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CaptainYesterday  +   1171d ago
Rockstar would be stupid not to release GTA5 on PC, I have a feeling they are just releasing it later like GTA4 but this time to make sure it's a lot better!
Welshy  +   1171d ago
Of course it is coming to PC.

Every other GTA has, plus this will be the most demanding yet, so if the right amount of time is put into it, it could become the defining version.

I need to have it at launch, but if the reveal a PC super version with jaw dropping visuals and mod support? I'm buying the hell out of that too.
BitbyDeath  +   1171d ago
Makes sense to release later on PC so that the piracy will not be as high.
Prcko  +   1171d ago
Every gta is on pc!!!
do i need to say more??
Jumper09  +   1171d ago
40.000 vs. 30+ Millions of console owner... U py guys will have the game sometimes later.
Adexus  +   1171d ago
You do release millions more own PC's, right?
Jumper09  +   1171d ago
And you realise that Rockstar earns more money with the consoles? not every PC owner has a big budget pc.
Deku-Johnny  +   1171d ago
Millions more people own PCs than consoles but more people play consoles than PC games.
shempo  +   1171d ago
you do realise there is MORE consoles players that play gta right ?

go check the sale numbers then we talk
Welshy  +   1171d ago

I disagree with the childish nature of Jumpers comment, but your response isn't a whole lot better.

OF COURSE there are more PC's out there than consoles, but when the majority of PC's are just youtube/facebook use, countless millions of PC's being used in just about every single business across the world.

There is a substantially smaller number of gaming centric PC's than there are games consoles.

The last Steam hardware survey i saw showed that 25% of PC's had 4gb or less RAM, and just under half of all PC's on Steams records were only dual core.

Your seriously mis-representing your platform dude.
Adexus  +   1171d ago
I'm not representing any platform to be honest, I was simply stating that not only 40,000 people own gaming rigs.

And I just noticed that I spelt "realize" as "release"... Ugh, it's a late one for me.
USMC_POLICE  +   1171d ago
Take it you have never played on pc. Better graphics more you can do and mods. Love my ps3 but im not ignorant as you appear to be.
Zha1tan  +   1171d ago
There is just under 30 million steam accounts, 25 million active accounts and was last recorded with 6 million gamers online at once.

Steam has the game numbers as xbox live and that is steam alone, lets not forget about League of Legends which has 21 million of its own users aswell. Also Diablo III has sold over 6 million copies and WoW still has around 8 million players and Starcraft also has a rediculous number of players in korea and all over the world.

To describe any PC as gaming centric is just silly since they are so versitile it would be stupid to only game on them.

There is nowhere near the amount of players online on consoles as there is on PC and consoles have nowhere near the hardware sales or number of PCs.

Just because they dont buy into the latest hyped games by the millions due to good marketing does not mean we dont exist or piracy levels are high. It just means PC gamers are picky about their experiences and when you can see what some games can do on the PC (planetside 2) you wonder what is the point in buying the next BF or COD for PC?

Im sick of hearing Ubisofts tripe about how piracy levels are so high because hardly anybody buys their games on PC due to them not offering the replay value of PC centric titles or having anywhere near the longevity. Yes people do pirate their games because they decide to put on shoddy DRM and also release games late in certain countries...

Bottom line, Just because you dont see PC gamers who stick to the same game communitys for years queueing up to get the next big marketed game does not mean they dont exist.
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Megaton  +   1171d ago
Eh... I don't really like purchasing their games on PC anyways because they're always so polluted with DRM and are typically sloppy ports (GTAIV has 4 types of DRM, the most of any game I've ever seen).

That being said, it should still come to PC. There are plenty of people who will put up with it.
Welshy  +   1171d ago
Piracy is most blatant on PC though, so it's only natural that a huge title like GTA that cost multi-million $$$ and hundreds of people years of their working life will be well protected to ensure they see a return on something they worked so hard on.

My younger brother got a PC for gaming recently and i've yet to see him purchase a game full stop.

It's a simple case of going to a website, clicking a link, downloading a file and BAM you just gave hard working devs the middle finger!

I'm training in animation with a sight to designing games one day, so seeing first hand hoe simple and widely spread PC piracy is, despite hating it from the gamer side, as an employee of company i would back the hell out of DRM to protect my job and livelihood.
Megaton  +   1171d ago
lol @ "well protected".

All of it was cracked when it launched. It stopped nothing. It exists to harass paying customers like me.

Putting a game on Steam with no extra DRM is the best way to ensure a return in the PC gaming market.
Ducky  +   1171d ago
Try actually using software that has restrictive DRM before you start backing it up.
Welshy  +   1171d ago
I have Diablo 3, like i said, from the gamer perspective and through personal experience it is a massive pain in the hole, but look what happens to publishers who tryto be "the good guys" and go DRM free like The Witcher 2...

People just take advantage and and steal it and it's competely unfair to the devs.

If a dev spends $5m for talking sake building a game and decide to be the good guys and go DRM free, but only maybe half of people actually PAID for it and your dev team dies because it hasn't recovered the cost come release day.

I'd much rather have brutal DRM than have no games because all the good companies lose out on money and go out business.

If you can't even support the dev just once by buying the core game, without expecting you to buy all its DLC etc, and give hard working designers a little bit back for their effort, then you should take your PC/PS3/360, sell it and quit gaming, because you don't deserve these great games imo if your not prepared to give a little back.
onandonandon  +   1171d ago
Plagasx  +   1171d ago
Seriously, is this necessary??

Every fucking GTA game has released on PC at least 6 months after consoles. I'm pretty damn sure the same will happen with GTA V..

People need to relax.
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dragonrage00  +   1171d ago
My thoughts exactly. This should be standard by now, release on consoles, then PC some time later. No need to get nuts about it.
Deku-Johnny  +   1171d ago
Is there a petition for a Wii U release? I don't want to have to buy a 360 or a PS3 just for this game.
dragonrage00  +   1171d ago
Wait for the PC version... besides, if you are a nintendo fan, you should be used to not having GTA in your console (I dont mean it in a bad way, but your comment intrigued me, cuz nintendo just doesnt have GTA in their home consoles)
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Cajun Chicken  +   1171d ago
Pointless petition. It'll be on PC for sure, every GTA is on PC because of the mod scene and improvements such as replays. That isn't going to change. Rockstar just want it on consoles for about a year or so as usual.
Somebody  +   1171d ago
Mod scenes that Rockstar never actually supported and killed right off the bat. Modders have to crack open the game with their own tools and skills to make those mods for GTA4.

Amazing mods for the closed Just Cause 2? The developer were amazed.

Amazing mods from the equally closed GTA4? Hardly a word from Rockstar.
Somebody  +   1171d ago
I'm not signing that petition. Rockstar have been toying with PC gamers far too long and often that it's not funny anymore.

They should have at least have the decency to tell us the PC version will be delayed for another "X" amount of time or at a yet to be announced date. Other developers with even worse PC relationship like Ubisoft at least honestly tell us the PC version will be released later than the console version.

With Rockstar it's not a matter of time or technicalities instead to make or not to make a PC version.
tachy0n  +   1171d ago
Rockstar has to show the true potential of the RAGE engine, they have to release it on PC.

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