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landhuman  +   1093d ago
You guys don't seem to get what actually goes into a video game image.

The images you see are comprised of:
- Character Meshes
- Environment/level meshes
- Textures applied to those meshes
- Lighting models that shade the meshes

The key thing to realise here is that the world's most insane super computer 10 years from now with 32 parallel video cards would render exactly what you see above if the inputs are the same. That is - the same meshes, the same textures, the same lighting.

Ubisoft Montreal developed this game, including the Wii U version (I believe), not Nintendo. The only thing these images prove is that the Wii U version was not upgraded to utilised the more modern hardware available. In the details, you can see that this is true - shadow tessellation is an identical match, texture resolutions match. This is all in the game's assets.

Personally, I have no idea whether the Wii U is more powerful or not, or how much more (or less) powerful, but I do know that these images don't mean anything at all.
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Schawk  +   1093d ago
Wii u looks more real, noticable difference, o yea i want this game on the wiiU
richierich  +   1093d ago
I think that history is repeating its self again with Nintendo the Wii was only slightly more powerful than last gen and the Wii U is slightly more powerful than current gen. So overall = Wii<PS3 and 360.
WiiU<Xbox720 and PS4. Overall WiiU= inferior nextgen ports but great exclusives.
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Deku-Johnny  +   1093d ago
I don't understand why everyone is saying, "Oh it looks better on Wii U but not good enough for me to spend $60 to buy it again" as though any game in the history of the industry has been worth buying on multiple consoles. And no your argument that the Wii U being next gen means it should look a lot better doesn't make sense. It's a port of a game that was way into development before they decided to port it. If the PS4/720 was out now and they ported it to those consoles it wouldn't look much different. Ports aren't a good way of telling how good a console is.
Hicken  +   1092d ago
" though any game in the history of the industry has been worth buying on multiple consoles."

Persona 4 says hi.
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   1093d ago
The EVER SO SLIGHT difference that people are bashing the Wii U for having over the 360 and PS3... is more than enough to bash PS3 versions over 360's versions and vice versa.

When Wii U has better graphics (even by extremely little) it's negated... but if this were just between 360 or PS3 it'd be an all out brag fest! What a damn joke!

Now for Wii U only being slightly better and it's a NEXT GEN console... I could see people bickering that it just don't blow the other versions out of the water.... but THIS IS A PORT and thus that don't hold any weight because of the fact it wasn't built specificly for Wii U (common sense)
1upgamer99  +   1093d ago
Most of you are all commenting on the Graphics looking a little better on Wii U, well its a port. What you SHOULD be focused on is the fact you can do so much more on Wii U via the gamepad WITHOUT PAUSING on the fly weapons switching,maps etc...that is where the Wii U stands out from the rest!
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younghavok  +   1093d ago
I look at the best looking PS3 game to date, or the best looking 360 game to date... I have yet to see a PC game that looks far and away better than say, Uncharted 3, or Grant Turismo 5, or GoW, or Halo 4. Yes there are games that look better, easilly better, but this is on euper expensive hardware and for the amount people are paying, its not justfiable. Going off of what I've seen, I'm assuming the next console from MS and Sony will not be doing much more and not be destroying Wii Visually. Especially not on multiplats, where even today the PC which is supposedly generations ahead, isnt even doing. Blops 2 on PC doesn't look twice as good as the PS360 version, yet we're expecting the Wii U version too? Same with AC3. Why do we expect the Wii to do what even the infinitely more powerful pc isn't?
ChipChipperson  +   1093d ago
OH MY GOD! Did you see those images?!... one looks darker and the other looks brighter. Just play the game and shut up about what platform you play on.
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   1093d ago
I don't see much difference- except the fact the the WiiU screens are lighter, which maybe due to the other systems using darkness and shadow to reduce render loads and memory.

Either way it would not matter to me. I would rather play it on WiiU, however- not for the graphics but for the Snazzy controller (+Link and Samus)...
Gamerita  +   1093d ago
nintendo does NOT need more powerful console than Wii U to carry on its success through the next gen of console gaming,the power of the Wii U is more than enough for them to create 1st party games that will look unbelievably stunning.they will be fine for many years to come.actually Nintendo is going to kick a$$ for sure with the Wii U.

and so will the PS4. the only console i'm interested in & really look forward to buying. ;)
portugamer  +   1093d ago
I try really hard to understand how a Nintendo fan can be that proud of a Wii u game, like this,and others, when:

- this is a AAA huge,talented,experienced,skil led and ingenious studio, who don't need 10 years to master a new console like the so called developer-friendly Wii u; maybe they already used 80 or 90% of the Wii raw power, since there aren't 6 spus to throw some optimized code in, or like the 3 x 3.2ghz beast x360.

- x360 and the ps3 were released in 2005-2006, were drawed with 2003 hardware specs, with a 2002 DirectX 9, so basically, the games we have today, and 2013, are made with a 10 years old DirectX, and a 10 years old hardware specs. 10 years old.
When we see a last of us and god of war 4, and halo 4 and other games that will be released next year for the x360, and still, both consoles,despite the code being now(and since a good moment) fully optimized, they still have some power left, to give us games which are better and better.

- the first games released on both x360 and ps3 were already amazing. I remember how I was shocked while watching uncharted: drake's fortune cinematics, and suddenly, when I thought it was a cutscene, I moved the pad and realized all those graphics were in realtime. For a 1st game, it was incredible, at least, for me and many many people and reviewers. Now, I have read some reviews about 'zombiu', which ISN'T a port, and is a full game developed exclusively for the Wii u hardware, and I realize most websites didn't like its graphics, which look washed out, outdated, and don't seem to be running on a system that is supposed to exist until 2017, at least.

- the console, in Europe, costs like 350-400€, depending on taxes and country, and let me tell you, it isn't a cheap system.its quite expensive, actually, and for that price, someone who actually needs to work hard to buy it(and not the 8yo kid that gets one as a gift for playing Mario) will be hoping and expecting the system will blow away all the 'old' systems, which are in shelves for many many years. This hard-working employee is gonna spend a big amount of cash, and for sure, the first released games don't leave him with a lot of hope for the future, that's the deal.
1upgamer99  +   1093d ago
I am not so proud of what the port looks like. What I am proud of is the way BOPS2 and Assassins creed integrate the Gamepad. If you have not played BOPS2 or Assassins Creed you can not fully judge the difference in the game. All of these people are bent about a PORT that looks a little better on Wii U. What makes the difference is the way it plays. Flawless no pause gameplay. Bops2 having your maps displayed via gamepad or second player on the gamepad and one on the screen and those are just a few of the differences. I have BOPS 2 for PS3 and bought a Wii U, so just to see for myself if it was better I rented BOPS2 for Wii U, now I wish I had the Wii U version instead. BUT I wont buy it its not enough to justify that, it just makes me wish I would have waited a week.
younghavok  +   1093d ago
So are you saying that AC 3 looks bad? Because it isnt blowing the doors off of the Wii U it looks bad? Come on that makes no sense, cause this game and Blops 2 dont look that much better on the PC, which, to run this game at its best, would cost probably more than a Wii U. The logic in some of these comments is completely flawed. People talk about the PC blowing away consoles, yet even the PC isn't doing multiplats, designed with the 360 as the lead, much better. Some people really need to be realistic. AC3 looks good, regardless of the console your playing it on.
RFornillos4  +   1093d ago
first of all, we're talking about a port here. a port that was developed for other consoles first. secondly, nobody's saying it is the ultimate or definitive version, not even Ubisoft. in fact, Ubisoft mentioned that they are 100% the same. so it doesn't say anything about what the Wii U can do.
metroid32  +   1093d ago
Theres alot of fanboy reviewers as the wiiu versions of 90% of ports look far superior end of get a life ports dont even use the gpgpu just the cpu/ram ect.
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TheSaint  +   1093d ago
Getting bored of this now, I'm not a fan of Ninty but give the Wii U at least 6 months to see what it can do.
Schawk  +   1093d ago
Wii u is lookin good runnin ports not even developed on this system.
julian-sneijder  +   1093d ago
a 2012 console vs a 2005 console?
scottd  +   1093d ago
everyone here knows about photoshop and other such tools for tweaking pics...right? i never trust these comparisons or the video ones either, just a few tweaks and i can make ps3 look like ass compared to N64 :P
Kennytaur  +   1093d ago
I'm more interested in performance and draw distance.
Felonycarclub8  +   1093d ago
Oh finally no more ps3 versus 360 comparisons lol
quantae06  +   1093d ago
AC3!! I love this game and I have it on the Wii U. I played it at my friends house though. I still need to buy the console itself. I always buy games for the console before I get the console itself. It's my way of money managing a situation.
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quantae06  +   1093d ago
The console war is just annoying these days. I used to enjoy when people would say something about the other consoles, then turn around and shut up and play the other consoles anyway. Good days! :D
Tzuno  +   1093d ago
Same graphic different colors and luminosity.
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DivineAssault  +   1093d ago
This shouldnt even be debatable.. The wii u should smoke these 6-7 yr old machines.. Ya, i get that it just launched & is already looking good & can only get better but for a console launching at the end of 2012, it should easily be 1080p 60fps w games like this.. smh.. PS4/720 is gonna smoke wii u like a pack o kools
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PopRocks359  +   1092d ago
A PC can be incredibly powerful, much more so than whatever the PS4 or Xbox 720 will be like. But a game will only run as well as it was developed for that platform.

This is a port sir. A hastily put together port at that. When you have a game that was built from the ground up on this platform AND it looks like shit, then we'll talk.
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lionelglitchy  +   1091d ago
What you have to realise is that the WiiU version is in 60fps
whereas the xbox version is in 30fps.

also...the WiiU has just come out.
does anyone remember the first Xbox360 games?
look at the jump in graphics/
...just wait
dani25pr  +   1089d ago
I do not know but in my wii u looks much better than that picture have to do compare for yourself not by what they say what happens is that Sony and Microsoft are upset with wii u .....
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