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EverydayGuy  +   1164d ago for those programmer savvy.

The Wii U is introducing a new architecture that hasn't been optimize yet. Because of the slow CPU I think the Wii U is equivalent to a PS 3.5. Once the Wii U pushes 1080p or achieve higher framerates, then we will have proof the Wii U is a powerful system.
profgerbik  +   1164d ago
You Nintendo fans say us other people who don't necessarily have faith in the system say we all say the same things over and over again.

Well oddly all I hear from you all is that hardware does not matter.

What I don't understand by that statement which is obviously a complete lie, if hardware doesn't matter to you, why did you even buy new hardware?

Why aren't you still sitting on an atari and just being happy with that? Or your Gamecube or Wii? Why because even though you try to hard to lie to yourself as if you don't care about hardware, you do, otherwise you wouldn't be buying new hardware.

I mean that is literally common sense. I understand when a person says hardware doesn't matter that much to them fine but to say it doesn't matter at all is bull shit.

Like I said if you were still stuck on a Atari and were talking about how hardware doesn't matter then I could actually believe you more.
profgerbik  +   1164d ago

Funny how I just talking about how if hardware doesn't matter to you why aren't you still playing an Atari?

Even the guy who made the Atari sees that smart phones and tablets have taken over, the gaming industry isn't working like it used to and developers can't afford to make the games they want anymore because simply not enough are buying them other than hardcore gamers. People don't care about quality games anymore they only care about cheap games that smart phones and tablets offer in a wide array, thing is developers love this even more because these games take far less effort to make and yet they profit more sadly than AAA titles on consoles.

He is so right it's not even funny but as always no one can accept that times are changing. I have been saying this smart phone and tablet crap for ages now good to see people are finally realizing yes it does suck and it actually is happening. Even I know the future isn't looking bright unless these consoles seriously can blow everything out of the water.

When the PS4 and 720 do come out they will really have to define themselves because by that time, smart phones and tablets will probably have close to 12 core processors in them..

It's just stupid whoever did not patent against this smart phone bull shit, now it's hitting them hard smart phones and tablets seriously should not be as powerful as they are, it's actually even ridiculous to me having a smart phone that just about as fast as my computer which I have spent thousands of dollars on.

I am a hardware whore also and even I don't like the fact smart phones and tablets are becoming too powerful way too fast. It's beyond ridiculous and not a single person on this planet ever needs a phone that powerful..

Another thing is more poeple care about texting and sitting on their phones than people do care about real gaming. This has always existed even before phones became like they are now, so it's no surprise now that they offer more people care less and less about anything else electronic device wise.

I mean for christ sakes we have refrigerators and ovens with screens and WiFi.. It's just getting out of hand and it's actually hurting everyone.

I don't want to live in a future where everything reminds me of a smart phone or tablet, when smart phones and tablets are nothing more than a imitation of PC's but smaller.
ChrisBoogie17  +   1164d ago
People just need to accept the fact that nintendo developed a console that caters to their needs. Who buys a nintendo console for third party titles anyway. People should be more upset with the fact that the wii u is not an innovation, but just a super powered DS. It's the truth.
wiiulee  +   1163d ago
lol what u said makes no nintendo suppose to make third party games too? and what does that have to do with so call hardcore gamers? wiiu has good thirdparty support now they have to get use to the wiiu hardware
PopRocks359  +   1163d ago
More of this? Really? Wasn't the original article posted like two damn weeks ago? Who are the trolls who keep submitting this crap?
McLuvn  +   1163d ago
Does not matter. New console means other games.
Wii wasn't any better than ps2. who cares. more games
means more possibilities. stow the negativity.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   1163d ago
Flashback to 2006: "Years old PS2 and Xbox ahead of Nintendo Wii in terms of speed."

...And the general public doesn't care.

People who buy into stories like this are out of touch with the reality of the current gaming market. And most of them are just looking for something to fuel their fanboy agendas.

Arguing about power in consoles is pointless. If someone really cared about graphics they should be playing all their games on PC.
ShaunCameron  +   1163d ago
Exactly. Do the "hardcore" gamers know how insignificant they really are in the grand scheme of things? LOL @ them thinking they ever could uphold an industry with their small numbers, limited funds and narrow tastes. They're just a vocal minority.

@ medman

And why should they? Their most successful consoles were the most"accessible" ones. The NES, Super NES, the Wii and every handheld they made.
PopRocks359  +   1163d ago
Someone recently called me foolish for suggesting that core gamers who take specs into consideration are "the minority" in video game consumers. I found this sort of lack of awareness to be really surprising.
ShaunCameron  +   1162d ago
@ PopRocks359

It just goes to show how delusional and out of touch with the real world they are. People don't buy consoles for hardware specs. People buy consoles for the games they deem worth buying them for. Nintendo fanboys are right when they say "graphics don't matter."
Schawk  +   1163d ago
Wii u can have 2 people playing Black Ops 2 online at one time with a screen each using 1 tv and using one copy of the game.

can the other 2 do that?

let me think slow processor, slower ram BUT still it can do this?
all i can say is WOW
Troll that Trolls
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medman  +   1163d ago
I've been gaming since the days of my youth with Calecovision and Atari. I loved the original NES and Super NES. Nintendo, in my humble opinion, focuses primarily on games for kids and families and don't really give a damn about the "hardcore" gamer. I've outgrown Nintendo. They make billions without the "hardcore". So when Nintendo brings out a console 6 years after the 360 and PS3 debuts that is not a graphical powerhouse and it's base model has just 8gb available storage, is that really a surprise? They can't win the technical battle, they don't even try. They just now, in 2012, began offering online gaming (and it's not very good, from what I've heard). Nintendo doesn't care. The "hardcore" aren't buying this console, I'm not buying this console. But I was never going to, and Nintendo knows this. They know their niche and they stick to it.
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