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BldyShdw  +   850d ago
I loved it!
When downloading the last episode I noticed it says "End of Season One" So here's hoping we get more!
dboyc310  +   850d ago
Year of downloadable titles. This and journey will be getting most of the awards. Gaming is all about experience and these games exceed that.
ziggurcat  +   850d ago
it was good, but no... i don't think it was game of the year.
Captain Qwark 9  +   850d ago
agreed. its barely a game, its more of an interactive movie. the gameplay sequences are pointless. id much rather just have it play from scene to scene and ask me questions to branch the story in whichever direction i wanted it to go.

the story is like a 9.5/10 though, very good
Robotronfiend  +   850d ago
It shouldn't be up for GotY since it is barely a game. More of an interactive movie/show as are the rest of the Telltale games.

It's a decent entertainment experience, but surely not the best video game of the year.
Smokeeye123  +   850d ago
That's like comparing the Harry Potter books to Where's Waldo.

Walking Dead is a videogame, just a very different kind. I think it should be up for GOTY solely for the fact that I was close to crying after I finished it, something Ive never felt in a game before.
Robotronfiend  +   849d ago
I agree it is a game, but barely (like I said). It's different, yes you are correct. It does have an emotional aspect for a lot of people. It's just not GotY for me, as I prefer a more interactive gaming experience. It was nice, but not my favorite game this year. I'm not sure what my GotY might be, but XCOM is definitely in the discussion.
chasegarcia  +   850d ago
Then please tell. What is your GOTY?
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Catoplepas  +   850d ago
If we're counting remasters, then Okami HD would take that particular honour for the second time.

If we aren't then Tales of Graces f, Persona 4 Golden, Dragon's Dogma, Rainbow Moon and a few others I can't recall at this particular juncture take precedence before The Walking Dead. As great as it was...
Moragami  +   850d ago
Lol, now you're just making up games.
Catoplepas  +   850d ago
NOW I'm just making up games?

Are you implying that elsewhere in this comments section I've posted an entirely different list of games? Ones you consider to actually exist?

Your comment is beyond confusing.
Dmd  +   850d ago
I agree with Dragon's Dogma, but I know I'm part of the minority of gamers who actually liked it. I also believe (disagrees incoming) games should be judged mostly by their gameplay, which - imo - makes unfair to put games such as Walking Dead and Borderlands 2 competing with each other when one is pure gaming and the other is an interactive drama. My goty contenders? Borderlands 2, Farcry 3, Hitman, Mass Effect 3, Dragon's Dogma... you know, games, with actual gameplay in the package.
Soldierone  +   850d ago
After the last episode I have to say no. It left you hanging completely, and the last episode wasn't the best.....

If the last episode took episode 4 and expanded on it and kept it as intense, then yeah I'd vote for it. How it stands, its an unfinished story till season 2 starts....
Elite-uk  +   850d ago
Awesome game, just because its based on a comic book doesn't mean it aint a Defo GOTY for me!.

chances are cod or something with a similar following will win it, which is a shame really!.....anyhow hope they do a second season!.
OmniSlashPT  +   850d ago
Too bad it came out the same year as Journey. TWD game is like an improved, better version of Heavy Rain. Journey is just something absolutely brilliant.
spektical  +   850d ago
Hope we get more as well.

The ending was great, you knew what was going to happen, yet it was emotional and depressing. The Walking Dead definitely has a gloom and doom apocalyptic aftermath with no easy answers. Some games such as the Resistance trilogy mirrors this, it's something that many other games/narratives fail to achieve.

There is no sunshine ending, and the world continues to spin. I love the grittiness, chaos and compassion that the walking dead encompasses especially the tv series. I hope the next season, if any, of the console narrative explores the aftermath with clementine.
shammgod  +   850d ago
Great f'in game!!! GREAT f'in game!!!
ginsunuva  +   849d ago
No sorry Journey is here
Dude545  +   849d ago
I have to agree with some of the people that say this wasn't really a game. Technically it was a game, but I think it was probably closer to an interactive movie. Meaning I probably would have enjoyed a movie (or series of movies) with an identical (and I mean identical, not like the TV series or anything) story line over the game.

That said, it was great for what it was. It was most comparable to Heavy Rain, which was albeit better and had more action, but still fell under the category of "Games Where I Don't Really Get To Do Anything".

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