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TheSaint  +   877d ago
Zha1tan  +   877d ago
Is this even a comparison? game looks really nice on PC.
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megamanX2  +   877d ago
Can anyone explain how and why this is important? It's the same damn game, and anyone that thinks it is important to compare games like this needs to get a reality check.

ps why compare anyway? the pc blows everything out of the water and forever will.
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cone   877d ago | Spam
AdmiralSnake  +   877d ago
How many times will we see the same crap ?

Regardless it's a good game, who gives a damn.
kevnb  +   876d ago
Its neat to see, except when there are stupid arguments. Despite having the best version many of the master race are still pissed, that's what's really sad.

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