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MegaLagann  +   1169d ago
As I keep saying, give it a year, wait for a game built from the ground up to show what the system can do. We know one aspect of one component and everyone loses their shit. We still don't know about 99% of the other specs.
animegamingnerd  +   1169d ago
they're fanboy's even if the wii u was somehow more powerful then PC'S they would find a way to call it under power
taint  +   1169d ago
Now you're playing with not enough power.
nerdkiller  +   1169d ago
this fanboys stuff is like religion, ppl trying to convert you from christianity too islam. even im thinking twice about getting a wiiu, damn you bastards
quantae06  +   1169d ago
The majority of people in the entire world are followers. Have u noticed that? A lot of people do things just to fit in. You shouldn't base your decision on what the next person thinks. You should try it out for yourself and see if u like it. Whether that's the Wii U are anything else that someone else doesn't like, but u find interesting. Don't be a follower! Get whatever u like.
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GraveLord  +   1169d ago
CPU - Horrible
GPU - Better than current-gen consoles
Ram - Slower, but 4 times that of current gen.

So what all this adds up to is potentially better looking games, but with choppy framerates.
nintendoland  +   1169d ago
wii uses gpgpu so bad cpu doesn't matter that much. I'm happy if it's some what more powerful than ps3. I'm not a graphics whore like you guys here
FATAL1TY  +   1169d ago
CPU = horrible
DDR3 ram = horrible

no metro last light
no crysis 3
mulder1617  +   1169d ago
You couldn't have summed it up better man. Look at Batman Arkham City:Armored Ed. It has really crappy frame rate issues and yet still manages to have pretty good graphics.
Gamer78  +   1169d ago
nintendofeed  +   1169d ago
Erm! No! Nintendo have extremely powerful first party franchises, which every other console manufacturer knows! I find you an utter troll!
blackblades  +   1169d ago
When the orbis and next box comes out developers still going to be developing for the ps3 and xbox so those games are going to be on wii-u as well, you know those japanese developers are going to be those developers stay on on them.
shackdaddy  +   1169d ago
I'm not really tech savy anymore, but that really doesn't sound right. I mean, that's about the same clock speed as an iphone and wiiu can run 1080p + 480p simultaneously on games that were ported from the xbox. 2.0-3.0 range would sound reasonable, but 1.3 just seems like there's something else going on....

But like I said, I'm don't know enough to make a confident statement. Plus I just don't care that much...
jjank11  +   1169d ago
you can compare an ARM processor to an intel processor. Different animal.
josephayal  +   1169d ago
is about exclusives not graphc
oh men this is bad, what happen nintendo ? well i dont care the console is very good
sak500  +   1169d ago
Well u dont need horsepower for kiddie games. ALl wii will have is mario, zelda, mario, zelda, mario zelda. NO serious gamer would want to touch this console. I've been gaming since late 70s (atari), 80s (c64/amiga) era but never went nintendo route as it always looked like a kiddie box.

I'll wait for ps4/720.
Nodoze  +   1169d ago
'I've been gaming since late 70s (atari), 80s (c64/amiga) era but never went nintendo route as it always looked like a kiddie box."

Then you truly have missed some of the best games ever made!

Who are you trying to impress with your GAME CONSOLE. Nintendo is all about fun. Their games are fun, and they are a blast to play. If you have never played a Nintendo game, you are NOT a gamer PERIOD.
animegamingnerd  +   1169d ago
so you missed out on so many games because they look kiddie chrono trigger is by far better then any game that has came out in the last 10 years and that game came out in 95
BlaqMagiq24  +   1168d ago
Lol! You've never played a nintendo console and you've been playing since the 70s? Not even the NES or SNES? I feel sorry for you.
mastershredder  +   1169d ago
??? A hacker was needed to reveal this? No. The Cpu, Gpu and other internal component data have been arround for some time, IF you know where to look and what your are looking for. Knowing the limitations and applicability would tell you what you needed to know (if you care). The Wii U is the next Wii. Nothing groundgreaking, just current tech (and older, now cheaper tech), being put to interesting uses. It does not mean it is not a bad product, it does it own thing, but do not hold it on the same tech standard when the next generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft arrive, they are years appart (considering how long the WiiU has been in development). It's wise to understand the manufacturing process and particularly how the tech industry differs from others.
daclynk  +   1169d ago
This is the only thing i will speak on this.....i play games...i dont play a wii u, ps3, xbox360. i play video games,don't care whats in the systems. i dont care the clock speeds, the CPU, the GPU(GPGPU), the features, the color, the control inputs, digital or analogue buttons. I just play the game. If people care about it then about it. It will never affect how I feel about playing games. The End.
metroidfusion2  +   1169d ago
Wow lol so many people assume this and that about the wii u that it can't do this or can't do that etc etc now why don't y'all dumbases shut the fuck up and wait FOR A FULL SPEC SHEET TO BE RELEASED THAT IS CONFIRMED TRUE DAMM WHAT A BUNCH OF BAKAS AND OBVIOUSLY GOING OFF OF GAMING HISTOORY IT TAKES TIME TO GET USED TO HARDWARE THAT IS NEW BUT THATS FOR ANYTHING A LOT OF PEOPLE WILL NOT BE GOOD AT THE FIRST THING THEY TRY SO MAYBE SPENDING MORE TIME DOING THAT THING YOU WILL GET BETTER OVER TIME gasp like no one knew that on this website ha lol WHY ARE PEOPLE SO STUPID AND the wii u already has 9 NATIVE 1080P AND 60FPS GAMES AND IM SURE MORE ARE COMING and that the wii u will have 90 to 100+ games by the end of march next year WITH MORE TO BE ANNOUNCED THAT IS A LOT OF GAMES SO JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE I WILL WAIT BUT I ALREADY KNOW THE WII U IS NEXT GEN IT IS RUNNING GAMES THAT ARE COMING OUT NOW ON THE OTHER PLATFORMS AT LAUNCH WITH 6 MONTHS TO 1 YEAR OF PORTING THE GAMES TO THE SYSTEM HA HA ACHIEVEMENT ACHIEVED and of course the pprts might look a little worse or better with all or almost all of the dlc and extra exclusive content BUT OF COURSE THE O SO MANY BIGOTS JUST WOULDNT UNDERSTAND AND OF COURSE NOT DO ANY RESEARCH AND BELIEVE ANYTHING ANYONE SAYS JUST LIKE THIS ARTICLE and why is it when something nad is said about the wii u or something supposedly bad or a rumor or something there is always so many comments but when somethonh good is said about the wii u maybe 50 comments max lol
Yodagamer  +   1169d ago
I'm going with the 3rd parties on this one, it is simply more powerful. We know nothing about the architecture. The gamecube was known for have a good architecture and made games that looked almost if not as good as xbox with half the clock rate.
Hanuman  +   1169d ago
Bring on the TFLOPS!!!!
Shok  +   1169d ago
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animegamingnerd  +   1169d ago
"waits for a fanboy to make something up on your claim"
jacksheen0000  +   1169d ago
Dang Nintendo,

You still haven't learned from your last mistake with the wii. Mutiplat games Ports was the reason for your failure
last Gen, and you do it a again with the wii U.

Heck, I think the PS4/720 is going to have the wii U for breakfast.
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jjank11  +   1169d ago
If by mistake you mean a big cash cow for Nintendo then you are correct. Wii was anything but a mistake. $$$$$$
CDzNutts  +   1169d ago
Seriously dude what Wii failure do you speak of? Wii and failure in the same sentence doesn't even compute.....$$$$$$$$$
jacksheen0000  +   1169d ago
High Sales don't prove anything....

Though what Bugs me the most about Nintendo is when they kept on running their mouth about how their Next Gen( wii U) gaming console was going to deliver graphics on a hardcore level.

Now get get me wrong, the wii U games line up looks amazing so far. So my questions to you is what is going to happen when Microsoft and Sony releases their Next Gen console?

Will the Wii U hardware be able to handle multiplatform games
that was ported from the 720/pS4?

Oh, and how many devs have already complained about the wii U's CPU clock speed is too slow.

Personally speaking,I beleive the fate of the wii U depend on how good the ps4/720 is.
Feldman9000  +   1169d ago
Yeah but Mario in 1080p and zombi u!?!?
deletingthis34675334  +   1169d ago
Nobody bashing the Wii U was going to buy one anyway. Why should Nintendo care?
Bolts  +   1169d ago
Clock speed is irrelevant. All I know is that I have yet to see PC quality or nextgen graphics from a Wii U game.

Show me BF 3 with 64 players and Planet Side 2. These two games are the real benchmarks for CPU and GPU horse power. If you can't render them with compelling quality and performance then you're not nextgen.
Shok  +   1169d ago
I wouldn't say clock speed is irrelevant. Clock speeds helps, it just isn't everything.
bobacdigital  +   1169d ago
In what resolution and how many frames? What graphic options?? My $1200 gaming rig can't do those games at 1080 with high graphics at a solid 60fps... I usually have to drop AA and OI and graphic quality to medium just to get around 60fps consistently. Chances are the ps4 or 720 won't do that either unless the system costs 500+ or they make compromises on all the graphics options.

People need to lower their expectations this gen.. Consoles need to keep form factor and price. The graphics jump is not going to be substantial like it was from GC ps2 and Xbox....
Nodoze  +   1169d ago
If they are going after the hardcore, what are they going to do now. Their 'next gen' console is not even as powerful as LAST generation 7 year old released hardware.

IMO this comes from the absolute ridiculously frugal nature of Nintendo. There is NO WAY they are losing money on this console if it is already outpowered by 7 year old hardware.

Good that they are making a profit, BAD from a longevity perspective.

Super Mario Galaxy 3 HD will look and play great though. Also this console BEGS for a new Metroid game. You could use the gamepad as the scanner. Would be AWESOME.
Kos-Mos  +   1169d ago
I`m sorry haters, but this don`t change the fact that Nintendo knows what they are doing in the market. I`m really sorry. Please go back to cod, gears, halo, me, killzone, gta, gow and shout your best hate phrases. In here, it will not change your war.
tubers  +   1169d ago
Not exactly the same architecture and system operations so don't bother much with the clock speeds.

There are more important considerations 2 b considered when buying into this new system
taint  +   1169d ago
Yes, like how fast it can collect dust.
frankiebeans  +   1169d ago
they rely on gimmicks not specs still sucks knowing zelda is going to look old when it comes out :/
crazysammy  +   1169d ago
I am no Nintendo fanboy believe me, but "power" has so little to do with it. Its how it is used that matters. Why are some multi plat games better on one system? It was maximized for that system then ported to the other. If a developer is dedicated and has the resources (and talent) they can work around contraints and come up with amazing things.
taint  +   1169d ago
Is Nintendo just trolling us now? I really hope this is just an appetizer for what's really coming out in a couple years. Whatever "gen" the Wii U is in, it better be light years beyond the 7 and 6 year old Xbox 360 and PS3. Any person who somehow justifies visuals coming from the Wii U not even on par with the old systems at this point have an agenda they're hiding. The launch of this console is a joke. The gaming pad should have just been an accessory launch for the original Wii.
millzy102  +   1169d ago
I love how people flip out on this site, its stupid. the Wii u has only been out a week and every one jumps to conclusions. I'm gettig my Wii u tomorrow and its going to sit it vertically next to my ps3 them I'm going to play zombiu (before I update, ill do that whilst I'm bed, set it up with gamepad in bed and go to sleep)

then play mario whilst my Mrs plays uncharted. then ill wait for rayman and aliens (as gearbox said it the best console version)

in the meantime ill play last of us, make levels on littlebigplannet vita (i own a vita unlike Sony fanboys)

and Mariokart on my 3ds, and wait till

and ill fit in a bit of dungeon keaper (pc gamers I'm sorry dudes but this is the only pc game I really like) chill till e3 and its going to be a good show and I guarantee Nintendo will release a that will compleatly surprise everyone ( not mario) and see what other consoles will be on offer.
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lpc  +   1169d ago
Meray lun pay charay Wii U gando. Ps3 theek ha.... Gand marai reggie bhanchod
wiiulee  +   1169d ago
lol wow the nonsense and hate from haters just doesnt stop,.,, that the wiiu is selling and on a roll....haters cant handle it...from all developers wiiu does graphics way ahead of what ps3 and xbox360 can with it... and with the gamepad..the wiiu is ahead to so many haters and hate articles
taint  +   1169d ago
Says "wiiulee". We can tell you're pretty objective about the WiiU with a name like that.
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