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strigoi814  +   1170d ago
Again??? over and over again?? can somebody think of other topic to discuss?? Anybody smarter??

Oh btw i didnt click on the link coz i might give him hits..coz he might be proud of himself as a journalist..
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Kratoscar2008  +   1170d ago
I think we have already discussed why the Vita is not meeting spectations to no end.

Hits is the only reason we keep getting these articles.
DJjazzyGeth  +   1170d ago
Writer here. I appreciate the feedback, I'm fairly new to the writing world and I can tell that it may be in my best interest to find if the topics I choose are already being widely discussed before I go ahead and write them myself. Especially if it causes this much ire.

Truthfully, I love the Vita. It's a system I play almost daily at this point and I only wish to see it successful. That is why I wrote this post. As I neither run the site its written on nor do I get paid for my work, that's really my only agenda behind writing it.

And besides, isn't this massive coverage of a well-known issue a good thing? Won't more and more opinion pieces by more and more writers (even amateur writers like myself) only get us closer to convincing Sony to do something about this? I certainly think so, but you're free to disagree.
miyamoto  +   1170d ago
I read the article and i found some interesting stuff. keep it up. its constructive criticism. Sony is a great hardware manuf but ain't what they used to be. the cheap materials and construction are to be expected as the ps3 super slim is proof.

i really feel bad for Sony's situation right now
so many bad moves lately

Experia Play?
Ps3 super slim quality?
Vita hardware durability?
years of neglecting the younger gamers?
no advertising?

Why didn't they just make a Vaio PlayStation Laptop or Xperia PlayStation tablet with optional physical control attachment like Wiki Pad and call it PSP2?

Sony needs to streamline their business and go deep instead of wide like apple did
keabrown79  +   1170d ago
Vita hardware durability? That's news to me, what is that all about?
Kratoscar2008  +   1170d ago
Hope you understand why we are like this.

Its just that is tiring to see Vita and Fail/flop in the same sentenses and again the reasons have been already discussed.

If anything the sales of the Vita is what will make Sony react rather than making articles all the time,its getting annoying.
Kingthrash360  +   1170d ago
I've read your article and you touch on some real probs the vita has, me a person who is extremely tired of these hate type articles that never seem to stop. The article is coo but the title is not coo. You should have put somethin like " the things Sony needs to do to sell more vitas." Or something, I almost didn't read it.
That said the Pokemon comment is right on. It never released on home consoles, its a Nintendo handheld staple . The vita needs that for sure. Gravity rush is close.
One gripe, well two gripes-1. Why are writers comparing the vita to consoles? Compare it to handhelds because... You know ... It's a handheld like the 3ds. 2. Why the rush? The system has only been out for less than a year and people are calling it a failure. Stupid really because the 3ds had the same bullshit articles saying it was doomed early in its life span. All the vita needs really is a price drop and a AAA vita only deal breaker... (Ps+ is a real deal breaker in itself but in talking games.) that's all ... So change that title, Its really uninviting to people like myself.
Cam977  +   1170d ago
Well, please consider this: when writing tackle fresh, untouched subjects because in the past few months, this website has been flooded with art articles reminiscent of your work.
andibandit  +   1170d ago
The part about the games for Vita is spot on, it needs a flagship game, and that game needs to be marketed properly.
Persona 4 is a great game, but lets face it, JRPG's arent everybody's cup of tea, and a game that I doubt will make more than average sales numbers.

On another note i dont think these articles will ignite any action with Sony, as they have no doubt been aware of the declining situation for a while. They came bursting out the gates with a expected combined VITA/PSP sales of 16M, then in the summer they lowered it to 12M, and this fall they adjusted it to 10M.
MikeMyers  +   1170d ago
Well with all the disagrees its become obvious some don't even want to hear constructive criticism. If that's the case then maybe those folks should stop going into such topics.

I personally think it's an identity crisis Vita is going through. With all the high-tech gadgets out there now Vita is struggling to capture a wide audience. Its success so far mirrors PS3 owners but for Vita to become successful they need to tap into non-PS3 owners as well.
Veneno  +   1170d ago

youre article was completely unoriginal by sounding like a parrot saying all the things that other writers do to score hits.

Youre going to fit right in.
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Protagonist  +   1170d ago
The PSVITA is what the PSP was but literally ten times more, yet people like to complain. It does not matter though, because the PSVITA is slowly winning people over, as soon as they realize what an awesome machine it is and how many great games It actually has.
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SolidDuck  +   1170d ago
The vita is a weird one. I own one and love it. Also I haven't talked to anyone who owns one that doesn't at least like it. But it hasn't sold well and there's a ton of hate articles about it. Why? Ask someone who actually owns one, its awesome. And I think there's plenty of great games especially for its first year. I'm playing uncharted and gravity rush right now. I plan on picking up ragnarok oddyssey and zero escape soon. I also want to play liberation and lbp vita. Honestly there's more good games than I have time for. And also it has sold just as we'll as the psp started out. And the psp went on to sell 65 mill plus. I just don't get the hate.
DJjazzyGeth  +   1170d ago
I think the hate is often misunderstood disappointment. The Vita is wonderful, and I continue to recommend it to everyone I know. Most people with Vita's like their Vitas (myself 100% included). But it's not yet what it can be, and there's little sign right now that things are changing for the better.

Considering how much it costs and how little third party support it's proving to receive, I think every Vita owner has a right to hope for conditions to get better.
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psp2roundup  +   1170d ago
Whatever happens in 2013 (with that really skinny release schedule) my Vita and I will have great fun together. Its already got a decent range of games, and when the overpriced titles drop in price, it'll be a decent budget games system.

I think the third parties will steer clear (unless it really picks up) but as an indie platform, it could become a cool place to game.
TimeSkipLuffy  +   1170d ago
I really love my PSV but I also understand why ppl start talking about failure. AC Liberation was cool but less than I expected. LEGO games are ported from DS instead of PS3. I also truly believe that the hardware could be much better. This or the developers still don't understand how to make use of it properly. I'm eagerly awaiting more great games. Though Uncharted already make it worth for me. But I don't complain about a Final Fantasy Crisis Core X'DD
ziggurcat  +   1170d ago
i think this makes about half a dozen sony/vita doom articles i've encountered today... must be a slow news week.
Smokingunz  +   1170d ago
I agree with this article. The vita needs to have its own identity and its own games to be successfully. Also I think they should drop the price significantly, say, $170. They should either should just make one model, either a wifi or wifi and 4g in one lol.
DEATHSTROKE-cro-  +   1170d ago
170$ ?
they released the Vita like 9months ago.
Sony needs to make money with Vita.
lowering the price will not be good for them.
and Vita has it's own games which are not ports of PS3
Paul_Murphy  +   1170d ago
Is the audience at N4G unable to read other people's contributions without the need to suggest that they suck penis or are a homosexual?

I find it laughable that some of you are lamenting his writing skills whilst displaying the articulation of a brick.

The Vita does need its own identity; it also needs everyone to give it a chance. But this is 2012 - it's cool to hate on things. Epsecially things we haven't tried, in many cases. It's not even a year old yet. The 3DS was written off and that has turned out alright.
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DJjazzyGeth  +   1170d ago
And interestingly, the same happened to the PS3 (launched at too high a price with no definitive games). Sony is not beyond triumphant turn-arounds and I don't think they're just going to let the Vita sink in the long run. Time will tell, I suppose.

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