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TemplarDante  +   1163d ago
I thought it was powered by Pikmin and Reggies lies?
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metroid32  +   1163d ago
Can i just say i have seen fifa 13 wiiu and the game looks borderline real including the crowd and everything runs at 60fps at 1080p ive read reviews that say the graphics are like how you would expect fifa to look 3 years from now it was 5/5 review look it up the gpgpu SQUASHES ps3/360 what part of NEXTGEN dont you guys understand its not about numbers no more if your console does DX11 comparable graphics and 1080p/60fps its next gen END OF the wiiu GPGPU makes it NEXTGEN like 2/3 generations infront of ps3 ect shader model 5.0 and DX11 are 2.5 generations in front on ps3 end of get a life ps3/360 dont even support Compute shaders as in the wiiu these shaders allow for atmoshere unlike anything seen before guys. WIIU is NEXT gen like it or not u can spit all the numbers under the sun it wont change the fact the wiiu is using out of order execution on its cpu and modern tect on its gpgpu simply not found in 360 or ps3 stop with all this comparing port nonsense wow it proves nothing what did the 1st Godfather on ps3 look like remember i know the xbox1 version looked better ??????
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TemplarDante  +   1163d ago
Fifa on 360 and PS3 are using the new Impact Engine 2.0 and is completely ironed out the bugs of Impact Engine 1.0. The Wii U Fifa 13 is literally Fifa 12.
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bigfish  +   1163d ago
i dont know if its just me, but i kind of like weaker hardware,, its something rudimentary and mechanical about it,, like pushing a small 1.2 Litre car engine to its limits rather then a hulking big V8 engine that will not be pushed to its extremes,,, more basic hardware has a novel feel about it, that big specs and chips dont have. do others share the same feeling or is it just me? ......
TemplarDante  +   1163d ago
In 2017 when the Wii U is five years old and using 20yr old tech. Please be on N4G so I can lol at this comment ^
Trago1337  +   1163d ago
Lol, console guys really amuse me, NON of the next gen consoles will look as good as PC, so i have no idea why the majority of N4G is complaining about a system that they never wanted to begin with.

It's like you guys want the system, but don't wanna spend the cash because the thing doesn't boast Bleeding edge tech, GET A PC!

Also, once we see a WiiU exclusive that was built from the ground up for this thing, then everyone will shut up about power lol.

lol, that's the joy of owning multiple platforms, you start to care less about specs, and start concentrating more on what matters the most, THE GAMES.
MegaLagann  +   1163d ago
Oh dear god thank you! I've been saying this for so long. People keep wondering what the PS4/720 games look like, well go see a game running on the PC circa 2009/2010. Talking about power in consoles is irrelevant because at the end of the day they'll all be outclassed by the PC. And considering how most games nowadays are multiplats, you're better off getting them on the PC.
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DJ  +   1163d ago
Clockspeed isn't everything. My 2.7 GHz IvyBridge i7 CPU is 2~4 times faster than my 2.26 Ghz 1st Gen i7. But still, they could have pushed to 2 Ghz at least. That clockspeed means it's probably weaker than the 360.

But it's also in a much smaller enclosure, and I guess Nintendo felt the added processing power wasn't worth the increased shipping and manufacturing costs for making larger console units.
chronoforce  +   1163d ago
the fact that Nintendo is selling the wii u at a loss is freighting, how much would it have cost normally, 350-400 dollars maybe, Sony and Microsoft could put out good systems for that price point. The majority of Nintendo's R&D funds must have been devoted to creating the discs with rounded edges.XD
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Droid Control  +   1163d ago
Stop defending Nintendo, fanboys!

Nintendo are screwing you over! You are playing for 7 year old hardware with a bit more RAM and a tablet controller!
If you must bend over to Nintendo, at least wait until the console gets a price cut and a Zelda/Metroid game.
daclynk  +   1163d ago
Sigh....why do people insist on these stupid arguments. It has all been seen and done before. N64 - Mario 64 as launch title. Compare it to Perfect Dark or Majora’s mask. HUGE difference. GameCube - Luigis mansion. Compare it to Resident Evil 4. HUGE difference. Wii - Red Steel. Compare to Mh Tri, Xenoblade or Skyward Sword. HUGE difference. The moral of this story? It takes time to understand and then utilize the hardware and already Game like zombi U and NintendoLand show so much potential the Wii U has. It also has all control options. Something for everyone. I mean it truly does everything for every gaming crowd the casual, family, core, tech and entertainment crowds and the Miiverse new and fresh online ideas. Nintendo has it own game engine and art styles that they use for their game that why people love them so much. I think people will be surprise they will be able in pull of in FULL HD 1080 and iff you have been gaming for a long time you know that next gen is not about raw power and graphics and this is coming form a multi- comsole owner someone who has been gaming since atari vs nintendo time.if you think im lying go watch this
so if you HATE it STFU and Get over it its not like this is the Sega vs Nintendo days.We Gamers benefit from everyone with great gamers.Haters are immature delusional and dumb people.

Happy Gaming.
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quantae06  +   1163d ago
I own a 360/PS3 & I will own a Wii U and people shouting fanboy :D Not really... A slightly slower CPU isn't too bad if it comes with a GPGPU, which does some of the CPU work. If developers have been saying that it's only clocked slightly slower, yet one hacker claims it's severely slower. Their is no proof of he says and he isn't a developer, so people need to chill out.
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wishingW3L  +   1163d ago
GPGPU is not a chip! Is a programming style that uses the GPU as a CPU but it has its fare share of drawbacks too and that's why not many PC games make use of it. (the only one I know is Just Cause 2)

Using the GPU as a CPU means less resources for pushing more graphical effects; GPU's real job.
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Tzuno  +   1163d ago
Cheap ass, as if they don't have money.
mrbojingles  +   1163d ago
Slower doesn't mean worse. And these were discovered in Wii mode, not during Wii U gameplay. So the CPU could easily be downclocked during Wii mode.
JaggedCarpet  +   1163d ago
I guess that could be true. Nintendo has always liked having energy efficient consoles, so it's possible they downclock it to save energy in Wii mode.
capox  +   1163d ago
Pfff again and again......

1. clock speeds means ZERO as stated by many ppl before. The fact this "so called hacker" is saying this as it is the primary measurement of performance proves he has little knowledge.
2. the sentence where he said that "even batman has framerate issues" just did it for me hahaha. I downloaded batman at launch for the pc and ran it.... framerate was allover the place and i played it with 2 7970's and a 2600k. I know batman is poorly coded and not optimized (and definitely not for the Wii U since its a lazy and rushed port). Now lets ignore the whole specs debate and play games and not specs since specs don't create fun for the majority of us i hope. Otherwise the game industry fails in making interesting games since we all talk specs these days and not about the great games to come.
emartini  +   1163d ago
What does it matter how powerful a system is when the best selling game of this generation is based on a game engine from 2007????? Arent we in almost 2013. Super Mario Galaxy 1, 2 look better then COD games. Lmao. Im no fanboy. I own every system including the Wii U. I love the Wii U. Great system and will have great 1st party titles. I will also be getting a ps4 and 720. Why does graphics matter when everyone on ps3 and 360 are playing that ugly ugly rehashed cod with the same tired engine.
emartini  +   1163d ago
Ill be honest. I wish that the Wii U was more powerful but we all really dont know just how powerful it is. Ok so the cpu is slower. But didnt we hear that the gpu is a good amount more powerful then the ps3 and 360?? Lets wait and see how the games look a year from now than we can get a better idea. The Wii was very weak but boy did they do an awesome job graphically on the Galaxy games and Metroid Prime 3. Its debatable that those games look better than the likes of the highest selling franchise COD games. Mind you PS2 was weaker than the Gamecube and Xbox by a large amount but did that stop God Of War 1, 2 and Shadows of Collosis from looking breath taking????
chronoforce  +   1163d ago
they spent all that R&D money making discs with rounded edges.XD
StraightedgeSES  +   1163d ago
This article is full of trolls.
Jek_Porkins  +   1163d ago
Since when have gamers cared so much about tech? Just a generation ago all I ever heard was how the PS2 was great because it had amazing games, a low price point and it appealed to all types of gamers.

Nintendo has never been known for breaking the boundaries of technology, hell the NES survived against the Sega Genesis for over two years before Nintendo answered with the SNES. They didn't even bother to put out a 32 bit console because that console did so well.

Nintendo is and always has been about fun games and affordability. $299 gets you into the first next generation console, its called next generation, not because of what the technology is, but because its simply the next console in the line. Wii U is next gen, or current gen actually, where as PS3/360 are considered last gen now.
Bluemaster77  +   1163d ago
It was very suspicious of nintendo not to release to the full spec sheet, so I am not really surprised by this discovery
JustInTlME  +   1163d ago
I'm a HUGE 360 user, but my wife and I love our Wii-U. I'm just a gamer, simply...I like games. I also LOVE graphics, but the fact that the Wii-U is underpowered doesn't change anything. We will love our Wii-U but we'll also buy the PS4 and the "Xbox 720" it's not the end of the world...
emartini  +   1163d ago
Just the fact that I get to see the plumber we all loved growing up with in HD for the 1st time alone was worth a day 1 buy for me.
wampdog29  +   1163d ago
Obviously, speed is the end all, means all to everything... /sarcasm
This article and writer are jokes. Speed doesn't mean shit. You can have an Intel Core2 Duo running at 3.0GHz and that thing would still get blown away by a Core i7 running at only 1.7GHz..... come on man. Learn and do research before trying to put something down by speed alone.
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profgerbik  +   1163d ago
Like I said people can argue oh it doesn't need to be powerful. I am sorry it's fucking 2012, you should expect better hardware from the richest gaming division in the world.

It's truly that simple, if I had people throwing me billions like Nintendo does I would do my best to make sure I have the most powerful and current hardware to date, I am not going to make something just to skate by with and make money off of.

So whatever if that is the future you care about then fuck why not just keep an N64 and call it a day? It's obvious people care about better hardware even Nintendo fans otherwise they simply wouldn't buy newer consoles.

If you didn't care about better quality in your games you would never need to buy a new system period.
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legendoflex  +   1163d ago
Meanwhile, from the same guy:

"So yes, the Wii U CPU is nothing to write home about, but don't compare it clock per clock with a 360 and claim it's much worse. It isn't."

"P3 (or rather, the later Core series). P3 is the better architecture, as Intel learned the hard way."

"I don't know how it compares at the actual clock speeds, but at the same clock the 750 wins hands down except on pure SIMD."

"No hardware threads. One per core. No new SIMD, just paired singles. But it's a saner core than the P4esque stuff in 360/PS3."

"The Espresso is an out of order design with a much shorter pipeline. It should win big on IPC on most code, but it has weak SIMD."
1upgamer99  +   1163d ago
Oh okay. Its not as powerful as 360..LMAO...How can it run Cryengine3 "beautifully" ? plain and simple it couldn't with less power.
DivineAssault  +   1163d ago
Thats just sad.. I guess it doesnt matter tho, games wont look ugly on nintendo anymore but damn really? The cheapness continues
DigitalEraycer  +   1163d ago
Nobody knows nothing about nothing!! Lame!!
Thepcz  +   1163d ago
people just dont get it do they
whatever the case, it STILL is able to run games better than ps3 or 360. so the low clock speed is irrelevant, the architecture is obviously better.

check the assassins creed comparison for visual confirmation of wiius very clear power advantage.

plus, even if the console did have inferior tech, the games that will come out on wiiu from nintendo, will blow away most, if not all exclusives on ps4/720. dont believe me? even the original wii had exclusives that blew away ps3/360 games.

for what you get, the wiiu is a great package.

if ps4 and 720 are coming with tech vastly superior to wiiu, expect a vastly higher retail price to match.

wiiu will lead the next gen, it already is!
Christopher  +   1163d ago
***check the assassins creed comparison for visual confirmation of wiius very clear power advantage. ***

Might not want to make that your comparison. The Wii U is in its infancy and isn't showing its true potential. But, those comparisons show an extremely slight improvement over the 360 version and many of them being more about gamma correction issues that can be fixed through settings.
DigitalEraycer  +   1163d ago
Being able to play a game on the controller is damn cool!!
artdafoo  +   1163d ago
Silly rabbits next gen consoles are for real gamers not 8 year olds and soccer moms.
I think this is Nintendo's last console, they just cant keep up. Just stick to making Zelda and Mario games and plastic handhelds Nintendo.
joeorc  +   1163d ago
once again..God these are closed systems for a freaking reason.
this is once again Hacking a closed system to make it open!

and people wonder why these companies take measures in the first place. region locking, your content tied to one account, or reduction of the number of times you can transfer.

its not about homebrew anymore, because if it was indie developers can use Unity3D game engine on the WiiU, WHAT'S THEIR EXCUSE NOW?

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