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LOGICWINS  +   1172d ago
Great review. I'll def pick this one up soon :)
Sarcasm  +   1172d ago
Should have been a 7.76/10
MrKim12  +   1172d ago
It's time to leave leaves the desert savannah behind, and takes place in a lush tropical jungle. Welcome to grammar 101!
Publicglutton  +   1172d ago
Should have been at least an 8.0 , these reviewers think if they are more critical than others it gives them more credit as reviewers....WRONG..:(
Silver_Faux  +   1172d ago
yeah they're just a bunh of Australian hipsters who think its cool to give lower scores to any non nintendo title.
Silver_Faux  +   1172d ago
Good game is a kids game show so i dont understand why they would review a game that in Australia would have an MA rating?
Pozzle  +   1165d ago
Good Game Spawn Point's the kids version of the show. Good Game is the regular version where they review games aimed at teens and adults.

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