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doctorstrange  +   632d ago
Dear God
Foolsjoker  +   632d ago
of War.
BitbyDeath  +   632d ago
You Rock!
dbjj12088  +   632d ago
Synchronized commenting huh?
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irepbtown  +   631d ago
They'll make it a 12 rated film.
The only way a God of War film will get 0.0001% love is if it is an 18. Even that will be difficult. But I won't be surprised if they roll on a 12A, kid friendly, no blood, sh*t GoW film.

A Metal Gear Solid film I can understand, but not GoW, Kratos is too bad ass for TV. Dude can only be controlled by my controller.
RustedMan  +   631d ago
When I saw the image posted with the article, it looked like Bruce Willis was playing Kratos.

edit: and yes, literally a second later, I realized it was Patrick Stewart.
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TrendyGamers  +   632d ago
Patrick Stewart as Kratos?
Foolsjoker  +   632d ago
Make it so.
doctorstrange  +   632d ago
knifefight  +   632d ago
It's gotta be either him or Morgan Freeman.
TrendyGamers  +   632d ago
Morgan Freeman can be the body double.
Dark11  +   632d ago
jivah  +   632d ago
I wouldnt mind tc carson as kratos.. After all kratos is grey so thats just make up.. He already does his voice so rage and emotion wouldnt be a problem. He would only have to buff up get ripped and let the epicness begin
rainslacker  +   631d ago
While Stewart is awesome...have you ever seen him with his shirt off?
8bit_Nes_Rambo  +   632d ago
Ben Kingsly as Kratos. Believe.
Conzul  +   632d ago
Now that............that I would watch.
bubblebeam  +   632d ago
Chuck Norris!
JamieL  +   632d ago
I don't know if he could dial down the manlyness enough to pull Kratos off. I mean Kratos is savage, but lets face it, he's no Chuck.
SephirothX21  +   631d ago
You mean the naive creationist or should I just say creationist. He is an insult to humanity and furthermore, he knows it.
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Godmars290  +   632d ago
Oh God. I was just about to state some examples of who's done bad game to movie translation and besides Uwe Boll - I think they were *ALL* made by Sony!
BitbyDeath  +   632d ago
Resident Evil movies could be worse, could be like the games.

Godmars290  +   632d ago
Actually I think since the first movie they've been influencing the direction and some elements in games.

They're feeding off each other.
jeseth  +   631d ago
If the Resident Evil movie franchise practically completely played out the first move the way the first game plays out ...

It would have been AMAZING!!!!

The first 4 RE games were fantastic, and 5 wasn't as bad as people want to make it out to be.

The movies are big piles of doo doo.
Nes_Daze  +   631d ago
Oh dam....
dbjj12088  +   632d ago
I'll just say it: maybe the movie falling apart is a good thing.
bubblebeam  +   632d ago
How many game to movie projects have fallen through?

Half of all the games I have played have been through that stage where someone picks up the rights for a movie, and it never happens.

The Darkness
Metro 2033

etc. That is just a few. I could easily name 30, without the help of the internet (for gods' sake, don't ask me to name 30)
Snookies12  +   631d ago
Can you please name 30 for me? I need to know some more... :D

Lol, I'm kidding, but I believe the MGS and Uncharted movies are underway now. So they're going to be happening. Whether they're good or not, I'm probably leaning toward a no... Uncharted is basically a movie already, why would we need a fake Drake when he's right there on the game?
As for MGS, well... David Hayter is the ONLY voice for Snake. Unless they either went with CGI (which they should) or they would have to redub all the audio with his voice which would be a bit of an annoyance I'm sure.
first1NFANTRY  +   632d ago
Batista or The Rock as Kratos anyone?
BitbyDeath  +   632d ago
The Rock will only work if they shave off his eyebrows and maybe botox his head to stop him from doing his signature pose... may also need to dub over his voice.
Redrum059  +   632d ago
I say micheal j white. Dark deep voice and badass anger display, and buff body with fighting capabilities.
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Simon_Brezhnev  +   632d ago

He wont get it because he's black. I remember David Jaffer wanted Djimon Hounsou to play Kratos some yeas ago and fans threw a crazy fit.
BitbyDeath  +   632d ago
I still want to see Jason Momoa as Kratos
bloodybutcher  +   632d ago
redrum, for a second i read "michael j. fox" :D
shempo  +   631d ago
the guy need to act also not only looking like a video character
Buttons  +   631d ago
You guys are all going for guys who look like Kratos does in the games. Newsflash - the studio doesn't care if they even look similar in facial features, they care if this dude CAN ACT and LEAD A MOVIE almost singlehandedly. Hence why Djimon Hounsou is brought up so much - he can be made to look similar, AND can act.
Jockamo  +   631d ago
Sean Bean
nerdkiller  +   632d ago
morgan freeman is alive? someone lied to me.

dont bother making it if its not on par with the movie 300. i dont want trash like immorals or crap like that. to tell you the truth, why make make it a movie the damn games are basically movies them selfs.

im hoping with next gen consoles after you beat the games if you can unlock and be able to watch it as if you were playing it,
NastyLeftHook0  +   632d ago
leonardo di caprio would make a perfect kratos.

Related image(s)
BitbyDeath  +   632d ago
He doesn't really give off a powerful vibe when angry though, more bratty like a kid not getting a toy he wants... IMO
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NastyLeftHook0  +   632d ago
maybe dmx? lol
rainslacker  +   631d ago
he could play that guy that Kratos forces to translate the stones from the 2nd game.
BitbyDeath  +   631d ago
@rainslacker, that would be awesome LOL
pinkyxyz  +   632d ago
Wow... and i was really looking forward to this....
specialguest  +   632d ago
Most video game storyline and character developments are not great when compared to some of the best movie classics. Characters are often one dimensional and plots filled with cliches. That's one of the reasons why video games don't translate well on film. Now that doesn't mean the game is bad, it could be still be GOTY quality. I think we tend to overlook that downside when everything else about the game is amazing.
rainslacker  +   631d ago
Yep, and despite how badass Kratos and GOW are, he is very one dimensional. I really love the games, but unless they add something to the character, this will be nothing more than a popcorn flick at best, wait for HBO/Netflix release at worst.
justlikeme  +   632d ago
Vin Diesel as kratos plz!
bubblebeam  +   632d ago
Actually, that doesn't sound bad at all. He did a freaking amazing job with the Riddick series. Who knows.

I myself would suggest David Letterman. /s
kratos_TheGoat  +   632d ago
More blood
more boob
more yelling by a better actor
god of war movie will sell a lot
$$Rated R/NC-17 For Everybody$$
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ninjahunter  +   632d ago
Because Kratos's face resembles not a single human actors face.
nerdkiller  +   632d ago
not true what about that guy
Oldman100  +   631d ago
Yah that one guy would be perfect.
madjedi  +   632d ago
Sorry but two industry fads that need to go away already for 2 yrs is the excess zombies and ancient greek settings.

I am looking forward to god of war ascension, but both hollywood and developers need to stop trying to cash in on it becauses it's popular atm.

But this is only my personal opinion feel free to disagress with any or all of it. I think the market is oversaturated with both zombies and ancient greeks. I don't mind a few here and there, but spamming it repeatedly turns some people off.

But i am really not a zombie person, to begin with.
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DragonKnight  +   631d ago
Nah, first it's shooters, then it's zombies, we need more ancient greek settings because literally God of War is the only game that has it. I can't think of another game this gen that is set in Ancient Greece can you?
rainslacker  +   631d ago
How about a shooter set in ancient Greece where you fight zombies. Sounds like GOTY to me./s
madjedi  +   631d ago
Was referring to primarily movies with ancient greece.
Tzunoy  +   631d ago
They better stick with a awesome animation where there is no limit to imagination and not a real movie.
TotalHitman  +   631d ago
These movies will never happen. The Uncharted movie has been talked about for years and it's no closer to production.
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sypher  +   631d ago
I know Conan was crap and everything but the actor u have to get playing Kratos is Jason Momoa. He is the spitting image

Plus his skin tone fits well with the region (greece) more than your standard white famous actor. Perfect fit I think.
rainslacker  +   631d ago
I would agree. Wasn't a big fan of his on Stargate, but he was amazing in Game of Thrones. Even learned a new language. After seeing it I could tell he was a good actor because he had to act to portray emotions that would have been lost in the dialog, and he did it superbly.

Also I believe he's Hawaiian. And Kratos is ashen because of the curse of the souls he's killed. Still this could be achieved with makeup despite the actor. I do believe flashbacks of him he had some fairly dark skin, although this was likely for contrast to the ashen skin.
sypher  +   631d ago
Exactly, it has to be an origin story. So him commanding his army at the beginning as a normal human and eventually having the ashes and becoming the god of war.
Bebedora  +   631d ago
What is this? Are the whole lot of the commentators in here on drugs?
You all should need some of uh, that thing. Yeah, you know that kind of thing that makes things.

Banans to everyone.

Btw I can see Vin Diesel as Cratos too. Either him or MC Hammer.
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violents  +   631d ago
This is rediculous, of all the franchises lately I have always thought the god of war franchise would be the best to make a movie, or even a trilogy from. There is plenty of history and real mythology laced within the story, there is no reason to change anything.

The fact that they have signed the creativity rights over to the studio is almost concrete evidence to show they are just doing this because they think every GOW fan out there will go see it because of the name. For god's sake people have some integrity and demand that the story be kept true to the game. It was already a world rich with detail and backstory. I can see how in certain situations small things would have to be changed to adapt to a movie but giving full creative rights to the movie producer is just asking for them to make some crap ball like the resident evil series with a God of War sticker on it.
Psychotica  +   631d ago
"real mythology"? Isn't that an oxymoron..
violents  +   631d ago
You know what I mean. Don't be douchey.
Rhezin  +   631d ago
I second Jason Momoa as Kratos, but prefer the movie to NEVER happen. My next pick would have to be The Picard. LOL I love that picture
Sugreev2001  +   631d ago
Either Vin Diesel or Michael Jai White as Kratos.Hopefully someone in Sony gets the bright idea to employ screenwriters who can actually bring the series onto the big screen properly...these two obviously have no clue and are out to make another quick cash-in like the rest of videogame movie adaptations.
cee773  +   631d ago
where the f@#k jaffe get jaffey to give input gow 1 and 2 stories were amazing I dont think they can top 2 story wise its like god of war 2 has the best story but 3 I like the visuals this game still hold its own to console and pc games it ran well looks good and still puts ninja gaiden to shame even the next gen wii u version.

Food for thought
DJ  +   631d ago
The reason games being turned into movies is tough is simple. Games tend to have much longer stories. I mean really, try to compress the events of a 12 hour game like Uncharted 1 into a 2 hour flick. It's HARD.

Also, movies have a specific 3 part structure (with specific time frames for each) that need to be strictly followed. Games have a completely different structure.
Kingthrash360  +   631d ago
I was under the impression Kratos was a Black guy...
Gotta black guy goatee,
Had brown skin before the ash,
Constantly pounding white chicks (lol)
Gets his health back by inhaling green smoke
Hates his dad
I mean I could go on for days
So why the guy from startrek?
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