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StrawHatPatriot  +   1164d ago
I knew Playstation 4/Omni was virtual reality!
tigertron  +   1164d ago
A lot of it sounds good, but my biggest gripe is the part where it said the next Xbox will be 2-3 times as powerful as the PS4, which I doubt.
Npugz7  +   1164d ago
XBOX Next!! Can't wait!
KiLLUMiNATi_89  +   1164d ago
Looks like the Next XBox if this true has become the new frontrunner for me next gen...
5eriously  +   1164d ago
["Microsoft is the most vague out of all of them. It’s slated to be the most powerful out of all the next gen consoles about 4 to 6 times more powerful than Wii U and 2 to 3 times more powerful than Playstation Omni."]

Hmmmm, we have to wait and see. (wink)
Dark5tar1  +   1164d ago
If the rumors are true about the Xbox 720, the Xbox set top box, and Kinect 2? I'm skipping on MS no matter how powerful the console may be. I would get a PS4 if it has great titles.

Legacy of Kain reboot? HELL YEAH
Bungie's Destiny game sounds good if they do it right.

I VERY much believe that the next gen consoles WILL NOT be a radical leap like people are assuming it to be. The 720 might be at LEAST 20% powerful than the Wii U would be my guess.

Who knows what the hell could happen in years?
Pillsbury1  +   1164d ago
Thin transperent amoled? Does that tech exist? If it does it sounds awesome. Biofeedback sounds interesting too. I would definitely pay more for that technology. Long live play.
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Jreca  +   1164d ago
So you are telling us the lineup of E3 2013? Thanks, man

P.D: I doubt half of what's in here, I don't believe the other half.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   1164d ago
Its rumored MS will have the most "powerful" console out of the three.

Uhh that's proven over time that the most "powerful" doesn't mean better.

Now if that's true MS exclusives will look fantastic Fable 4, Project Gotham should look amazing

I like Sony's new PlayStation's new name "Omni" but people will keep it simple and say "wanna play some PS4?"
Sounds like Sony could be attacking the the living room with there new head tracking tech. 2, 4, to Imax is simply amazing.

Uncharted 4, Grand Turismo, and KillZone 4 should do the hardcore justice.

Nintendo will go ALL OUT now that "OmniBox" are releasing there consoles. Kirby, Fatal Frame, new 3D Mario, Metroid, they could tease SSB. Lock Down 3rd party exclusives. In which we thought was DEAD a couple years back. Seem Nintendo could bring that back in style. If that's the case a Wii U will be a MUST buy. Damn Ninty you smart?

Nintendo could very well have a better line up next Xmas compared to what Omnibox could provide. But who knows these are still rumors (damn good ones.)

Next Gen...Is Coming.
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Sanquine90  +   1164d ago
Most exicted for OMNI! I already have the wii U now, i love it but the thought of having a projector on my head sounds marvellous:D Uncharted 4? Killzone 4? And a new MM project count me in sony. THROW MY MONEY PLEASE HAVE IT. Money does not make people happy , games, girls and other things do:D
dafegamer  +   1164d ago
Known first party games in development for Playstation Omni are:"Next gen siren","the bodyguard","killzone 4", "media molecule new ip","uncharted 4"
Nice to See that sony launches with new ips again. Just shut up and take my money
koston3647  +   1164d ago
scale everything in this article down 20% to account for changes/exaggeration/realism
and things still look pretty good to me.

-Omniviewer better have big ol' rechargeable batteries
-Simul-View feature (new improved tech from the Playstation 3D TV) would be a good use of that tech as well
Vickistheman  +   1164d ago
Interesting read for a bunch of rumors.

I'm glad Sony's not going all out power this time. Even if the next xbox is a bit more powerful than PS4, they should still be around the same power. Seems like Sony's learned their lesson with PS3.

The Omniviewer thing sounds cool. Cant wait for E3 2013.
Bolts  +   1164d ago
Sounds like Sony is going all in with this VR nonsense. The last thing I want to do when gaming is to wear some sort of head gear.
TemplarDante  +   1164d ago
The thing is,. theyve realised they cant force 3D or other tech on people anymore. Its too much of a risk to blow on a gimmick. Even Ninty was scared of pioneering a new gimmick next gen, I mean, they knew people are into Ipads,tablets, so they played it safe.
I certainly dont care for headsets or vr, just like 3D. Give me a powerful console that doesnt need to waste its power on tech that wont sell.
VR headsets will never ever be mainstream. Be it in the heart of winter, or the depths of summer, wearing something on your head is always cumbersome.
fatstarr  +   1164d ago
Cant wait for e3, the guns are coming out. videogaming might be saved if these rumors are true.
seanpitt23  +   1164d ago
So if the ps4 is going for cheap specs and nowhere near as powerful as he next Xbox then you can count me out Sony is going the opposite direction if it is true and a lot of Sony lovers will jump ship and go with microsoft
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wingman32x  +   1164d ago
I really want to know what this Megaton 3rd party IP revival is for Wii U. I think their "Fund n publish" strategy is great.
TemplarDante  +   1164d ago
Wait a sec.. these "rumors" are exactly what we've been hearing but with a twist...
The "Omni" ... its going to be Orbis. They will continue the PS4/Orbis link to Vita.
How would Omni fit into this?
Anyways, Im through with rumors with next gen.
When Super Dae sold that Durango dev kit on Ebay, it had an 8 Core intel Atom CPUs and an Nvidia GPU, yet AMD is pretty much making next gen components for everybody.

The only thing Im saying is this.
Got Far Cry 3 today on PS3.
6 year old hardware. 512mb of ram. 7800GTX GPU and a Cell CPU..
my word, what will devs do next gen?
the new king 74  +   1164d ago
Im getting both In 2013!
skyrimer  +   1164d ago
The 3d glasses for omni would render the wii u outdated, you could have all the extra info of the tablet without having to be constantly looking up and down, better tech, better multiscreen concept, and hopefully the can output all video signal on the glasses so you can play on your own while someone else watches tv, I can't wait.

Also the omnicloud would be mindblowing, being able of play any ps2 / ps3 game on the go would be crazy, if they make it work with 3g, you suddenly have hundreds of the best games ever done at the palm of your hand to play anywhere.

I see the Wii U in huge trouble. Sony and MS are not going to release a 2-3x more powerful console and that's it, they are going to push some interesting technology if all of this is true, and the 3d AR glasses seem way more interesting to me tan the tablet thing.
ratcop22  +   1164d ago
Wow this is werid for me. The next xbox is going to be 3 times more powerful than the Ps4? I don't wanna be bisaed butnow I think im going with the 720. Gulp...
Qrphe  +   1164d ago
Honestly, all these rumors are mostly dissapointing.
seanpitt23  +   1164d ago
Totally agree I feel totally disappointed i just cannot see Sony letting Microsoft having a more powerful machine
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