
I don't use Netflix. but I use my PS3 all the time.. anyone has a problem with that?!
nerdkiller  +   1159d ago
hey you down below... how is the wiimote unreliable? i can use it from my kitchen from the livingroom. the only time its unreliable is when th3 batteries are dead. get your head out of your ass, stop being such a fanboy
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arbitor365  +   1159d ago
its because people dont want a $60 yearly fee compounded with their netflix fee (xbox), and they dont want to use a console that has unreliable wireless (wii).
brettyd  +   1159d ago
I use my ps3 for Netflix for the simple reason that my 360 sounds like jet engine.
wishingW3L  +   1159d ago
you don't need to pay any PSN fees to be able to use Netflix, I think that helps a lot. On the Xbox you have to pay for gold and then pay for Netflix too.
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isyourhouseonfire  +   1159d ago
PS3.. That's quite an expensive Netflix player, considering the application is free. In fact, my TV has netflix built in.

I don't think being #1 for Netflix streaming is something to brag about.. That's like air bragging that its the #1 thing delivered to lungs.
ZBlacktt  +   1159d ago
Not everyone is a gamer that owns the console. So the mere fact that it beat out PC and the XBox is a big deal. That's millions of people watching it more on the PS3. Which is great for the Sony console in general.

Lets not forget Sony is not just in electronics. There's Sony pictures and studio's. There's Sony music label. So they are very much the total entertainment giant.
waltercross  +   1159d ago
It doesn't beat the PC. It beats all other Devices hooked up through the TV. My son watches Netflix allot on the PS3. I use the PS3 for other things to and even my son does. We are buying 2 PS Vita's soon and also pre-ordering GTA V for the PS3. I think our PS3 Gets used! ;)
YodaCracker  +   1159d ago
It's funny how people are always saying that Sony is all about the gamers and the PS3 is a game console first. They bash Microsoft saying they have begun to shift focus away from games and are turning the Xbox 360 into an entertainment box rather than a game console.

Now if this news was that the 360 was the most-used device for Netflix, the comments would be saying "I buy a game console to play games, not to watch movies", or "360 owners have no games to play so they have nothing to do but watch Netflix".

The funny thing is there is likely a much larger percentage of 360 owners that use their console for games than there is for the PS3. The PS3 actually has more of a reputation as a media box than the 360, despite all those apps.

But this is just typical N4G hypocrisy.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   1159d ago
What's funny is that people like you were the ones that tout how they want their gaming systems to be a jack of all trades entertainment box and are glad Microsoft is pushing the envelope to do that, but then get pissed off whenever the 360 doesn't come atop for the use of some non-gaming related thing.

I can understand why. MS is pushing the entertainment box while Sony isn't doing so with as much effort, but still ends up being number one in Netflix streaming.

So now you go on and say how people's comments would be different if it were the other way around as if your comments/thoughts on the matter would be the same the no matter which system came out on top. But we all know that is BS.

Typical N4G hypocrisy indeed.
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Hicken  +   1159d ago
You embody N4G hypocrisy.

Try harder.
waltercross  +   1159d ago
@ yodaCracker

The thing is Sony Advertises the PS3 as a media Hub, so It's not like there hiding anything and I'm ok with it being a Media Hub.
CrustifiedDibbs  +   1159d ago
you are exactly right. you should be even more sure that you are right judging by the disagrees and the fact that you brought out three sony defense drones.

check the comments in this article. now who is the hypocrite lol. you sony fanboys are delusional.

lol at hicken calling someone a hypocrite. get a life man. how do you even have time to play games with all the sony defense you do on n4g?
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256bit  +   1159d ago
no one wants to pay for live in order to get access to netflix. while ps3 is FREE of charge :D
freezola75  +   1159d ago
Three words: Sons Of Anarchy, three more: American Horror Story LOL

and a bunch of other cool s#!t sooo... yeah I concur with this article. Peace
ZBlacktt  +   1159d ago
It's good to be the King.
TheRealist2102  +   1159d ago
I use my PS3 for gaming and blue-ray movies. My sony tv has the netflix app and it doesnt make sense to have both devices on. Before my sony tv came along i used the netflix app on my ps3 a ton.
Qrphe  +   1159d ago
For the same reason that PSN has more users online playing that XBL, Netflix is $60 a year cheaper for the average consumer to use.
black911  +   1159d ago
I have a question. How many Xbox live users are there?
TheBatman_Fanatic  +   1159d ago
Not only Netflix, gaming also!
urwifeminder  +   1159d ago
I use torrents way cheaper than all for movies.
waltercross  +   1159d ago
shhhh...Don't tell anyone! :)
Software_Lover  +   1159d ago
I just use the Netflix app that comes with my television. I have tried the Windows 8 netflix app and it's pretty good. I prefer it to the xbox 360's netflix interface.
ufo8mycat  +   1159d ago
Don't see the interest in netflix.

Just use torrents to get all my stuff and its free.
jonli76  +   1159d ago
I totally disagree Xbox 360 Netlfix is great apps and it does stream 1080p Hd so get it straight and who cares with this wow Playstation fans are trying to get anything to to make the PS3 looks better
momthemeatloaf  +   1159d ago
Not surprising considering ps3 doesn't have the greatest library of games to play

On Xbox we have Minecraft, Halo and Call of duty that runs properly to keep us busy from movies.
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elda  +   1159d ago
Loving my Netflix on my PS3,I watch it everynight when I'm not gaming including HuluPlus!...who needs cable??!!
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