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Proeliator  +   970d ago
Dishonored, Dishonored, Dishonored... did I mention Dishonored?
DeusExer  +   970d ago
Dishonored is by far one of, if not the best new IP of the year, but GOTY? I'm not so sure...
Proeliator  +   970d ago
As a stealth fan, it was a wet dream.

It was extremely unique and my own personal GOTY.
BeAGamer  +   970d ago
nice sunglasses bro
Speed-Racer  +   970d ago
How did this get approved?
majiebeast  +   970d ago
Journey no question about it.
Aceman18  +   970d ago
same here, right behind it Gravity Rush.
Knight_Crawler  +   970d ago
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Mac is OK  +   970d ago
Qrphe  +   970d ago
KingofGambling  +   970d ago
such an underrated game. The game is freaking amazing.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   970d ago
I personally voted Halo 4. I dunno, I think Halo deserves to get at least nominated for GOTY.
BeAGamer  +   970d ago
Halo 4 biyatch
VonBraunschweigg  +   970d ago
Starhawk, because of the multiplayer.
ginsunuva  +   970d ago
Journey no question.
AsunaYuukiTheFlash  +   970d ago
Persona 4 Golden nuff said.
Zichu  +   970d ago
RE6!!! Not really I never played it and never will.

If only I had played Far Cry 3, I bet it's GOTY worthy after hearing the good stuff about it...

I'm playing it safe, Borderlands 2 for me.
Commandar_Shepard  +   969d ago
Halo 4

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