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taquito  +   692d ago
Half Life 3 would be huge.

anything else, mehhh.....

unless its a 1080p, side scrolling metroid or castlevania for the wii u with 60 hours gameplay, that might actually make me buy one!
AngelicIceDiamond  +   692d ago
Old school gamers huh. Well, we know its gonna be for PSN and Xbox Live that's for sure.
snowman2149  +   692d ago
"For old school gaming fans" Legend of Dragoon?? New metroid or donkey kong for Wii U? FF7 remake??
DFresh  +   692d ago
F*** Keighley and his false over hyped promises.
Not going to bother watching VGA this year or anytime in the future.
Nothing but a bunch of washed out celebs pretending to be gamers and full of mixed stereotypes that bring us down as a hobby.
Y_5150  +   692d ago
When you put "Old school" it could mean any of the many games out there. Just hope it's a good one.
J86blum  +   692d ago
Fallout 4..? -fingers cross-
black911  +   692d ago
Everyone Post what you want to return he most!

Crash Bandicoot.
(Naughty Dog)
Psycho_Mantis  +   692d ago
This guy at it again? *tsk tsk*
Kennytaur  +   692d ago
Star Tropics
gamingisnotacrime  +   692d ago
so no big news
gaming media has longs way to go
THamm  +   692d ago
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SephirothX21  +   692d ago
Doom 4 trailer.
Rrobba  +   692d ago
I would love for this to be Retro's project which was apparently pulled away from Nintendo's E3 presentation at the last minute.

Timesplitters 4 or Half Life 3 would be cool too :) Or anything from Naughty Dog :)
wingman32x  +   692d ago
I'm intrigued, but Old School is such a broad term so I'm not going to get excited. If it's a platformer or an RPG, I'm definitely into it. If it's anything else, I probably won't care much.

I hope that we see at least something from Nintendo. I understand them wanting to focus on the now, but I think the system needs a big reveal that would make people get the system now to wait for it.

So bold prediction time. At the VGA's, Duck Tales will be revealed. It's time for a revolution in licensed video games.
Ben_Grimm  +   692d ago
YAWN, there is always some BIG announcement going on that ends up being already semi-known, leaked or not a big deal.
Kidmyst  +   692d ago
They always make this big hype teasers, then the time comes and I sit there saying "That was it?". As an old school gamer I do wonder though.
MasterD919  +   692d ago
Hopefully its related to Doom 4, Fallout 4 or something else that is long over-due.
a08andan  +   692d ago
Final Fantasy Versus XIII!!! :D
modesign  +   692d ago
2012 is a major joke for the VGA's. piss poor selection, all the major 2012 title were pushed back to 2013, the only standout this year was mass effect 3, dishonored, borderlands2, and very very small IOS games.
Tzunoy  +   692d ago
Rykoshet  +   692d ago
All I did was hit ctrl F and look for "Dori". Results were as hilarious as I thought they would be.
FantasticBoss  +   692d ago
Doom 4, it's going to be Doom 4.
PCgamer4ever  +   692d ago
I wish Thief 4.
sandman224  +   692d ago
Killer instinct. I bet it's something to do with the wii u
VA1N  +   692d ago
I wonder if he'll announce it sitting next to some mountain dew or Doritos.
HonestDragon  +   692d ago
I don't expect much of anything in terms of "surprises" from Geoff Keighley or the VGAs. I've seen their list of nominees and categories, and it doesn't look promising. Some of the list is good, but most of it is terribly organized. The only thing I can expect is a wave of bitter disappointment from people who try to give the VGAs another chance.
ajax17  +   692d ago
I can wait...
ame22  +   692d ago
He didn't disappoint us with the Last of Us at the VGAs. So this should be good.
Orionsangel  +   692d ago
Red Dead Rebellion teaser at the VGAS!!!
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Cart00nish  +   692d ago
Its Yoshi's Land for Wii U, isn't it?
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