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The_Infected  +   1170d ago
And we care? I'm with the first comment.
Hufandpuf  +   1170d ago
Commenting tells you care.
guitarded77  +   1170d ago
I think you misread their comments... they said they don't care.

On topic: I don't understand why people can't just game on every device(s) they own. I game on whatever I want, whenever I want. It's like being a polygamist with several hot wives... sure it costs a lot, but the rewards can be great. Seriously, did I just make that comparison??? I am totally F'd up right now... somebody e-slap me. Having multiple wives would be hell, but I still stand by the argument for PC and consoles coexisting in a gamer's rig.
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Axecution  +   1170d ago
Yeah haha i play most of my games on PC but dammit i love me some Playstation All-Stars and i'll be there day one for Ratchet
rainslacker  +   1170d ago
e-slapping is nowhere near as fun as the real thing. Although I assume multiple wives could help you out of that predicament as well.
Rainstorm81  +   1170d ago
"EA are sold BF3 for PC for £9.99 on Origin. "

pixelsword  +   1170d ago
Dfooster  +   1170d ago
I bet this guy will come crawling back to his console once GTA5 hits the shops.
darx  +   1170d ago
It'll be better on PC
NeoTribe  +   1170d ago
Yeah but its releasing a year later than consoles lol.
Eyeco  +   1169d ago
After seeing various mods, and iCEnhancer, it will be worth the wait

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LOL_WUT  +   1170d ago
Good riddance...
Bob570  +   1170d ago
Might as well wait one more year for next gen consoles instead of spending a ton of money on a PC. Next gen is almost here and unless you're going to spend a ton of money on your PC your visuals won't be any better than next gen consoles. Remember, the Xbox 360's GPU is comparable to a CPU which cost over $600 back in 2005 when the 360 launched.

It's not a good time to build a PC IMO. If you build a PC now you'll probably enjoy 1 year of superior visuals before consoles catch up or leave you in the dust.
papashango  +   1170d ago
Cept a good pc build will still outdo next gen consoles. You might get more 1080p games but developers still think 30 fps is acceptable.
Rivitur  +   1170d ago
You have a lot to learn... what you think consoles have graphics cards built in that come from space where no provider on the web can give to the public? The next Gen consoles will just use some specs that PC's currently have and by the time they come out PC's will be an entire year ahead. Also a decent PC runs you around 500-800$ range and didn't the PS3 cost 600$ at launch... you think better quality means cheaper price?
RAYMEISTER  +   1169d ago
You have absolutely no idea what u r talking about. All ur statments are pure rubbish!
Linsolv  +   1169d ago
Except for one thing. A major upgrade to your video card on a PC (that is to say, a significant jump in performance) is between $150 and $200. Less if you wait until a sale day. Whereas a new console will run you $300 at least, when it's fresh. When it's cheaper than just upgrading, it's not as good.

That said, consoles are perfectly good for a lot of things. But to say "there's no point," LOL.
BitbyDeath  +   1170d ago
If you gamed on PC back in the 90's you'd know how much better the gaming catalogue used to be.

Now most of these devs have either moved onto consoles, been bought up or gone bust.

Don't get me wrong PC is still the best at RTS and simulators but waiting for blockbuster titles to appear are few and far in between.
ATi_Elite  +   1170d ago
The Glorious PC Gaming Master Race!
What determines a Blockbuster Title?

1. Amount of Advertisement
2. Amount of Units Sold
3. Amount of the Dev Budget
4. Some High review or Metacritic score

Cause Call of Duty has all that and that Series has been trash to me since after CODMW1

A Blockbuster title is a Game that "YOU" like and find to be very good! Just because the PC doesn't advertise games 24/7 doesn't mean it lacks Blockbuster titles!

My current playlist:
Planetside 2, Project CARS, Hawken, DayZ, Tera Online, Guild Wars 2, Natural Selection 2, Firefall, Takistan Life, Chivalry Medieval Warfare, Take on Helicopters, Crytek's Warface, DotA 2, Arma 2 STALKER Mod.

All PC Exclusives released this year and all Blockbuster Titles to me cause they are all FUN as Hell!

Now if you just prefer Gears, Halo, Uncharted, God of War then you just may prefer the console experience but regardless the PC has Blockbuster Titles.....Youtube some or watch PC Gamers play them on www.Twitch.Tv I'm sure you will see several that you like!

13 Million Gamers play League of Legends, currently (11:05 est) 21,000 people are watching other people play that not Blockbuster enough?
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BitbyDeath  +   1169d ago
'What determines a Blockbuster Title?'

To me it's the size of the budget.
Something where devs give it their all to produce a game that is unique.

I don't like MMO's or car games (except Motorstorm and Twisted Metal cause they're more about destruction), or *most* FPS. (TimeSplitters is pretty good though, cause of the unlockables).

I prefer 3rd person games or interactive dramas like Heavy Rain/Beyond or something that has a solid story.

PC used to have some really unique titles. Games like Magic Carpet, Theme Park, Day of the Tentacle, Command and Conquer (the new ones are horrible), Ripper, 7th Guest, Wacky Wheels, even the old Leisure Suit Larry titles were decent. These days it's mostly all guns, guns and more guns sadly.
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Linsolv  +   1169d ago

Wait. Wait. The platform that hosts games like The Whispered World, Dear Esther, Amnesia, and Minecraft is too 'gun oriented,' and that's why you're going to stick with the Killzone/Halo boxes?

And that's not even beginning to talk about the massive back-catalogue of strong games, the indie games that are too small to make it even on XBLA...

No offense, bro, but I think you don't know what you're talking about.

If you're GENUINELY not convinced there are still plenty of point-and-click adventures that are worth playing--since you seemed to express high regard for that genre--look up Kaptain Brawe, or The Blackwell Legacy. Or The Whispered World.

Color me confused.
akaakaaka  +   1170d ago
I'm about to jump on a PC for my games but there are many things holding me back.
the stress of plugins and and those lil details and complications.
I can't just set up a desktop next to my tv in the living room or move it every where I want to game every time I want to game.
If I game on a pc I will want the best out off it and I can't spend so much money every time a part of it get outdated, there are more important things for my money.

I'm tired of this console gen, is taking this long and yes they are few ok games in the next few months but they all feel outdated and all pc will do is just better visuals for them and I want new ideas and not just better visuals. Pus I know most pc technology could make better games but devs don't care.
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PersonMan  +   1170d ago
Well, PCs mainly get console ports so if you're looking for something that's crazily better than consoles, you're sadly mistaken. I have a capable PC and a PS3. I have a few duplicate games for both. I have Max Payne 3, GTA IV, Just Cause 2, Portal 2, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, Crysis 2 and Assassin's Creed 3 for both and let me tell you from experience that these games aren't much different on PC. Yes, they look a little bit cleaner, but they still look like console games for the most part. I still see pop-in everywhere, the draw distances aren't much better, there are still framerate issues on some games (coded poorly mostly) and it's not as easy to just pick up a controller and play.

Yes, I tried Big Picture mode on steam. However, I want to play using my PS3 controller, so I have to first enable it in MotioninJoy. Once that's all setup, I go into steam's Big Picture mode. Great, now I can use my controller to play my games right? WRONG! I select Assassin's Creed Revelations, the game starts to load, then UPlay starts up (Ubisofts game launching software), then I still have to grab my mouse and click play. What a load of crap that is. Also, I tried starting up Max Payne 3 the same way (in Big Picture) and a dialog popped up asking me about some update and I had to click through it with a mouse... ugh.

So I thought that I could get away with just using my controller, but I just can't. There are too many other things that need mouse and keyboard input even when you want to use Big Picture.

The other thing is... PC games don't have one single online service. Every game comes with a different online service you need to sign up for. It's annoying. You've got Origin, Rockstar, Windows Live, UPlay and some others.

The other annoying thing I've found by gaming on PC is that some games work better with certain video cards. I have a pretty capable Nvidia 560Ti and Sleeping Dogs stutters like crazy on this card. I put in my OOOOLLLLDDDD ATI Radeon 4870 HD and it's smooth as butter.

So I like the plug and play of consoles. No hassle, just press one button and you're gaming. If you need an update, it tells you automatically and all you have to do is press a button on your controller. That's why it's so perfect for a TV setup. I can't imagine what people do with their PCs connected to their TVs. Do they have a wireless mouse and keyboard that they have to use to start some of the games? What a pain in the ass.
akaakaaka  +   1169d ago
true, idk how someone disagree with this, there is a lot of drama into the PC gaming, people even bash on Konami because they had a online ID for MGS4 and their first PES and they learn that is annoying and respect the fans by removing it.

well next gen consoles can only do good for pc games since it will bring new teach and corporations will invest into new engines and games thanks to it.
PersonMan  +   1169d ago
I'm just speaking from my personal experience. I'm not a PC hater by any means, but if a game is done decently on console, I usually go for the console version, but if a game runs like crap on console with tons of screen tearing, I'll get the PC version (ehem... Dead Island)
Linsolv  +   1169d ago
You're more or less right. You could of course set up a control scheme in XPadder to allow mouse control with the console controller if you actually were interested in going that route.
Hicken  +   1170d ago
Last I heard there was a new God AND Gears of War still to come, along with some promising new IPs by some of this generation's best developers.

So if you wanna jump ship(never understood the mentality that you have to either be a PC gamer or a console gamer; like a class change in an rpg or something), go right ahead. I'll be waiting on the new stuff that won't be on PC OR next gen.
DeadIIIRed  +   1170d ago
You get what you pay for when it comes to video game platforms. You want to over power consoles? It's getting cheaper to do so on PC, but then again, so are the consoles themselves.
Chrono  +   1169d ago
I might end up getting a Wii U but I doubt that I will get any more home consoles. I think it's the end for me, PC gaming forever.
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J86blum  +   1169d ago
(Reads headline) Ok, bye.
ElementX  +   1169d ago
I just built a decent computer for gaming on Saturday. It's an i5 3570k (quad core) @ 3.4Ghz and I put in the Geforce GTX 660. My old PC was a Core Duo with an 8800GT. I went on Steam and was overwhelmed with awesome deals. I picked up Metro 2033, Civilization 5, Torchlight 2, Tropico 4, and I believe another game for under $20 total. Plus the video card came with AC3 and I bought Diablo 3 with store credit.

I'm still going to buy games on my PS3 and 360, however I'll be busy for a while catching up on PC games I've missed out on.
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kopicha  +   1169d ago
Gaming industry suck as a whole these days. That include the quality of game journalist. Why do one need to tell the world what and where they play their games? And it's a news? Just go play whatever you want and write some real news already.
Npugz7  +   1169d ago
Yes I agree current gen is over with but I won't be getting a PC I will be investing in the next gen xbox and it couldn't come soon enough!

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