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TXIDarkAvenger  +   966d ago
It would look better if it wasn't done on this version of the PS3. Should of made it on the first slim...
insomnium2  +   966d ago
OK WHAT.IS.WRONG with this console? Serious question. Has everyone turned into a whiny b***h all of a sudden or is this too only a PS3-hate thing? I mean it's a PS3 that has some blue on it WTF? Who the eff cares enough to go apesh*t over something like this.
LoLZoRz  +   966d ago
I think it looks pretty good.

subtly designed. This guy has no sense of style.
NonApplicable  +   966d ago
Looks badass to me.
NewVegasTroop  +   966d ago
looks good to me, i actually like it
ForgottenProphecy  +   966d ago
I like the controller
troncoparati  +   966d ago
I would totally get one, but that has to be Japan only...right?
isntchrisl  +   966d ago
It's actually an improvement over the all-black PS3.
Raoh  +   966d ago
eh, I think it looks fine. I actually recently around the time of Hurricane Sandy held a PS3 Slim 2.0. It's nicer than people think it is in person. Its a hell of a lot lighter too.

I'm sure this bundle looks fine in person too. Its a cheap LE though, the console should be more like the controller.
MikEyG  +   966d ago
I just want that bad A** controller!!!
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