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ShaunCameron  +   1162d ago
Of course it doesn't. But it sure contributed a lot to the high development costs, the glaring lack of variety, etcetera that defined modern-day gaming.
thebudgetgamer  +   1162d ago
This is the same as those stupid pc gaming isn't dead articles.
ChickenOfTheCaveMan  +   1162d ago
PS3 is now almost even with the 360 and has great exclusives.

Most of all, it made Sony win the format war, and this is probably the biggest thing a console has ever made for its maker. If it wasn't for the PS3 we might be stuck with a crappy extended version of the DVD.

360 is also great, but it lacked of conviction; hard-disk should have been there from beginning and same thing goes for wi-fi connection. HD DVD should have been the game format.
dee-ecks  +   1162d ago
Ummm, nobody said it did.
Braid  +   1162d ago
Who said PS3 sucked though?

They're the only ones among the big three that's still supporting their current-generation gaming console with AAA exclusive titles. No gimmicks, no family-friendly additions, no non-gaming related services, no nothing: just hardcore, mature-oriented, gorgeous looking video games.

If PS3 is considered as "a console which sucks pretty bad", I don't know what horrible, horrible things can be said about the other two companies which literally dropped the gaming support for their video game consoles, and don't even care about their core base anymore.

Sony's at least still trying.
aliengmr  +   1162d ago
If it sucked nobody would be talking about, it would have simply faded away like the Dreamcast.

I didn't think the Dreamcast 'sucked' but it was a failed console. When talking console hardware you hear MS, Sony, and Nintendo, not Sega.
Enigma_2099  +   1162d ago
To be honest, NONE of the consoles do. Now some of the games and content on the other hand...
deletingthis34675334  +   1162d ago
Doesn't sucks?
thehitman  +   1162d ago
Cant believe 6 years later even need articles like this.
DivineAssault  +   1162d ago
duh.. Of course it doesnt suck.. Its the highest selling console around the world except the US.. The wii has the most sold overall & microsoft/sony are virtually

neck n neck
Ravenous_Syn  +   1162d ago
Who said is sucked?
Ravenous_Syn  +   1162d ago
Who said it sucked?
XHeavygunX  +   1162d ago
I'll stick to my PC gaming :P an Xbox nor a PS3 can stand up to my i7-3770K with and overclocked evga gtx 680 signature edition
AntDaGamer  +   1162d ago
When I made this article I was defending it true and through. Go look me up. I play Playstation 3 faithfully. I was playing it before 360. Anyone who thinks this is a troll..think again. I was truely speaking from the heart.
XHeavygunX  +   1162d ago
Both systems get to learn from their mistakes since the ps3 and Xbox 360 was the first step for consoles into the HD era and first full online console. When the next playstation and next Xbox release we will get to see who will truly win then
PersonMan  +   1162d ago
PS3 is still a great machine with great games.
MattS  +   1162d ago
1) Any sane person knew this years ago. It's not news, and the topic is so old that it's not even interesting.

2) If gamers actually cared about games journalism stuff like this wouldn't be at top of N4G. A proper story would be.

But because gamers like to bitch and moan about "bad journalism" but then go and click on the articles they're complaining about, stuff like this gets lots of traffic, thus encouraging more bad journalism in the future.
AntDaGamer  +   1162d ago
Its very easy for someone who isn't in journalism to say what is good or great journalism. Journalism is opinion. Journalism is expression. Journalism is creativity. Journalist can and will not be able to gain everyone's seal of approval. To trash someone's work based upon they way or words, their opinions, anything that makes them different in a career that needs those same traits is just not right. I spent a good amount of time on this article and I thank everyone who read it. Even if they opinions are different than mines. To personally attack me or any journalist cause of their opinion well that would be no better than me trashing you for yours without good reason.
MadMen  +   1162d ago
StockpileTom  +   1162d ago
Coming from a long time SOCOM player I must point out that SOCOM 4 is an abomination that describes just about everything that's wrong with the gaming industry these days. They took a great game and turned it into some generic shooter. Publishers just want to copy CoD and have no balls these days...
StockpileTom  +   1162d ago
SOCOM 4 is every bit as bad as they say it is...
Coming from a long time SOCOM player I must point out that SOCOM 4 is an abomination that describes just about everything that's wrong with the gaming industry these days. They took a great game and turned it into some generic shooter. Publishers just want to copy CoD and have no balls these days...
AnthraxNapkin  +   1162d ago
ps3 dose suck and im telling you that from my wii u , witch now replace my xbox360
nevin1  +   1162d ago
Compared to the NES-PS2 era, PS3/360/Wii sucks.
AntDaGamer  +   1162d ago
@Stockpile Tom. I'm aware of what the veterans of the community thought. Not all of the veterans felt that way. I understand things must evolve, change and grow. Zipper tried that with Socom 4 and I just feel some people don't like change. The game's campaign was ok and some of the missions was a pain such as the last stealth mission. The game overall isn't "terrible" thats the reason I brought up Socom 4. I still play it ..and yes I played all the Socoms.
aawells07  +   1162d ago
Its incredibly obvious why this article was written. Childish. The site must be in dire need of traffic.
admiralvic  +   1162d ago
Since I can't reply, I guess I will say my piece here.

This is easily one of the poorest things I've read on this site. From things like the "rumors" of their exclusives not being that good... it's not a rumor, since it's founded by logic and the simple fact that NOT every title Sony made was great and most of these people CAN justify their reasoning. Plenty of Sony titles were disliked across the board, be it Modnation, Karting, All 4 One, Killzone 3 (cause it wasn't as good as 2), Resistance 2/3 (cause it was more mainstream than 1), Resistance Burning Skies, and many others aren't that great and this is generally agreed (by hates, trolls, supporters, and critics) to be true.

Additionally, the overall point isn't that strong, nor is the article written in a way that supports it. Most people don't think the PS3 sucks, just like most people don't think the Xbox sucks either. Just because people like features from A and dislike them from B (and vice versa), just means people want it to be better. Sadly I don't think the writer understands this concept, nor does he understand that calling them "X-bots" is just discrediting him at every pass. (They should be called 360 gamers or something of the like) While I disagree with people saying this is a troll article or they're looking for hits, I just think this is some person that wants to make a difference, but clearly has no understanding of how to go about it or what our current mentality is.
jayman1  +   1162d ago
uknow im a ps3 guy the xbox doesnt suck and the ps3 doesnt suck. What sucks to me is paying for xbox live when they really should not haft to. PS3 and psn may not be exactly as user friendly as xbox live but its free. To me i love psn and ps3 and from what i hear xboxlive and psn is like splitting hairs. I just dont understand why microsoft needs this subsription money it is just pure greed. They have billions and billions of dollars. Sony is hurting and thye still offer free online. I would even pay for psn if i had to. I mean sony has got to something to stop the bleeding but maybe things are not as bad as they seem. PSN is a cash cow for sony u ask me.
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ziratul  +   1162d ago | Well said
Both PS3 and x360 are great consoles.

Why would anyone think that PS3 or x360 suck? They are both unique in both ways.

Both PS3 and X360 got their own unique problems, unique games, unique online service.

You can't be wrong if you choose any of those two.
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