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El Nino  +   1173d ago
Woah is it 2007 all over again :yawn:
InTheLab  +   1173d ago
If you want superior multiplats, perhaps you should pick up on Pc gaming?

So Red Dead was like 580p on PS3...but wasn't it still sub 720p on Xbox? As is the case for most games?

People do tend to stretch the word "superior" when talking about console
BlackTar187  +   1173d ago
They do indeed. One has some darker bookshelves then the other by all means its nothing at all really but you get people claiming they will buy the later becasue book shelf on lvl 4 act 3 has a bookshelf you have to run by and it looks a little pixelated on 1 system and still pixelated but a softer color brown on the other.

I honestly still hold hate in my heart for the Ghost busters debacle. Any copy not sold because of that nonsense is sad.

garos82  +   1173d ago
Your mom was a disappointment.sell your ps3 and get yourself an xbox and gtfo.

Stupid article stupid writer
Donnywho  +   1173d ago
I've owned 360, Ps3 and Wii since launch. The worst experience between the three is still the red ring of death. Nothing can compete with that criminal business strategy.
CalibriSerif  +   1173d ago
i expect this kind of articles after ps3 hits 70M units same with xbox360 but having more than 1 year headstart.

and i will expect more in the following days.

these are loser xbox fanboys at its finest denials... sad but true.
Belking  +   1173d ago
Sony is really the one with the head start. This is the third playstation and only the second xbox.
BlackTar187  +   1173d ago
That doesn't really mean anything Belking. It actually barely means something at all.
macalatus  +   1173d ago
My fellow Sony gamers, the truth of the matter is, Sony is continually providing high quality entertainment in the form of killer franchises such as Killzone, God of War, Uncharted, Killzone, and much, much more! Sony was (and still is) the only company that provides though provoking games such as Heavy Rain and Journey that only classy, mature, and intelligent gamers could appreciate.

Of course, the biased media and the 360 fanboy extremists whose fanaticism is only BARELY matched by Al Qaeda suicide bombers, will beg to ask the question: If Sony is providing high quality entertainment, then why sales doesn't reflect it? However, the appropriate question ISN'T really why Sony is faltering, or why PS3 hardware and software sales are lagging. The real, appropriate question would be this: Why, and when, did the video gaming world go to hell with its sickening appreciation of Angry Birds as a "true video game" and the laughably mediocre Kinect games as "the next evolution of video games". This is a definitely a deja vu moment back in the early 90's when the world thought that FMV games with bad acting were viewed as the next generation of games. The difference between now and then is that FMV was thankfully avoided. This time, however, mediocrity as championed by the out of touch media and deranged 360 extremists are seriously clouding the future of the videogaming industry.

We may not be in a civilization ending apocalypse right now, but the Sony gamers are currently witnessing the beginning of a videogame culture ending apocalypse. With the whole world going irreversibly mad with casual and soul destroying Kinect Dance games, as well as gamers openly letting MS rape their wallets, Sony gamers are continuing to preserve traditional, hardcore gaming. Sony gamers right now continue to support Sony not because of blind loyalty. Rather, Sony gamers see themselves as the true vanguards of traditional gaming and its last, true adherents. With patience and tenacity, the Sony gamers' continued support for high quality Sony products may well convince the videogame industry that casual and Kinect games are, like the Sega CD FMV games, NOT the future of our beloved videogaming culture.

Sony Gamers Lead the Way!
Feldman9000  +   1173d ago
why do these articles get approved. HEY I GOT A XBOX, PS3 SUX. LOL.
Memo-Xen x3100  +   1173d ago
People are still bringing this up?! Idiots still get attention by bringing this shi# up?!?
ufo8mycat  +   1173d ago
Even though the 360 versions of multiplatform games do look better, guess what?

PS3 owners are still playing the SAME exact game.


So this whole, it looks better on 360 is only used in console wars, but really doesn't mean much. Remember PS3 gamers are still playing the SAME game.

The big problem with the PS3 is the controller. A 2D controller design used to play 3D games. \
Fakdafakinfakerz  +   1173d ago
360 fanboys are the worst.
GuruStarr78  +   1173d ago
I always buy multi-plats on 360... ps3 always seems to get the short end of the stick... games like skyrim and blops 2 are prime examples..

I love my ps3, but the amt. of quality exclusives in the last year has been pretty weak... can't wait for The Last of Us...
optimus  +   1173d ago
Why are people surprised really? These types of articles will ALWAYS exist as long as there is more than 1 console on the market that provides similar/same games. It has been that way since the nintendo/master system days only it wasn't as rampant and accessible because of print media...

these articles will in fact continue perhaps more so in the next generation. They don't hurt anyone, it's just one person's opinion based on their experience...There are articles like this for everything we's, radios, music, food, furniture, and even dog food...
Some people prefer honda over toyota, some like red wine over's ok, you want to know why? Because there is a little something called "freedom of the press" and "freedom of speech."
Why on earth people get bent out of shape when someone prefers one console over the other is beyond me. Nowadays they call it "trolling" like it's taboo to like or dislike one console...grow up people! Every console has it's pros and cons, why is it bad to point that out whenever we feel like it? I've experienced just about every console known to man and today i prefer just one; should i be shunned for it now?? Give me a break.
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Silly gameAr  +   1173d ago
Crap articles and sales articles always seem to make it to the top.
Deku-Johnny  +   1173d ago
It's good to see an article bashing on something other than the Wii U for once...
Funky Town_TX  +   1173d ago
My gaming
PS3 for exclusives
360 for exclusives and everything else
Drainage  +   1173d ago
so you bought the Xbox for 2 games? Halo and Gears? (XBL sold separately)
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Funky Town_TX  +   1172d ago
I did not say PS3 was bad
The PS3 exclusives that I have played are great. Multiplat I choose xbox, because of live,controller, updates, downloads, etc. Lot of butt hurt guys here.
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IWentBrokeForGaming  +   1173d ago
PS3's exclusives and their graphics still wipe the floor with the competition!
Holeran  +   1173d ago
Go play some PS3 exclusives and tell me the graphic and game running problems are because of the hardware.
TristanV1  +   1173d ago
My butthole smells like shit
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SOULJER  +   1173d ago
Peter Sterritt writes stories and is Famaous for porn I've never saw him but I hear he's in to that crazy jump off a roof and land on a .... well you know what I mean. It's Harecore. Real criminal stuff. He has to be better at that, than these articles.
rapidturtle  +   1173d ago
I understand some of his points, but as far as the PS4 goes, Sony is finally going with a more standard processor instead of a cell chip. This will make it much easier to program for, thus making multi plat games more on an even playing field. That paired with free online play, and some great exclusives, should help Sony make a major comeback in the next Gen.
sdplisken  +   1173d ago
i like how he wrote that entire article bitching about ps3
after he admits his box "tanked"

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freezola75  +   1173d ago

ForROME  +   1173d ago
Aww the good ol crown, if anything is said against their system they simple lose all rational

PS3 did not do as well as the PS2 and likely will not reach the same milestones at the end, it has had some victories but not enough to be consider better than the PS2

The WiiU will not be better than the Wii

The Xbox 360 was better than its first gen machine however that was easy considering it only sold a low amount

Next Gen we find out who the real winner is - PS4 (Orbis) vs Xbox

Xbox has its game plan, Sony has learned from their mistakes, there will be no excuses for shotty hardware or a lame online

isa_scout  +   1173d ago
I own both consoles so I can say this with complete confidence...In what world is it OK to call the console that didn't crap out on you the disappointment? I have been through 4 xbox360's until I bought my slim. I love it. I love halo as much as the next guy, but to call your ps3 disappointing because third party developers are lazy with the ps3 is absurd. By the way The Last of Us say's high, you cynical bastard.
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Triggytrolls  +   1173d ago
Don't forget about BF3 ;D

In all honesty the PS3 is a great machine, I loved mine until it decided to not turn on (I'm a 360 and ex ps3 owner)

When I picked up my 80 gig PS3 a few years back, I purchased Socom Confrontation, LBP, KZ3, Uncharted, Warhawk and all that other goodness. I don't know why people bash it, sure some games don't play as well as they do on 360, but the ps3 has far better exclusive games. I'm on my 360 now and stuck with turd ops 2 and BF3. I'm not a fan of HALO, and gears is well gears (Killzone > gears)
Clarence  +   1173d ago
Wow! How did this articles get approved? The PS3 must really be close to passing the 360 in worldwide sales.
Silly gameAr  +   1173d ago
Yeah, the PS3 keeps going and these guys keep writing. Been like that for years, yet Sony still seems to be taking the chances that the other guys don't. New IPs this far into the cycle, PS Plus, and still keeping gaming as their main focus.

God, I'm so disappointed in them for that. massive/S
trouble_bubble  +   1173d ago
The fact that a grown man wrote this, pining for his broken system and achievements, is kinda pathetic. Might be time to quit blogging, get a better job and buy -both- consoles?

Who's bitching about trophies in 2012 anyways? Not as good as achievements? Maybe to a fanboy. They're the exact same concept. Kicker is he's calling the inferior afterthought one the one that has platinum bonuses --that don't go away when DLC comes unlike the completed game status on 360 which DOES--, along with no value caps, time/date stamps for everything AND sorting options by DLC, alphabetic, and online/offline playlists

As for complaining about textures or frames in the games he did. Hmm. Might have more to do with the fact the guy just has s%&* taste in games with poor production quality overall. Don't go looking for DragnonBallZ to be GOTY or whatever.
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