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nerdkiller  +   878d ago
Wii wiiwii wii
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   878d ago
Wouldnt you just put that money towards a Wii U which at launch is already more promising than Wii's entire life span has been!
dkgshiz  +   878d ago
So...its a downgrade from the original wii? Who is this for? It makes even less sense then the PSP Go when that came out. The wii isn't even expensive or too big anyways.
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axisofweevils  +   878d ago
Well, it's better than a Vita.
BlaqMagiq24  +   878d ago
Why the hell does this thing exist? We got the Wii U why take potential sales away from that, not to mention strip the Wii of everything good? A recipe for disaster tbh.
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maelstromb  +   878d ago
I hate to be the bearer of cheesy jokes, but Nintendo should have nicknamed it the "Wii-nii"..
jjb1981  +   878d ago
I honestly think it is to procure the costs of the wii U. They have to make that first party money back some how and this is perfect for the upcoming holiday season... IMO...
maelstromb  +   878d ago
I agree. But I also believe that this iteration is really targeted at the "no-frills" casual gamers looking for a dirt cheap entry-point, without worrying about pleasing those that would demand more from their console. The lack of internet access may be enough for us serious fans/gamers to scratch our heads in bemusement, but for the rest it will come off as a non-issue. And honestly, at $99 Nintendo is driving a hard bargain that parents this holiday season, in particular, will have a very hard time passing up.

On top of this, Nintendo have also announced a new retail price point of the 3DS @ $139.99. Coincidence? I think not. Strategy? Absolutely. B/c at those price points, one could purchase a new Wii Mini AND 3DS for the same cost of a new 360 or PS3.
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Smokingunz  +   878d ago
Bad idea! No wifi? No thank you. Ill be picking up my used white wii modek with gamecube backwards cimpatibility.
tweet75  +   878d ago
parent who knows little about gaming:do you have any wii u in stock?

associate: no but we have this new wii mini.

Parent: ill take one those for my kid it will save me alot of money this year
DJ  +   878d ago
Brilliant business move since the Nintendo online network is nonexistent.
bahabeast  +   878d ago
only the controller looks regular the box looks like something from the 80's they should have made a controller to match the box and leave the wifi gad dammit.
SovereignSnaKe  +   878d ago
-It reminds me of those old red Lego storage Cases with the cheap plastic latches! -Sony just got a run for its money on the "No Help from their Parents console Re-Design Award"
profgerbik  +   878d ago
Nintendo fans duped again. I always tell you Nintendo makes cheap crap, is this not enough proof for you all now?

Richest gaming division in the world can't even throw Wi-Fi into a god damn little box. $99 or not it just shows how cheap and greedy Nintendo really is, when you can buy a Wii easily for $99, so why even buy a mini that does less?

They couldn't have wasted all the money they spent making these crappy Wii Mini's.. on adding more features to the Wii U or adding some more power to it? Of course not just another thing to cash in on..

Wii Mini, Nintendo is turning more into Apple than I thought.
That-Guy  +   878d ago
I'd expect a cheaper downgrade of the Wii would be made for those lesser developed nations, but it's curious how this is so far a Canada exclusive.
bakasora  +   878d ago
wtf. that's all I wanna say
Tzuno  +   877d ago
These days everyone goes cheaper and cheaper risking the quality of their products. The fun part is that they charge more and more.
Feldman9000  +   877d ago
I almost want to buy this and not open the box. I think this will be one of those items in the future that'll be worth money. Seriously, like every second hand major nintendo system is rare. The colored n64's, nes2 and snes2.
Thepcz  +   872d ago
its just a wii... oldskool style
if you want to play wii games then the mini is good

its actually really great for somebody who just wants to play the games at a cheap price.
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