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microgenius  +   1097d ago
bungie should show theier power with a solid ps3 version
josephayal  +   1097d ago
I'm very happy for more gamers to play Bungie games, good job Sony
ALLWRONG  +   1097d ago
What did Sony do? You mean Activision?
Npugz7  +   1097d ago
I wonder what engine they will be using to create this game?
Eldyraen  +   1097d ago
I'm looking forward to a real reveal for this game as the tidbits we've seen look and sound epic. With all the varied concept art it just looks massive and the range is impressive.

I have no clue if it'll be an MMO (maybe of guild wars sort--large social hub and smaller "party" regions), borderlands-style open world, or even more Haloish in design (but grander in scale I bet) but I can't wait to find out. Since its "social" any of those seem possible and with release schedule a "standard" MMO design seems out of the question. Granted could always be something completely different but those seem like the most likely choices to me.

I hope it has a cool campaign on top of stellar multiplayer and since Bungie is making it, it should be a safe assumption. Curious how it'll play out and just can't wait till the "real" speculating begins after initial reveal.

Personally I hope they expand the multiplayer from Halo and add a bit more Battlefield/Battlefront to increase realism and expand scope of battles. Basically no more bunny hopping Spartan super soldiers, bigger and more bad@ss infantry/vehicular combat, but still have some cool weapons and tech like Halo/Battlefront allowed. It would definitely fit my "7 year old inner child" to take part in fights like those in all the blockbuster movies nowadays ;) Or for those a little older (or just like myself), fights like Hoth/Endar/etc from Star Wars which were massive and still "family friendly" enough for kids to enjoy.

Plus the whole "Star Wars" mentioning from Bungie seems like they might have taken some inspiration from it in terms of still having some mature themes but laced with a bit of everythng else just peeks my interest. All of my favorite sci-fi shows/movies had that in common (star wars of course, Firefly, Farscape, etc).

Again, I just can't wait for a reveal and although I don't want to overhype it or expect things I just hope its fun.

Plus I'm not overly worried about going for a wider audience as there are plenty of ways for a possible "T" rated game or PG 13 movie to still entertain with darker themes while not being a "kiddie" game (every star wars game for one: violence with minimal/no blood and very little/no cussing... same being true for blockbuster movies).
iNathan  +   1097d ago
We Xbox Fans will never abandon Bungie!
They made Xbox what is today and they are also amazing developers!

Bring on Destiny!
Spenok  +   1097d ago
Is it just me... or does this image make you think of Killzone?
TheMutator  +   1097d ago
bungie i miss u :(
DivineHand125  +   1097d ago
Can't wait to hear more about this game but why does it have to be a timed exclusive for the xbox 360 and no wiiU version announced. The decision making in some of these companies boggles my mind sometimes.
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