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rrquinta  +   948d ago
whoops lol
xAlmostPro  +   947d ago
How is this an accident?.. PS all-stars is a cross buy game?
Magic_Spatula  +   947d ago
I believe cross buy only applies to the PS3 version, meaning you buy the PS3 version and get the Vita version for free. Doesn't work the other way around, and it has to be retail not digital.
1nsomniac  +   947d ago
Yes u have to buy the PS3 version to get the free vita version, can't do it the other way around but it can be retail or digital.

I'm guessing this was US PSN as I checked the small print on EU store on release & it gave the correct info.
Axecution  +   947d ago

You need to buy the PS3 version (59.99) to get the Vita version (39.99) for free

You cant buy the Vita version to get the PS3 version.

No it works digital too. I bought the PS3 version from PSN and got the Vita version free.
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Dee_91  +   947d ago
Yea I think I saw a commercial early this Morning saying exactly what this ad is saying. I was partially sleep and didnt catch the whole thing but it was the first time I seen that commercial. It was stop motion I actually thought it was robot chicken
Reverent  +   947d ago
@Dmarc, that's because the people who make Robot Chicken also made that commercial.
th3n00bg4m3r  +   947d ago
Jinkies  +   948d ago
Another accident, jeez...maybe they should be more carefull
deep_fried_bum_cake  +   948d ago
That's a pretty stupid mistake.
dat marketing team needs to go! They should steel some of MS dudes.
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isarai  +   947d ago
no thanks, i'd rather have mistakes than ad in my face, and false advertisement
kneon  +   948d ago
Perhaps the only error was the date rather than the content. It costs next to nothing for them to give you the ps3 digital copy, but to get that you will have had to have bought a vita and the game.
Neo Nugget  +   948d ago
Kinda screws people who paid $60 for the PS3 version doesn't it?
pixelsword  +   948d ago
a corporation that screws people?



*goes back to sleep*


Seriously though I agree; that would screw people.
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MaxXAttaxX  +   948d ago
Still got a $40 version of the game for free. I feel far from "screwed".

Besides, I personally prefer physical copies for my console games.
1Victor  +   947d ago
@ natan I agree because after I beat my games I mail the disks to my 3 nephews for them to play.
kratos_TheGoat  +   948d ago
It fun kicking horrible voice acting Dante with Kratos.
Hail Kratos the real God Of War

"New dmC is not for everybody" playstation
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nevin1  +   948d ago
It should be vice versa anyway. I also dont see why The Vita version is $40 while the PS3 is $60. Sure I know the plan is to get people to buy the Vita when buying the PS3 version.

But im looking at a standpoint of both titles are pretty much the same isnt it?
BitbyDeath  +   948d ago
Handheld games are always cheaper, at least down here in Oz.
1nsomniac  +   947d ago
Yea the pricing isn't really right as both games r identical although the vita has scaled down textures but that doesn't justify the price.

I would personally say that I believe it's Sony trying to further force it's users (protect its customer base) to use official Sony PS3 firmware. That's the only explanation I can think of for there current cross-buy methods. Hopefully it will change further down the line.
Soldierone  +   947d ago
It is. only difference is the screen size. The 60 dollar price tag on literally everything ISNT needed, yet we see it all the time....

Only reason it was 60 to begin with was for early development costs....last generation we saw lesser known titles break into the market at 40 dollars, why can't it be that way again?
Axecution  +   947d ago
Still happens a little bit (We Love Katamari launched at 39.99. Im sure there's more i just cant think of them xP) but i agree. 60 dollars for a game is actually way too much.

And also i think anyone that would spend 60 dollars on a handheld game is legit crazy
Axonometri  +   948d ago
How do you assign a marketing group and artists to make an ad for something then schedule and pay the web group to implement it onto the sites and or online store... only to call it a mistake after doing so? lol
belac09  +   948d ago
i thought that game was cross buy anyway?
NukaCola  +   947d ago
It is, but they list it as you pay for the PS3 version at $60, you get the $40 vita version for free...not the other way around.
belac09  +   947d ago
oh o.k.
Pathosverdes3  +   948d ago
Intentional or not, These "accidents" are a cheap way of getting a lot of attention for the new Store. They give away a few digital copies to those who tried to buy but now the news is all over the gaming sites. Not sure they realize it could backfire and get everyone laughing at them for failing hard at their own content.
Omar1st  +   948d ago
They are doing a lot of things recently...accidentally! o.O
WayneKerr  +   947d ago
Im not worried, like killzone 3 they wont be able to give this away.
1nsomniac  +   947d ago
Not sure what u mean, I like millions of other people happily bought KZ3 & still play it...
Soldierone  +   947d ago
The ad applies to certain PSN games that are the same price. The 15 dollar games and so on, you can buy EITHER version and get both.....

I'm sure if the ad was live still, you could click it and it would show which games......
SqueezedWeazel  +   947d ago
I love this game and I paid 60 for both versions...can't imagine getting it free!!!
TXIDarkAvenger  +   947d ago
Sony accidentally lists free PS3 copy Of Playstation All-Stars with Vita version but they had commented on this issue way earlier clarifying the Vita version DOES NOT come with a free PS3 version. How do you make this mistake?
hvghhfyt   947d ago | Spam
listenkids  +   947d ago
Hi PS, can I have CS yet?

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