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dafegamer  +   1168d ago
score to low for this game but opnions i guess
Canary  +   1168d ago
78 is low?

Yeah, I know: opinions. It's just... you're is wrong.
cpayne93  +   1168d ago
He didn't say 78 was a low score, he said it was too low for this game. Not the same thing.
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dafegamer  +   1168d ago
if you play the game, then you cant name many other handheld games which are better
tachy0n  +   1168d ago
this game deserves at least an 80...

ive passed it 2 times and im on my third now, the story is so well made, the game overall is as epic as the half life series!!!

and this game already got a GOTY award!!!

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