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persona4chie  +   825d ago
quantae06  +   825d ago
Objection sustained!
Braid  +   825d ago
Tsukuyomi  +   825d ago
Why My Journalism Writing is Disappointing...... HERES THE SCOOP!
kingme71  +   825d ago
Summary of the article:

I think because the world is detailed that the game can't be long and it will be short and that means it will be bad because people don't like short games.

I think because the trailers show people interacting with other people that there won't be enough zombie killing and people won't like not enough zombie killing.

I think because ND said the multiplayer will be different, it will suck because different multiplayer always sucks and people won't like it.

I will still pay $60.00 to buy this game and I will luv it.
KingKevo  +   825d ago
Lol, when I read the summary that you wrote I had this annoyed kid voice in my head. It fit 100% and I think you've captured the quality of the article just perfectly.
Mathew9R   825d ago | Spam
th3n00bg4m3r  +   825d ago
I understand that this is just an opinion, but there are no facts, which means he could be very-very wrong. He is also misinforming readers.
Pathosverdes3  +   825d ago
That "games cabin" must be in some really distant and dark woods. Clearly hunting for hits / flame.
WeAreLegion  +   825d ago
Guy's from Canada. Nothing to see here.
andrew22  +   825d ago
Noticed this on the N4G blurb... 'most anticipating' and didn't take it any further.
mamotte  +   825d ago
We've just seen a few trailers and some gameplay, and the game is doomed? Oh, well, it's just another day in N4G. Funny thing is, I tried to read the article, and Avast Antivirus blocked it.

bronxsta  +   825d ago
wait, is this supposed to satirical?
Because if not this guy is just idiotic. Judging a game that hasn't even come out, that he hasn't played, and judging it by speculation that have absolutely basis in fact or anything

Can't stand articles like this
Game0N  +   825d ago
Misspelled disappointing. Not worthy of a read for me.
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Tiqila  +   825d ago
same reason you s*ck.
Jek_Porkins  +   825d ago
This generation has set a new low for complaining, complaining about a game before it has even released......brilliant.

This has been one of, if not THE best gaming generation to date, but all people do is complain, argue, complain and act like idiot fanboys. Its straight up giving one of the best generations of all time a terrible reputation.

Stop complaining about everything!
shempo  +   825d ago
this generation the best ?
dam dude u must be a new gamer

this generation was all about boring marines FPS
last generation was the best,tons of rpg's-j-rpg's,third persons adventures,platforms,survival horror etc etc.
this generation was money grab,milking franchises,fps
DirtyLary  +   825d ago
Assumptions are news?
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Vickistheman  +   825d ago
Naughty Dog is making this game.

It is guaranteed to be awesome.
creized1  +   825d ago
Naughty Dog making a disappointing game?
Never happened, never will.
Sony as a publisher gives as much time is needed in order for the developers to make a good game and that has been proved from every Sony IP.
And of course Naught Dog development team is awesome!!
sdplisken  +   825d ago
now this people is how you write a troll article
spektical  +   825d ago
because the game has an enormous amount of detail, the length of the game will be short.

Flawless Logic.
KingKevo  +   825d ago
Why the article and site linked here will be dissappointing and why I won't ever read it and give it a 'WTF?' an 'No' rating instead.
violents  +   825d ago
Why this article is disappointing. Because some a-hole threw his uniformed, speculative opinion up on a website trying to claim it as a fact to get hits on starting some flamebait war.

Boo this man,

Vote down this site.
KingKevo  +   825d ago
LOL, just something awesome I discovered when I clicked on the sites profile here on N4G. The have an article called '5 Reasons Why The PC Is The Worst Platform To Game On'. So far so good, just another random stupid opinionated artilce, but if you look at the title of the article right below you'll find this: '5 Reasons PC Gaming Is Better Than Consoles'. Like WTF?!?! Are you f***ing kidding me?! Sure it could have two different authors, and I cba to visit the site and give em clicks, but imho it shows how stupid that site actually is. Definatley a site I won't ever visit.
zeeman  +   825d ago
LOL this should be fun to watch *grabs popcorn*

I aint clicking that link suckers
dubt72  +   825d ago
It was as if millions of N4G fanboys cried out...
Soldierone  +   825d ago
I just came here to laugh at the person saying a Naughty Dog game is going to be disappointing.... :P

Reminds me, need to go finish paying off my pre-order for this "disappointing" game :D
quantae06  +   825d ago
I think it'll be a great game personally.
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dafegamer  +   825d ago
writing attention articles for the sake of hits
its really sad
whoyouwit04  +   825d ago
I really believe it will disappoint also but no sony fan will admit it, This game would have been over hyped with out any game play being showed simply because of who is developing it, I haven't seen any thing that makes this game look great other the the fact that it looks great, But gameplay wise whats so fascinating about it.
TheBatman_Fanatic  +   825d ago
The author more than likely only has a 360 and wants this game! Unfortunately, this is only for the PS3, so suck it up and buy a PS3. You won't be dissapointed.
ghostrider32  +   825d ago
I wonder what's next. This site have more parody than Young Money's music.
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