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aliengmr  +   1095d ago
Neither, it just needs to go away. Their just going to keep digging that hole deeper until every last bit of what made ME good is gone. (Assuming you aren't like me, in which case its already long gone.)

New IP would be a better way to go IMO.
Number-Nine  +   1094d ago
Unless it's like ME1 (the best in the series), then neither. But in all seriousness, I don't see where they can go with the series anymore. It's over.
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Sheikah  +   1094d ago
They could make a spin-off story that is set during the events of the ME series, adapting the story depending on choices made by Shep. Of course, the game would feature a new protagonist - for this, I could imagine you picking a race, class and origin akin to Dragon Age Origins.

The game would let you perceive the most significant events that unfold in the wake of Shep's many decisions, through the eyes of one of the implicated races. Imagine playing as a Krogan, struggeling to find a cure for the genophage, or a Salarian trying to prevent this.

Or as a Quarian on his/her pilgrimage amidst all that is going on, a geth who gains a conscience or even a Batarian witnessing his entire system being wiped out.

The game could lead you into an "N7" crew akin to those of ME3's Multiplayer - having you scour the galaxy, rescueing survivors from the Reaper / Collector invasions.

It would be a character/story centric game based on the events made by the players in the original games - the backdrop story, of course, being the main ME storyline, but the "little" story of the individual amidst the turmoil imo, would be just as (if not more) interesting.

There is no shortage of stories to tell
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Chidori  +   1094d ago
Brilliant. Go work for Bioware and make it happen.
OmegaSlayer  +   1094d ago
Sequel with Liara and Garrus as heads of the Mass Effect squadmates trying to keep on with Shep's "legacy"
bubblebeam  +   1094d ago
Haha your picture is all the funnier considering the topic at hand.
OmegaSlayer  +   1094d ago
Just stupid old stuff, from the times of Bioshock, but I grew affection to it :p
Sovereign59  +   1094d ago
As I've stated before,

My advice to Bioware:

1. Cease all work on a future Mass Effect game
2. Pour all resources and energy into building a time machine
3. Travel back to the halfway point of ME2's development
4. Somehow convince Drew Karpyshyn to stay on the Mass Effect 2 team, also, make choices from the first game have more of an impact in the second
5. Manage to keep Karpyshyn on board through Mass Effect 3, also, make choices from the second game have more of an impact in the third
6. Probably the most important step. Do not allow Casey Hudson and Mac Walters to write the ending alone and then not have it peer reviewed by the rest of the team
green  +   1094d ago
None of the above. They can make spinoffs to tell different stories like the Quorian war etc but i believe the main game should just end as it is before the ruin it any further.
MilkMan  +   1094d ago
Prequel. Before the events of ME1.
Megaton  +   1094d ago
Prequel, before discovering the reapers. Should be character drama without the looming threat of ultimate destruction.

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