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BlaqMagiq24  +   1171d ago
Even if the final product turns out decent I can't support NT seeing as they blatantly said they don't care about the fans, you know the ones that pay for them to keep their jobs, and Capcom saying they somehow "proved all the naysayers wrong". Let's see how right they are come January.
Rachel_Alucard  +   1171d ago
Just a reminder of the casualization

Ranking? Who needs it?

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NeXXXuS  +   1171d ago
I like chocolate milk, but not the new DmC.
Bay  +   1171d ago
Slap on another name to the game from the beginning and you won't see anyone really complaining.

Is it a good game? Possibly. Is it a good Devil May Cry game? No.
LordMe  +   1171d ago
This doesn't even feel like DMC anymore. The old games always had shorter combo's that can string together free flow. The new one have him doing most of it on his own, you don't even need to mix up as much.

Staying in the air was a task in the old games,but once you achieve it, it's awesome! It this one, it is just about switching 4 moves in a loop to stay in the air forever.

Brea has also stated her distaste on the game in her FIRST combo video... Not a good sign since the Pro's are already leaning away from it...

It's just to brain dead for me... The combat is sluggish, and bland with most of the fancy looking stuff auto done for you in combo's, the air cancels are a joke since they negate the attack, meaning it is no longer a viable source of combat.

And the lack of a lock on limits the number of moves the devs could have added... Most of the styles from 3 and 4 have been mostly removed...

And that is not even talking about the script... Which reads like a 13 year old's dream script...

EDIT: All this added to the fact that NT has spent the better part of 3 years insulting the DMC fans by saying how Dante was stupid, and the game felt to Japanese... Which is kinda racist in truth... DMC built it's fanbase on the anime fans, and Tameem seems to hate everything that made the games popular in the first place...
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breakpad  +   1171d ago
it is obvious that a lot of talented people who previously worked for capcom and made her games exceptional have gone now ....(shinji,kamiya,inafune,mon ster hunter key developpers...various artists etc...)now capcom lost her touch in all her recent games(DmC, lost planet 3, dragons dogma, resident evil 6)struggling to earn money with cheap dlc ...same because is responsible for many golden Ip s and they seem to be doomed if they continue the same route....advice to capcom and generally japanese developers take back your franchises and develop them in house only in japan
stonekilla23  +   1171d ago
Not gonna lie, i kinda liked the demo. But then again, ive only been a fan since 4. Im sure this is to dmc fans what mgs revengeance is to me.. But at least ive got ground zeroes to look firward to. This is all the dmc fans got:/
InTheZoneAC  +   1171d ago
will be picking up DMC Trilogy for $15. Only played a few minutes of DMC3 and 4. This new one I can definitely understand real fans anger towards it.

I dealt with the same bs from the developers and same hate towards Socom 4.

ruined a series and now they are gone forever because of it.
elda  +   1171d ago
I like the demo,definitely buying this game,people can say what they want because I WILL BE THE JUDGE to say to myself if this game sucked or this game rocked!!.....& so far my interest after playing the demo,is above & beyond!!..definitely looking good Capcom & NT!!!
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