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nikrel  +   693d ago
My PSV is waiting to be violated.
AWBrawler  +   692d ago
Sega, Please bring this to Wii U, or at least release it in the US
Sanquine90  +   692d ago
Why Wii U? Let the vita have it's hunting game ;) You already ( and i ) got monster hunter ultimate 3 * Flies Away*
KillaManiac  +   692d ago
This is coming to US in 2013 SEGA said.
Chrono  +   692d ago
The announcement is only for the PC version :)
murkster-dubez  +   692d ago
Wii U has no gamesss
AWBrawler  +   692d ago
Why WiiU? Because I've played all the PSO games starting on dreamcast and having access to all your items via the gamepad could work wonders. Imagine having hotkeys to instantly switch from a mechgun to a sealed J sword without running in a corner to switch. Or using a freeze inducing weapon and instantly switching to a weapon with a chance of instakill.

I honestly don't see why they wouldn't bring it to WiiU if it hits home consoles.
SolidDuck  +   692d ago
Ya this soul sacrifice and dragons crown. I can't wait for those vita games.
hvghhfyt   692d ago | Spam

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