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Sugreev2001  +   1165d ago
Good to see Vita finally getting good numbers.
Bobets  +   1165d ago
That mean ps3 is really somewhere between 800k+ world wide compared to VGC 600k......

525k ps3 sold in US ALONE while VGC says 370k including US+mexico+canada etc.....really?
whoyouwit04  +   1164d ago
so this means the 360 is over a million world wide.
Muerte2494  +   1164d ago
failing to realize that Xbox360, North America is it's strogest market by far. You don't want to start taking this out of that region because you'll just make yourself sad. Ps3 dominates 360 outside of North America. But let's wait until the official numbers come out next year.
yewles1  +   1165d ago
I'm not gonna' lie, I actually thought it would be around 200,000 PS3's and 50,000 Vita's with the way Sony kept quiet.
KrisButtar  +   1164d ago
i did as well, maybe not those numbers but bad numbers anyways
Obnoxious_Informer  +   1165d ago
Glad to see the PS3 doing so well, not too far behind the 360, and Microsoft's console dominates in the United States generally.
CalvinKlein  +   1165d ago
MS 750K number was only for 6 days tho, sonys are from 7. No one here seemed to take that into account, but I dont blame them it means the ps3 wasnt as close to 360 as they want to beleive.

MS numbers were from sunday wiiU launched to black friday, they released those numbers to say that it sold more than WiiU.

Im glad vita sold so well and hope it sells more in december too. We may have so new vita games announced after this holiday.
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Muerte2494  +   1164d ago
Microsoft also used....
their "internal data". The announcement date doesn't mean when they started and stopped tracking numbers. When Sony announced they surpassed 70 million, everyone thought it was month (two weeks, Microsoft announced OCt.18) after Microsoft announced they've passed 70million. Sony didn't make their announcement until Nov.4 but that's because they released their figures Nov.1. But if you add up the numbers, it's 70.2 million AS OF SEPTEMBER 30th,2012.

Look over to the right where it says worldwide and read everything that comes after 70.2 million. Just to be fair, here is the Xbox360 LTD as of September 30th, 2012
Kingthrash360  +   1165d ago
** rubbing eyes ***
Do I see a positive Sony article? Finally dam!
I've been saying all along that once the vita drops its price it will sell.
This was a temporary drop and look at the numbers. Imagine when it really drops. With ps plus and a price drop the vita will surpass the psp and give the 3ds some healthy competition in sales.
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SqueezedWeazel  +   1164d ago
Praying that Ea gets off their butts and makes NHL Vita and NASCAR Vita. Don't think I'm asking for to much... Lol Loving my Vita
younghavok  +   1164d ago
With all the bundles for the vita and price cuts I expected more than 160k. If this is considered great, than... the vita really is doomed. One of the biggest shopping weeks of the year and it doesnt break 200k? The Wii broke 300k and that has been dead in the water for a while now. Hell even the DS did better numbers. Sony has to see that something really needs to be done if the Vita is going to stand a chance in the long run. Had the Wii U done these kind of numbers, nobody would be calling them good. They'd call it like it was.
Kingthrash360  +   1164d ago
I have a feeling if the vita sold 500k you'd "only 500k. The Ps3 and Xbox sold more than that. All the bundles and discounts should of at least broke 600k."
Something like that. To trolls or killjoys or fanboys or assholes with time machines ... Whatever people like you go buy, the vita will never do good.
Bet 5$ you don't have one. Just jealous or butt hurt that theirs not much 3ds news or somethin good or bad.
Before you go sayin I'm a fan boy I own a 3ds and love it. I'm not hating on it its just seems like its been swallowed by vita news. The only time I read about it is when Japan's sells numbers come out. It out sells the vita and articles are thirsty for 3ds news.
Now that I'm on the subject anyone know when the next big title comes out for the 3ds? Seriously I don't know...
younghavok  +   1164d ago
I actually no longer own a 3ds, it wasn't for me. I preferred my PSP Go which travels with my faitfully, so you can kill the fanboy card. Had it sold 500k I'd impressed because it would mean that the system did stand a decent chance. Oddly enough my most anticipated game happens to be coming to the Vita, PSO, so again save the fanboy crap. Whenever somebody says anything reasonable on this site they get labeled a fanboy for some reason. And "people like me" buy games, but also tend to take an interest in game sales numbers as they typically dictate what games well be getting.

But as I said, these numbers aren't good, unless they are the ONLY ones you see. PS3 did great btw, as did the 360, shame about the Vita though. I guess there's always the next year to see if it pulls thru.
Godchild1020  +   1164d ago
Its called black Friday and it only last a day. So those price cuts are only for a day. I'm sure 160,000 Vitas weren't sold that day but I'm sure over 100k were.

You also have to remeamber all those other handheld consoles and the Wii had a lower price than the Vita. I'm sure the Vita did close to 200 for the week worldwide.

Also if the Wii U done those numbers, it would be bad. Because it was the Wii Us launch week.
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tubers  +   1164d ago
Well discounted VITA's were OFFICIALLY on for two days:

It' also took 5+ hours for Amazon's Gold Box deal (Best VITA discounted bundle just yet) to sell out.

Not GREAT imo if you factor in the competition but it's a decent accomplishment if you just tunnel vision at just the single system.
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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1164d ago
A lot of smart people out there!!!
XabiDaChosenOne  +   1164d ago
Like I always said, be patient, the sales will come.
tommygunzII  +   1164d ago
This is US only sales, am I wrong?
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strigoi814  +   1164d ago
Just wait and see this christmas sale and boxing day(in canada) on the ps3 and vita numbers...haters will shut up again
Omnislash  +   1164d ago
My friend bought a Ps3 super slim and a 3d TV for only 200 bucks and it had 2 Uncharted games in it!
black911  +   1164d ago
Vita needs a better 3G/4G service to play browse web etc. and I'll buy one.
StreetsofRage  +   1164d ago
So the xbox 360 outsold the ps3 and vita combined??? Wow! Go Microsoft!
joeorc  +   1164d ago
its very freaking Simple once again
for people that still think the PSVita numbers are not that great, and guess what you are right they are not that great, but here is the thing they do not freaking have to be.

and its very simple the reason why they do not have to be, if you have not figured it out by now Sony is not having a Knee jerk reaction to this market, because they know it would be pointless to do so.

tell us again How smartphones and Tablets are not the highest in demand products this year, and how again game portable game machines are no longer the 1st in demand. you do know that right? even the 3DS with a new bundle and a price cut did not do as well this season also!

Now the very fact that Sony is selling over 8.8 million Xperia smartphones a sales Quarter, and Has now taken 3rd place in Smartphone sales where the two other companies have over 50% Apple and Samsung has in this market that's right Sony with 5.2% of the smartphone market is in 3rd place!, and where if you are lucky your dedicated Game console Handheld in 10 months time can sell 19 Million units that 19 million units by the way was Nintendo's numbers for the 3DS sell through numbers in 10 months time.

Tell me again How Sony is making the PSVita the priority in Hardware sales over their smartphone's?

The answer is they are not looking to make PSVita the priority over smart devices when smartdevices are the larger market share trend that will remain the prime mover for gaming on the Go Sony will still support the PSVita hell its using the same d@mn chipsets to make porting games over from smart devices very easy also Sony will be making 1st party game's psn and packaged games for the PSVita but for being the priority over smartphones they are not dumb they know where the trends are, why do you think Sony made the announcement for Playstation Mobile Platform and had also talked about it on stage when they also talked about NGP on stage in Jan of 2011! or Sony buying the REST OF THE STAKE OF Sony Ericsson out right for over 1.4 billion.

the Fact people keep trying to put doubt in the PSVita's viability in the market are not paying very good attention, to what is happening right now it seem's. Sony know's exactly what happens in this market they been here before what happens to a dedicated handheld when the smartphone absorbes a market. Remember the DEDICATED PDA? Sony does, Nintendo has not experienced this first hand, Sony has, and Sony is not making this same mistake they made last time.

People seem to think Sony is going to pull the PSVita from the market. Really? This is not the same as the PSPGo, what do you see in the Market now, Handheld's connecting to a central Hub for your living room, Nintendo with the WiiU touch screen game controller, Microsoft with Surface and Windows Phone, and smartglass, Apple with Apple TV and iOS devices connecting with Apple TV and Android smart devices connecting to TV's. Do you really think Sony is not going to have a bundle of the PSVita + the PS3 as a bundle in the future?

with cross play, cross buy, PSN+, using the PSVita as a game controller for your PS3!


Come on now!
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iNathan  +   1164d ago
People thinking Vita numbers are good LOL
160k on black friday is a console almost dead.

No hope for Vita my friends, no matter how you spin it or how many dislikes i got Vita is a pain, no games, no sales, nothing.

Smartphones have killed Vita not 3DS
joeorc  +   1164d ago
Smart phones have killed the PSVita but not the 3DS?

O'L please, right now Nintendo does about 23 million 3DS's through retail channel a year, but yet right now the 3rd place smartphone maker is putting out over 8.8 million xperia units per 3 months. Soon to be 10.2 million per 3 months! And yet you sit there and want to talk about number's?

While Apple and Samsung is pushing even way more millions of units per sales Quarter, like 35 million and 55 million in 3 months time. Kinda puts it in perspective the handheld gaming on the go is not going anywhere, but on the same token it no longer is or has the lions share of the mobile gaming market. Both Nintendo an Sony handhelds are not going to go away, but on the same token their part of the market is no longer the largest anymore get use to it there sparky.
tubers  +   1164d ago
Because the 3ds is cheap as f and you can't kill merio nd pukimanz.
Sci0n  +   1164d ago
Black 3g and 4g is not as good as a beastly wifi connection especially if your internet is like 20 or 50 mbs. I'd much rather game or browse over stable wfi then 3 or 4 g
younghavok  +   1164d ago
amen. idc what people say, the g's are nothing compared to wifi, at least in my opinion.
mrbojingles  +   1164d ago
The PS3 number is okay. But while the 160k for Vita is a huge step up from the -50k per month it's been selling it isn't that amazing considering it too $50 to $70 discounts with multiple games thrown in (Even more if you count Plus) just to muster up 160k which is 100k units short of 3DS/DS.
joeorc  +   1164d ago
Than you have to ask your self with all those incentives, why its still not sold that well. Its not really a software or that demand was not there, because if that was the case i doubt it would have even secured these increase in purchase. The very simple truth is Sony's platform is seen less viable in the market over the choice of other products, but on the same token Sony is not blind to see this very problem. Sony is rebuilding their brand back up that takes time to do it will be a long tough process and it is in fact showing its going to be a few years to rebuild their brand image back up. They just are not going to be able to do it as fast or as much as some would like because they just cannot do that right now because of the resources and their restructuring. To think Sony is just going to pull the PSVita after spending all that investment after such a short point of time as they did the PSGo is not only dumb, but also would be a failure of the going trends in gaming forward for the living room. Sony knows this they have been investing in such a transition for a while over 6 years worth of investment.
saimcheeda  +   1164d ago
Last year the xbox 360 killed the competition
Good to see the ps3 doing these numbers this time, interesting to see whether it can end the year as the best selling console!
talisker  +   1164d ago
I'd love to see worldwide numbers. On the other hand, Black Friday is mostly US specific.
SDF Repellent  +   1164d ago
Good numbers for the PS3 but 160K for the Vita on Black Friday week is terrible, no matter how you spin it. Nintendo sold 525k of their combined DS systems.

Full breakdown of hardware sales:

Xbox 360 - 750,000
PlayStation 3 - 525,000
Wii U - 400,000
Wii - 300,000
Nintendo DS - 275,000
Nintendo 3DS - 250,000
PlayStation Vita - 160,000
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