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sdozzo  +   1093d ago
Since the PS3 they haven't really found what they wanted with R & C.
christheredhead  +   1093d ago
Did you forget about Tools of Destruction and A Crack in Time?
sdozzo  +   1093d ago
No but making games and making great games is two different things. Their best games were on the ps2. Disagree all you guys want but the scores and sales dont lie. They haven't capured the same lightning in a bottle.
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ado908  +   1093d ago
What has insomniac been doing with their franchises... Even Resistance is going down hill let alone Ratchet and clank. Insomniac is known for great games man. They were literally on par if not better than Naughty Dog during the PS2 era. This generation they started off great but just kept on sinking to zipper interactive level...

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