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cliffyboy21  +   1165d ago
its ok for a rookie gamer or somebody whos just a nin fan, but as far as hard core gaming and graphics.. not my thing and and to find out nintendo took out wifi for the new wii mini just shows that nintendo doesnt care about add ons
dani25pr  +   1165d ago
If it is so slow as they say because call of duty black ups2 runs to 1080p native i one sees better that xbox and ps3 if xbox when salio his game of entry was perfect dark zero that was a tremendous dirt graphically i his resolution was of 720p about that we are speaking then xbox and ps3 had to happen years to see a good game graphically.....
Qrphe  +   1165d ago
what are you even trying to say?
neogeo  +   1165d ago
I hope this is all not true and Nintendo gets tired of these rumors and releases the official specs to confirm its a beast.............I hope:(
mulder1617  +   1165d ago
Like they have said elsewhere, there is no real set in stone fact that this information Martin came across (even with a hack) is really true. Even if it is who cares? Sometimes things can take a little longer to load but once the loading is done and the game is ready to play then its all about the experience the player will enjoy while playing. Its just a fact of the world we live in...."gotta have it! And, gotta have it now!".
mulder1617  +   1165d ago
Like they have said elsewhere, there is no real set in stone fact that this information Martin came across (even with a hack) is really true. Even if it is who cares? Sometimes things can take a little longer to load but once the loading is done and the game is ready to play then its all about the experience the player will enjoy while playing. Its just a fact of the world we live in...."gotta have it! And, gotta have it now!".
dani25pr  +   1165d ago
The important thing for my is a good esperience of game I have ps3 and xbox 360 as his games and go a few days with wii or and really and compared his graphically and wii u or it offers much it is necessary to have time him xbox and ps3 happened years to see really good games
AlucardFury  +   1165d ago
kobonline  +   1165d ago
Dude, punctuation works.
danny818  +   1165d ago
Let my comment be the real deal. So the wii sold like crazy cuz it was much weaker. Ergo it was inexpensive and parents bought it like crazy! Nintendo now entered the hd race ergo it pushed the price for $300-$350. Parents will not buy it. They will go for the cheaper stuff that offers same graphics if not superior, ergo wii u sold 440,000 and the Xbox 790,000 on blackfriday week. For me wii u will sell, but not as much. Im sorry nintentards.
PopRocks359  +   1165d ago
Another analysis that no one is going to bother confirming before taking as fact. Hooray.

The day I believe this is the day I believe that Nano Assault Neo doesn't look graphically prettier than about 90% of the XBLA library.
laxbeav  +   1165d ago
Why is there so much anger and hostility? Why do people feel so threatened by Nintendo and the Wii U? First off, I own the Wii, 360, and PS3 and I have had hours of fun playing games on all 3 consoles. They all offer something different, whether it be exclusives or different play styles. What's the reason to attack Nintendo? You are not being forced to buy the system. It makes no sense to arbitrarily ignore an area of video games. If you have tried it and don't like it then that is fine, but I'm willing to bet that the majority of people here have never played a Nintendo game since the N64 just because they feel that it is a child's system. Everyone seems to be missing the point of the Wii U. If Nintendo wanted to make a system with the best and most expensive hardware they could have, but so can everyone else. They would have made the same thing the other companies have. I don't understand the attacks on fans and all the anger. And for those who say the Wii is only for little kids, you have not had the pleasure of watching Travis Touchdown cut people to pieces.
millzy102  +   1165d ago
oh no this is not good at all Nintendo, how can I enjoy zombiu knowing this now, my life is ruined. when I get my wii u tomorrow and stand it veticaly next to my ps3. (can't play Xbox now there in silicon heaven) and play zombiu I'm going to be gutted because it was what I was expecting it to be, a slow paced horror. and I knewwhat ports where coming out, but I was expecting a massive leap in graphics beyond what a pc can do next gen and Nintendo can't do that.

and that big update, I hate the fact I can do it in bed, play my games first then go to bed, set system update with the gamepad and then it turns itself off after the download. not cool.

the zelda and bird demo at e3 looked great but this hardware isn't capable of that even though it was shown on the Wii u, and aliens isn't going to look best on this gearbox and e3 where lying.

if you agree with me for the reasons I am upset, you need to learn what sarcasm is. wii u is going to be great, I've been waiting for a real survivor horror game and only the Wii u can fill that void at the moment,
LKHGFDSA  +   1165d ago
come back after you've actually tried it lol.
hano  +   1165d ago
Clock speeds don't automatically means better processors, I thought we all learned that from the clock wars between AMD and Intel.
ylwzx3  +   1165d ago
Wow! look @ all these spec whores and people who are believing it when its not even a fact.
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kopicha  +   1165d ago
I must say it is really extremely hilarious that Nintendo fanboy or those who try to voice out to protect their investment of Wii U so far is justifiable over the price they paid for on a console which have similar power (or maybe even lower if this article is true) than current gen consoles is a reasonable thing and not expensive. Despite there are also other shortcomings as well. And at the same time complain that Vita is being too expensive when it was probably the most powerful portable device when it was launch. Also with people buying iPad over and over again being an okay thing to do even if it only have a 6 month shell life. There is just something wrong in this generation of gaming industry.
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bednet  +   1165d ago
It's a great console now, it'll be left behind in a year or so when real next-gen consoles come out (unless these turn out to be weak casual focused consoles, then we're all doomed).

Hardcore games will stop being ported to Wii U or will be nerfed. Seems to me that Wii U is what Wii should have been.
NeoTribe  +   1165d ago
Funny how it went from being only slightly more powerful than ps3 and xbox and is now weaker. Sad truth.
kevnb  +   1165d ago
why do people write articles like this when they have no clue what they are talking about?
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Adolph Fitler  +   1165d ago
Sony & MS sold there current systems both at a loss (Sony at a HUGE loss) when they launched & beyond, even up until now, & they had tradiational controller interfaces, as opposed to a FAAAAR more expensive tablet style Wii-U-esque controller, & although had excellent components (& quite future proof considering Nintendo still are not able to not only outdo them, but even be equal to), but in truth both MS's & Sony's machine were outgunned tech wise on there respective launch days.

I mean Nintendo fanboys that argued the logic with all there BS about how developers aren't yet used to it & all that jargon.......that is crap, as I remember when 360 launched with Kameo, (& Kameo is still one of 360's best looking games), & Kameo visually smashed original Xbox, PS2 & GC out of the ball park. It was night & day difference, & that was from a fractured team in Rare (which probably explains the poor gameplay).
Nintendo built this machine, so there inhouse parties have the best know how of how to build games on there tech (they always have, & Nintendo have failed to lift a finger to help anyone else making games for there machine), so why is the best they can offer as a launch killer app, a Mario 2D sidescroller that looks barely better than a 3DS game? Why am I not looking at the next Mario64 instead? New Mario Wii-U gives me no incentive to go buy there new machine, & once again Nintendo are relying on a gimmicky controller to sell to the masses, along with a few well worn exclusives.

So, PS3 sells for $599 US as a estimated $200 loss, & MS similarly sell for a loss (albeit much less of a loss), with pretty up there tech, yet Nintendo launch there machine for what is a much less launching price, with a tablet-esque gimmicky controller (that would increase production cost substantially), & people actually believe this thing is gonna have new tech in it......morons
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Bltby38  +   1165d ago
Here are a couple of tweets from the same person that hacked the Wii U for it's CPU/GPU specs.

"So yes, the Wii U CPU is nothing to write home about, but don't compare it clock per clock with a 360 and claim it's much worse. It isn't."

"No hardware threads. One per core. No new SIMD, just paired singles. But it's a saner core than the P4esque stuff in 360/PS3."

"The Espresso is an out of order design with a much shorter pipeline. It should win big on IPC on most code, but it has weak SIMD."
Dasteru  +   1165d ago
While the WiiU's CPU is slower than either the 360 or PS3's, referencing the clock speeds is not the way to show it.

The 10yo Pentium 4EE ran at 3.73Ghz
The top of the line $1000+ Intel i7-3970X runs at 3.5Ghz

I doubt anyone here thinks the old Pentium is faster.

Clock speeds are just one small aspect of determining a CPU (OR GPU's) total power.
WiiUsauce  +   1165d ago
I don't get all the Nintendo hate. Nintendo had the least powerful console in the 7th gen, yet they managed to crush the competition and put out the highest rated game of all time. why does that make you fanboys mad? you guys act like Nintendo snuck into your bedroom and raped you or something to hold such a grudge against them.

I don't get why it's not possible for you guys to like and enjoy more than one console. I own a PS3, a 360, a PS2, a PSP3000, a Dreamcast, a Genesis, a Turbo Grafx, ect. And I love all those machines just as much as all the Nintendo consoles I own, Wii U included.

you guys who hate on Nintendo aren't true gamers. it is not possible to say, "I am a hardcore gamer," and also say "Nintendo sucks." you're all 10 year old posers.
CDzNutts  +   1165d ago
The awesomeness of this comment makes me think you're an 80's baby like me. Either way....bubble-up, bro.
LKHGFDSA  +   1165d ago
the point of the Wii U for us was that it was supposed to be powerful. We may aswell still be using the original Wii otherwise.
Ask any serious gamer why they don't play their Wii, they'll tell you because it's a weak poor-graphic POS. Nintendo was supposed to change that with the new system.
WiiUsauce  +   1165d ago
but that's just the thing!! LOL, you guys calling yourselves "serious gamers" are fucking casual!! LOLOL. I LOVED the shit out of my Wii. I currently own 34 games for the machine, and I absolutely loved the time I spent with it, and there are STILL at least 30 games I want on my Wii. if you're a real gamer, then you would know how awesome the Wii is. AND it friggin plays all GameCube games, and the VC is SICK!! lol, I don't get why you guys don't get that!!
I love my 360, I have a great stack of games for that machine, and I love my Sony consoles (PS1, PS2, PSP, and PS3), I have loads and loads of games for those too. But to say that the Wii is not for serious gamers is extremely ignorant and false. I am a "serious gamer" LOL, and there are tons of amazing games on the Wii.
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Smokingunz  +   1165d ago
I read this same article on ign and they said that at the end of the day its still more powerful than current gen. They also said the gpu handles everything, but what do I know right. So what about that zelda tech demo? I havent seen anything like that on current gen. Ill just wait and see if the games will look better in about two years.
Jackhass  +   1165d ago
So, we're using random hackers as sources now?
CDzNutts  +   1165d ago
This won't be a problem for Nintendo
The average/casual consumer doesn't buy CPU's and GPU's. They buy touchscreens, built in cameras, built in microphones and gyroscopes.

That is what the Wii-U is. It isn't the "OMG, Nerdcore Rage, Look How Photo-realistic My Game Looks!" console. And that's ok.

However you slice and dice it, the Wii-U still comes packed with tech that isn't available in other consoles unless you purchase expensive add-ons (Vita, Kinect, Move, PSEye, Xbox-SmartGlass, etc).

And yet.....the Wii-U is fully capable of running the same 3rd part apps that both gamers and casuals enjoy (Netflix, Hulu,, etc) and still supports core games (Mass Effect, Bayonetta, etc)......even if those games do run slower, thats not a deal breaker for its majority demographic, the casuals. Again, they are not buying it as a "Let's Play Photorealism Arcade Edition" machine.

I've been a PlayStation fan since 1995 and as a core gamer, the brand produces content for my own interests. Nintendo is looking to cater to a small bit of everyone's interests.....and it's a very smart business model.
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kobonline  +   1165d ago
I hate Fanboys.
Benjaminkno  +   1165d ago
Actually, Nintendo has said that the chips don't perform to their potential when they aren't fully utilized. I still think it's premature to judge Wii U's capabilities.
If anyone knows what they're doing in the gaming industry, it's Nintendo. I don't care what this article says, software is what matters, not hardware, and no-one sells software better than Nintendo. Wii U specs won't help with graphic fiends' butt-hurt. Stick around, the show's just getting started
Rageanitus  +   1165d ago
that IS a bummer. When you think next gen it should be a leap in technology. Were gonna start hearing another round of excuses that graphics is not everything YET ppl love to talk about graphics.

This is why there is so many heated battles between ps3 and xbox but when he PC comaprison comes around the gameplay is more important than graphics argument comes into play. Sorry graphics improve immersiveness hence making the gameplay that much better.
Sheep4life  +   1165d ago
On the WiiU, I wish Nintendo the best of luck. Nintendo doesn't need the flashy CPU's or GPU's to run Mario or Zelda rehashes, but it does need something to get support from the third party publishers.

The biggest question that I have for Nintendo is, what are you going to do when the 3rd party developers dump the WiiU and move on to the next gen consoles? To me, Nintendo is banking on getting out there first, but many 3rd party developers are talking about PS4 and the nextbox. At the moment, the WiiU is getting many Ps3 and Xbox ports this season.

Achievements and trophies don't matter, right Nintendo? For a while there, because of achievements, Microsoft outsold just about all Nintendo software that wasn't named Wii sports in the US for years. Nintendo denies over and over again that they don't need them. You are right, why would the casuals need achievements or trophies, however, Nintendo said that they wanted to cater to the hardcore. Umm, good luck with that. I know many people that won't play games without them.
nerdkiller  +   1165d ago
im going to get a wiiu anyways
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