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Sovereign59  +   786d ago
This title is ridiculous. Something "Unforgettable" cannot be forgotten. It's like writing an article and titling it "5 immortals that have perished." If they were immortal in the first place, they would not be dead. If these characters are unforgettable, they simply CANNOT be forgotten. Ever.
Why am I so picky?
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Dmd  +   786d ago
It's smart thinking. Don't reprehend yourself for do it. ;]
Deku-Johnny  +   786d ago
I'm glad they got rid of Ezio for Ratohnhaké:ton, the Assassins get better with each iteration. I hope the next one is even better than Connor.

I've never once heard anyone talking about 'Soap', he's obviously forgettable if no one even knows his name.
Dmd  +   786d ago
Nathan Drake, Cole Macgrath, Old Snake, Ezio Auditore da Firenze - I just love his name! :) - commander Shepard.

I haven't played WD yet, as I've been (oh so patiently) waiting for the retail disc with all those episodes, but I have the feeling that once I've experience it, this list will suffer an alteration!

It's impressive to think that a whole gaming generation just passed by, with two FF games in it, and there isn't a single FF memorable character to talk about.
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fresh2death93  +   786d ago
I will never forget C.J from San Andreas , mainly because he was in the best gta ever made so far .Im probably gonna have to eat my words after gta 5 comes out tho lol.
Relientk77  +   786d ago
Nathan Drake and Ezio Auditore de Firenze for me. Two of my favorite franchises from this generation.
Steadyhndz  +   786d ago
No one will forget Captain Price or Soap....Also we won't miss Ezio.
Fakdafakinfakerz  +   786d ago
Nooo... I will never Ezio... and his horrible accent...
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T3MPL3TON  +   786d ago
I agree 100% on Niko. He was the most real character on the list.

I never felt connected to Ezio. His games were fun but.. he just wasn't that interesting I was always more interested in, Altair and his story.

Lee, is by far one of the greatest characters of all time.. and this from me.. being the farthest from a fan of the walking dead franchise. I felt bad for Lee. I wanted to know what really happened with him and his wife. I wanted to see him be the best surrogate dad to Clem he could be in such a broken world.

Shepard, was far too boring, there is nothing interesting about Shepard. He's just another space marine blah blah blah he shoots stuff and kills aliens and bangs aliens.. I loved the first Mass Effect. Liked 2.. and like many I couldn't stand 3. I cared more about all the other characters than I did Shepard.

My only attachment I had to Soap was him being the guy I played as in MW.. when he died I didn't care. He was just another, Tacticool Soldier.
Fishermenofwar  +   786d ago
What kind of name is SOAP anyways??
ape007  +   786d ago
"how a Muppet like you pass selection"
Fishermenofwar  +   786d ago
Everyone knows that SOAP was epic.....Kinda pissed that he died...
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