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lionelglitchy  +   1169d ago
eight years ago i had a 1.2 ghz amd duron processor in my computor so does that mean that a i3 with two cores running at 1.2 ghz like you can get in a modern basic laptop is only twice as fast ,don,t think so,its more modern tech
Stroke666  +   1169d ago

end of convo, lower clock speeds doesnt necessarily mean slower processing. and rushed ports arent tell all end all. thats all goodnight.
pennywhyz  +   1169d ago
If you want power then get a PC.To me all these consoles this gen and next are inferior to my PC.But i do love my consoles as well.i'm a big fan of 1st party games on all 3 systems.But comparing to a PC i wont buy consoles off power specs.
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LKHGFDSA  +   1169d ago
LOL take that, fanboys.
Just kidding, I'm sure you delusional bastards will see some way of defending the shitty platform regardless.
5eriously  +   1169d ago
Eish, all the experts with comments regards to the Wii GPGPU. How come they know more thatn the developers that stated that the CPU are slow. Metro was canceled because of it!

Sure another model can come out with a overclocked or even faster hardware but I think Nintendo slipped up.

Those that claim speed in not everything, funny that when it comes to PC's that we always punt and buy the latest and greatest faster CPU/GPU systems and mostly for gaming so Nintendo skimping on that side was just silly
Phil32  +   1169d ago
The amount of trolling and fanboyism in this comment section makes me honestly ashamed to be a gamer. Such an immature, juvenile hobby full of manchildren. The proof is right here in this article's comments.
rezzah  +   1169d ago
Blame the individuals, don't worry about the perception of yourself through others.
Phil32  +   1169d ago
I didn't disagree with you, but there are way too many individuals outside here that behave in such a manner that is disgraceful. I'm sure there are plenty of adults here who are acting like damn schoolyard children. It is absolutely shameful.

Bah. I'll just take my advice and ignore article I know will bring out the worst in people.
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Aghashie  +   1168d ago
I totally feel you. five pages so far, filled -most of it- with nonsensical fanboysm. I am not gettin a wii u, not because the specs, but because it doesn't have the games I want to play. I love Zelda... but Zelda alone is not gonna make me buy a new system. maybe in the future, when the thing got more games, then ill think about it.
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   1169d ago
It's better than the Wii and that's THE POINT!
Sp1d3ynut  +   1169d ago
Wii U(nderperforms once again)
devilhunterx  +   1169d ago
inb4threegamecubesgluedtogethe r
legend911  +   1169d ago
"However, Marcan reckons that the Wii U CPU shouldn't be dismissed based on clocks alone - even with the speed deficit and with only one hardware thread per core, he suggests that it's like comparing Intel's power-hungry, inefficient Pentium 4 design with the later, better-designed Core series processors."

Questions? No? Good, now leave.
lilbroRx  +   1169d ago
Will all of the people jumping on how much weaker the CPU is do to its clock speed please go here to continue the discussion
dmonee  +   1169d ago
I read an article somewhere on n4g that said the gpu is slower intentionally and that it doesn't mean it's weaker than the ps3 or xbox360. It stated that it is done to reduce the amount of power consumption and that developers just need time to work with it. Once they do the Wii u should be able to edge out the current consoles but only marginally. They also cited the zombie u game as an example because it uses some lighting techniques that aren't possible in current gen consoles. Believe me I am a skeptic too. Only time will tell. However, by the time we find out, we will all be playing the next generation of our respected consoles ala ps4 or xbox720. Let's hope they really do blow this thing out of the water, because I'm sick of waiting and may just buy one of those Wii u's.
Drainage  +   1169d ago
who cares how powerful it is. Is has the best games. Have fun playing Beyond and Crysis3.
nypifisel  +   1169d ago
CPU is a bit disappointing, however people seem to forget all about the pretty competent GPU, which is way better than any current gen console, and one that apparently supports GPGPU. This means it can be used for physics calculation and such if need be (A GPU mind you is much better at these types of calculations than a CPU)
HalfNerdHalfAmazing  +   1169d ago
Finally someone who gets it
HalfNerdHalfAmazing  +   1169d ago
Trolls and trolletts since ya think ya know so much ya should read this article
MarkusMcNugen  +   1169d ago
The speeds are fairly slow, but then again it has amazingly low power consumption. Im sure it may be able to pull off some good looking graphics with updated architectures for the CPU and GPU even with low frequencies. Of course it wont be as good looking as the next Xbox or Playstation, if not just for the fact that they will be coming out a year later.

*What Im interested in, is the possibility that the Wii U will stick to a 5 year life cycle. And we maybe get one more console out of Nintendo in the middle of the next Xbox and Playstations life cycles. If that happens, things could get very interesting for Nintendo. Pure speculation and projections obviously, but an interesting thought.
mechlord  +   1169d ago
is ouya better?
Deadpool616  +   1169d ago
Can someone please explain to me what all the fuss is about?
DOOMZ  +   1169d ago
Its all good, Ill have my Wii u & XBOX 720 combo... All will be good!
gcolley  +   1169d ago
obviously quite a few children here
spinbot_lv1  +   1168d ago
uh! my tablet with tegra 3 chip at 1.6 Ghz + 12core gpu is faster than wiiU cpu. Horn runs gorgeus and smoothly on my tab.
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BlaqMagiq24  +   1168d ago
People should wait for a specs sheet instead of taking a hacker's word as the truth.
jacksheen0000  +   1165d ago
Bottom line
Bottom line...


we all know that the wii U is a great system, but what everyone fail to realize is that the wii failed because several 3rd party's Dev kept complaining about how the wii couldn't deliver graphics on the same level as the ps3/360.That said, Nintendo was left with very little option to save the wii and was forced to go back to the drawing broad and make the Wii U.
So with in my conclusion, Not having the support of the 3rd party DEV can make or break a system.
The 3rd Dev are in control here. So if I was Nintendo I would start by kissing the 3rd party dev butt to stay alive.
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