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Subzero200   1001d ago | Trolling | show
aquamala  +   1001d ago
Lots of "barely used" Vita's for sale on Craigslist , just what I noticed
boybato  +   1000d ago
yup, and I'm sure there are no pre-owned WiiUs being sold? Whats your point?
Hdz54   1001d ago | Trolling | show
josephayal  +   1001d ago
Sony is struggling to attract third-party developers
one2thr  +   1001d ago
Its fun to see people, predict the future of Sony and their products. But hey lets use that talent for something more useful, like....

What are the PowerBall or MegaMillions lottery numbers for the next 3 draws, guys?...
-Gespenst-  +   1001d ago
He left out games like Time Travellers (the superior version), and Final Fantasy Type-0, which will probably be localized and released on the Vita.

Also the superior version of Virtue's Last Reward which just got released. Everyone should play 999, and everyone should play Virtue's Last Reward.

AC Liberation got really mixed reviews so I'd say it's up to people to try that one themselves.

And I'm sure there'll be some more interesting games released or announced next year.
Lastcall  +   1000d ago
PS Vita's Last Hope. And the lame titles of these articles just keeps getting better.

That's what the articles were saying after 2 years of the PS3's launch..hahahaha..

Hey Lookie amazing media hub writers!! I think PS3 is the beast all of all the console. No the world knows it.

PS products always have a slow beginning to a "I can't afford to buy all these exclusives cause there are just TOO many to choose from." LOL's.
tubers  +   1000d ago
My only problem with the VITA is the very long load times.. very detrimental to gaming on the go..

Almost demoted to, gaming on the bed only.
bunfighterii  +   1000d ago
A good FPS is needed direly to make use of those dual analogue sticks! I hope Killzone is way better than those paltry FPS offerings served up so far.

PS Vita wish list:

-Gran Turismo, with full 'Premium' car treatment- I would even jump for joy for a straight port of GT5, with of course a few more modification options.

-Grand Theft Auto/Just Cause or a new sandbox IP that's in the same vein of over the top open world.

- A Skyrim/Fallout style RPG- probably too ambitious for a handheld but imagine how good it'd be...

- Dead Space- the claustrophobic action horror seems to suit the Vita perfectly.
deletingthis34675334  +   1000d ago
I don't see how a Fallout or ES game would do poorly on Vita apart from the graphics. The Vita's hardware is akin to the original Xbox which had Morrowind (though I had no idea how good it played as I only have the game on PC). The Vita also has way more RAM than the original Xbox so in reality it is more powerful.

That being said I like this article. Nothing wrong with being critical of something you like. This is different from bashing the system but this journalist listed suggestions on improving the system and has concerns for the success of the system.
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3-4-5  +   1000d ago
That was a good article. But I actually think 2013 will be a good year for both 3DS & Vita.
MGregory666  +   1000d ago
Removing those silly back tap buttons the Vita would help and I am piss sick of touch screen being the new cool thing.
TheLastGuardian  +   1000d ago
It would be a real shame if the PS Vita did fail. I love mine, I play it all the time. The game library is very good despite what some fools say.

Here's my favorite PS Vita games along with my scores:

Persona 4 Golden - 10/10
LittleBigPlanet PS Vita - 10/10
Gravity Rush - 9.5/10
Uncharted: Golden Abyss - 9/10
Sound Shapes - 9.5/10
Dokuro - 8/10
Lumines: Electronic Symphony - 9.5/10
WipEout 2048 - 8.5/10
Mortal Kombat - 8.5/10
Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack - 10/10
Retro City Rampage - 8.5/10
Super Stardust Delta - 9/10
Assassin's Creed III: Liberation - 8/10

I haven't even started Ragnarok Odyssey yet and there's a lot more PS Vita games I want to buy. So you see, not only does the Vita have games, it has great games and plenty of them. Anyone who says "Vita has no games" doesn't know what they're talking about. If you're honestly not interested in any Vita games, you're not much of a gamer at all. Any gamer who doesn't own a PS Vita is missing out big time.
Lethalsuperhuman  +   1000d ago
Nba 2k14 too. Please 2k im begging or Nba live 14. Idc, i just need a NBA game. Or we need a NBA game.

And cut the price of the memory cards. I think they're too overpriced. In reality you need at least $400 to buy PS Vita, decent sized memory card, and games.
Smokingunz  +   1000d ago
I agree with this article. If the vita doesnt step up next year will be its last and thats a shame. However, the list of games that are coming out next year looks good. Now if their respectful companies makes the games they should be fine.

If I were sony, I would bite the bullet and drop the vita to $170. Fire nihilistic as well. I think a price drop will defi ately help, but if they're going to drop the price of the vita they should do it this year. Right now, because next year will be too late.

The vita has lots of potential but it needs that price drop. It also needs its own identity and its own games to attract people, instead of advertising it as a ps3 in your hands. I mean, who really wants a ps3 in your hand when tbe games are half ass anyway and we all have a ps3 in the house that we rather play on the tv with 8 buttons.

Before the vita tanks, id at least lime to see a redesigned, slim and liter vita with an extended battery life. If they can do that with a price drop they will be fine.

As far as cross play with the ps4, I dont see that happening. You cant even cross play with the ps3 unless it is hacked lol

As for the games, im looking forward to kilzone mercenaries, demon souls, and a few others. What ever happened to y's? I got a vita just for that game. Anyway, itll be sad to see the vita die so early (it will definately go down in history as a top tier handheld by a once top tier, and once loved company) I loved the original psp slim. It was one of my favorite system's and it had a lot of great games. Much better games than the vita.
dboyman  +   1000d ago
"Before the vita tanks, id at least lime to see a redesigned, slim and liter vita with an extended battery life. If they can do that with a price drop they will be fine. "

In Sony's current financial crisis they cannot afford to do that.
MattS  +   1000d ago
I don't see any proof that the author is in any way qualified to comment on the Vita's market viability in 2013 and beyond?

All I see is a discussion about the games being released next year. That's fine. But to make a judgement about whether the console has a future on the market you would need to be a market analyst.

Nothing about that website convinces me that the author is a market analyst.
Rageanitus  +   1000d ago
Sorry, but Uncharted was a very good game (not as good as the ps3 versions) but still very enjoyable.

Resistance was pretty good also.
SqueezedWeazel  +   1000d ago
I save so much hydro from sitting on my couch playing Vita then having my tv and ps3 running... Ps Vita is oh so glorious :-) haters gonna hate
Knushwood Butt  +   1000d ago
Soul Sacrifice. 7th of March in Japan.
ClaudiaSomers22   1000d ago | Spam
Axonometri  +   1000d ago
Streaming PS3 games over 3G... LOL
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memots  +   1000d ago
ok seriously....

The PsVita has been out for how long now?
Even before it was released there was doom article. Just let it go for fuck sake.
fresh2death93  +   1000d ago
There are ALOT of good games coming out in 2013 , they better step their game up and make alot of those for the Vita , imagine playing gta 5 on the vita!!
H4all  +   1000d ago
Vita has many TITLE, do you try it all? some reviewer don't really play, just con-damming the company and DEV TEAM..
DarkZane  +   1000d ago
PSO2 is obviously gonna come stateside, Atelier Totori will probably be picked up by NISA like usual.

As for Tales of Hearts R, Namco want to bring more tales games to the west and this is Hideo Baba's favorite tales game, so it has more chances to be localized than not being localized.
PopRocks359  +   1000d ago
If I read one more declaration of the death of or a dying platform, I'm gonna blow a gasket.
Andrespetmonkey  +   1000d ago
It's not a "declaration of death", it's a very optimistic article.
Urgh... I'm just fucking repeating myself now. Can you man babies please read the article before making all these false accusations?
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PopRocks359  +   1000d ago
Notice that I never spoke specifically about the article? I'm saying I'm sick of people declaring any platform of being dead barely a year or two into its lifespan. Specifically I'm speaking in general terms.

Calm yourself.
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DJ  +   1000d ago
The Vita is my favorite handheld, and remarkably gets a little more playtime compared to my PS3. I know it's hard not to get pessimistic, but the PS3 only sold 5 million units during its first year on the market. Now it's at 70 million.

Sony just needs to keep advertising and (possibly) bundle Vita with the PS Orbis when it debuts. That way they can compete with Wii U's one exclusive feature, which is using tablet device in conjunction with a console.
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StreetsofRage  +   1000d ago
My Galaxy Note 2 with SNES and Genesis Emulators blow this thing out of the water.
boybato  +   1000d ago
who cares?
Lvl_up_gamer  +   1000d ago
I care. I have that on my Galaxy s3. After rooting the phone the whole world is open to you. So many emulators out there to play some of the games made.

Anyone with an android phone and is a gamer should root their phone to pkay games. I play so many awesome games on my phone. And that's not even include the games that don't require emulators. I also get free games.
Benjaminkno  +   1000d ago
I haven't even read the article. I'm not sure I need to. Vita is a success for some, but not everyone who has one is fully enjoying it. Though I think there's plenty of blame to go around even with consumers. I have no doubt that Vita will be more successful than it's predecessor, it's a superior machine.

Those who doubt that Sony's handhelds are not here to stay are just kidding themselves, they'll do their best to integrate the Ps4 with it, guaranteed.
Rohered  +   1000d ago
No hope without Square Enix!!!!
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