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Pana  +   1004d ago
It only does RRoD
isarai  +   1004d ago
It has tons of amazing exclusives with lots of variety, free online, rechargeable remotes standard, is highly compatible with off shelf products meaning no proprietary HDD ripoff bullshit here, and take any storage device that's properly formatted, and can easily store and play nearly any media you throw at it, not to mention compatible with any bluetooth or usb headset/mouse/keyboard. Also for the past year or so there have been very few titles that are noticeably worse on PS3 when compared to 360(in fact the only ones i can think of are the ones you mentioned), but the same goes both ways. this shit is pathetic, i seriously hope the makers of these dumb ass troll/flamebait articles get a limb broken
KrimsonKody  +   1004d ago
Topic: played out.
This article is sooo 90's.
You guys know nothing of "hardware differences".
I remember the days where you had to choose between an SNES Mortal Kombat which replaces your blood with sweat & a trashed soundtrack or a Genesis Mortal Kombat, which gives you a better soundtrack but clumsy controls (oh, & blood).
I remember when a game could have the same name but be completely different on each console (Tiny Toons, TMNT;Tournament Fighters, etc.).

So all this bickering & clucking these fanboys are doing just seems so 'meh'
Be like a flower*, & grow a little.
*Oh, Sorry, my bad...Flower is PS3 exclusive...
unicronic  +   1004d ago
2007 called, they want this article back where it belongs.
Ethereal  +   1004d ago
lmao, no clicky from me. This is why the industry is growing stagnate.
ACEMANWISE  +   1004d ago
There really is no point to counter these articles anymore. Its tempting, I know, especially when their values are inconsistent and in much need for correction.

However, I've gotten to the point where I think its a better thing to let the ignorant consumer learn the hard way instead of trying to convince them otherwise.

All I know is I'm happy with my PS3 and the complaints about it are more the cause of gaming in an online industry...not something console specific.
jayman1  +   1004d ago
Hey buddy do us all a favor sell your ps3 and go buy another xbox. I am very happy with my ps3 and the graphics are stellar. You people who go out of your way to bash ps3 boggle me.I dont care for xbox but you dont seeme going out of my way to bash the console. GET A LIFE LOSER!
Williamson  +   1004d ago
Well my ps3 has been nothing but a joy for me and because of it I became more of a gamer this gen. The dude might not like his ps3 but some of his complaints are pretty dumb.
JoeSchmoh  +   1004d ago
You can't pay me to hop on the xbox bandwagon. LOL! 3 things you can count me out in. facebook, xbox, and FPshooters (except for counter strike global and time splitters).
Captain Tuttle  +   1004d ago
Thread delivers some salty tears.

But yeah, guy is kind of a tool. Doesn't mention anything about PS3 first party and that makes the machine imo. I'm bummed I gave him a hit and wasted 2 minutes of my life
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Buenoblue83  +   1004d ago
he is right, after 6 years we cant still blame bad ports. the facts are the ps3 is underpowered compared to 360. low ram, slow read speeds on dvd, and cell single core structure is crap for gaming. i have both machines and the 360 is clearly more powerful.

framerate is the best indicator of graphics power, the only difference between a gtx 660 and gtx 680 is framerate. any graphics card can render, its the fps that differs. and ps3 framerate is always lower.

im not a hater just saying what i see.
garos82  +   1004d ago
You haven't seen uncharted 2,3, god of war, gran turismo,infamous 2, heavy rain, last of us...

It may be easier to code for Xbox to get good results in games but don't kid yourself about which console is more powerful
Fakdafakinfakerz  +   1004d ago
People who think that multiport games are worst on PS3 should make a list of these "inferior versions". I don't think that there's more than 10 games on that list.
csreynolds  +   1004d ago
This article has "I'm an Xbox fanboy" written all over it. If your Xbox died, why didn't you buy another XBOX? #LogicFail - that or #FictitiousScenario #ExcuseToTroll
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Buenoblue83  +   1004d ago
just thought of something. maybe ps3's biggest problem is that it runs on Linux, no dought this will effect ps4 to. i mean who the hell has a linux gaming pc.
vega275  +   1004d ago
i agree with the author of this article. all i have ever been was disappointed with my purchase of the ps3. i bought it for MGS4 when it came out and was disappointed that it was more of a movie than a game. over the years i have bought and tried other games but found myself either feeling like the game wasn't good or just wasn't interested in finishing it or (mostly) just plain trash. only game i like was demon soul and the second game they went multiplat.

i highly doubt if i will buy the ps4 or any other sony platform ever again. there's nothing on it that makes me feel like it's a must have game or the exclusive hold any interest for me. my ps3 has so much dust on it. that it looks like one big dust ball sitting in the corner. now they are saying that the ps4 won't have BC so it makes it another reason not to buy the system nor keep the one i got.

this is just my feeling on the matter. I don't care who disagrees.
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GiantFriendlyCrab  +   1004d ago
i hate dust
bozebo  +   1004d ago
Apart from MGS4, none of the PS3 exclusives really hit home for me either (especially when compared to previous console generations). Same goes for 360 except for Halo - but then there's the advantage of smoother multiplats. Still, since about 2007 I've done 90% of my gaming on PC as there's just no reason to get a multiplat on consoles once you have a reasonable gaming rig (pays for itself after about a 2 years of cheaper multiplats if you buy most of them, even the upgrade/rebuild 4-5 years down the line pays for itself after 1-2 years of cheaper multiplats, usually you don't need to replace case/power supply/HDDs)

As for next gen, whichever console I buy first will be because of a must-have exclusive - I might end up getting none of them if it's just the usual Halo & Uncharted. Wii-U needs a Pokémon MMO, it's the first console to exist which is capable of running a properly scaled MMO (2GB RAM); I hope that's Nintendo's plan, unless they still wan't to use Pokémon as a gameboy seller.
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csreynolds  +   1004d ago
Sing with me: "Trololololol, lololol, lololol, hahahahahaaaaaaaaa..."
DigitalRaptor  +   1004d ago
" there's nothing on it that makes me feel like it's a must have game or the exclusive hold any interest for me."

But {Halo, Gears, Forza, Fable} rinse & repeat are worth more?

MGS4 more of a movie than a game? Remains funny that one. I'll be damned if throughout my 6+ playthroughs, the game wasn't (on average) split equally between cutscene and gameplay, troll. And I guess it's your fault for buying a game in a series reknonwned for its storytelling and passion for the cutscene.

By all appearances, Sony care more about gamers and pushing new ideas and driving quirkiness (a great thing) in their games than they do about their financial state. Microsoft clearly cares more about the almighty dollar than gamers and a consumer's rights, and more about their position in the industry that the state of the industry itself - their actions throughout this gen have made that more than clear, but go on, keep favouring a company that gives you less and revokes your choices and rights. Tragic.

Know what I think? My position as a Sony/Nintendo/PC and Sega gamer is enough for me to almost pretend that the X360 is irrelevant. PS3/PC alone is a worthy substitute to paying $60 per year for basic P2P access to my games. And {Halo, Gears, Forza} rinse & repeat don't cut it when the rest is just available across other platforms.
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microgenius  +   1004d ago
a new generation is coming and guess what
again sony is shit sony is bitch sony is...
go fu-k yourself with xbox dickhead
multiplatform=PC all the way
GTRrocker666  +   1004d ago
Dont read this garbage
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spunkee311  +   1004d ago
I have all 3 systems and although I have an attachment to my ps3. And feel that its a unique system. There is no denying that overall the xbox is just the better way to go.

The only thing I can add is that if my xbox dies. I'm not worried. I just switch the hard drive to the new system and I'm ready to go. But if my ps3 dies and I switch the hard drive to a new system. It reformats the drive. And lose everything. This has happened to me twice in one year.

Both systems to me are extremely unreliable. I'm a heavy gamer. I've had the white xbox get the red rings three times. I bought the new Slim at first chance and so far so good.

I had the original PS3 (60 gig) which I felt was the overall best system. I have a huge library of PS2 games, and even though I don't play them often, its still nice to know that I have it available. That is, until that PS3 died in 2010. Then every repleacement SOny sent me after that kept dieing.

I was forced to buy the slim. And now have to re buy a PS2 that I sold in the first place to help with the cost of a $600 system.

The Trophy system does feel weak. Sony can do something unique like offer leaderboards or change up the PSN Gamercard. But its' been the same since 2008. I just don't get it.

Don't get me wrong. I do love my PS3 and everything. And I think it does offer some really unique and awsome games (motostorm, Resisance3, MGS4 etc) there's just a lot more frustrations with it.

And if the rumours are true about the PS4 not having backwards compatability with the PS3, I will be very sad. Cause from what I hear the next xbox will play 360 games.
wishingW3L  +   1004d ago
PS3 gets the same multiplats, it has more exclusives and you don't have to pay any fees to be able to play online or use netflix! And not to mention that the YLOD is nowhere near the epic proportions of failure rate of the RRoD on the Xbox.

And next year is packed with PS3 exclusives from left to right too. So at the end PS3 is in fact the better console. Only if you like games of-course.... ;D
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Picnic  +   1004d ago
Are you looking forward to Puppeteer on the PS3?
It looks brilliant. Sony still does the quirky stuff.
spunkee311  +   1002d ago
What more exclusives does it get? THere are way more exclsuves on xbox lol.
And no sorry dude. PS3 does not get the same multiplat games. They get terrible broken versions of the same game. Look at Bayonetta, Madden, Black ops 2 for reference.

I do love games. And don't get me wrong I love my PS3. But I'd glady rather pay for a stable service then a free broken one.
Picnic  +   1004d ago
The Xbox360 v PS3 is essentially like the Megadrive v the SNES. The latter is capable of the very high best high end things technologically (Donkey Kong Country and perhaps Uncharted respectively) and the PS3 might even still sell more worldwide but the console that was released first may sell more in the UK and North America. But even a relatively small number more of PS3s being sold worldwide would be a great success for the Xbox360 after the head start that the PS2 had in sales. The original Xbox was on a lot of people's radars as having great graphics and trying admirably hard to get a foothold, sometimes with amusing results, such as loads of platform mascots being spun out, enjoyed for a bit and then forgotten about. But the Xbox wasn't necessarily in their homes because it was too bulky looking in a mid range PC in a box way and it lacked some 'must have' series like Resident Evil. But it made an interesting start because Sega made some games for it, it got Half Life 2, it got Doom 3 and games that I had never played before like Dead or Alive. Maybe some really did regard it as the spriritual successor to the Dreamcast in all but looks. Whatever, it bludgeoned its way in to the market as intended and set the groundwork for the Xbox360, with its better looks and more refined marketing, to be the real sales success. And the Kinect will have helped a lot because it really showed that they were committed to younger gamers. Not in a Wii way but sometimes in quite a niche way with the likes of Disneyland Adventures. They managed to do enough right to broadly appeal while gaining grudging respect I'd imagine from even Nintendo gamers for having Rare and a decent range of family friendly games amongst the shooters.
Still, Sony sorted things out by redesigning the PS3 from the original tombstone-like abberation and from Naughty Dog and Motorstorm Apocalypse providing me with many hours of gaming pleasure. Becuase they look so fine, it only takes a few games these days to be really worth it as long as you don't mind multiformat games possibly looking better on the Xbox360 sometimes. How easy the PS4 will be to code will be on people's minds.
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Tzuno  +   1004d ago
Blind fanboysm or a mater of taste?
bozebo  +   1004d ago
Don't buy from lazy developers then.
babis1974  +   1004d ago
black ops2?....
DJ  +   1004d ago
Played Need for Speed: Most Wanted on my PS3 last night. Was NOT disappointed.
MadMen  +   1004d ago
SONY as a whole this gen with all products has disappointed, they got to cocky didn't realize Xbox and Samsung were coming on so strong

I think its easy to look at Japan and see what SONY was and what they are now, tells most of the story.

My fav system of all time is still PS1, I would like to see SONY turn back to their roots
poo342947294792  +   1004d ago
cliffy B queefing on my face is like playing shaqfu all over again
Kidmyst  +   1004d ago
I refused to click the link and give the site hits because after reading the title then how last month his Xbox died and it's an Anti PS3 article just told me troll article. Why buy a PS3 and not another 360 then? Was that his 4th 360 that failed? Again, won't read it for the answers
kragg  +   1004d ago
He is looking to be a "legitimate industry analyst".
Game0N  +   1004d ago
to all the dumb fucks who always combat ps plus with the whole "but it's not free unless you paid", um what the fuck do you think netflix is? if you stop paying your subscription, then your movies are gone. I dont see you complaining about netflix. SAME CONCEPT, MOVE ON.
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Robotronfiend  +   1004d ago
If I had to choose, I'd take slightly choppy frame rates over complete hardware failure.
ziggurcat  +   1004d ago
"It only does disappointment"

... and so does this article.

multiplatform games not performing as well isn't the hardware's fault, it's the devs.
tgcorke  +   1004d ago
This article gives me cancer.
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