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djslimzz  +   1170d ago
Frostbite 2 FTW!!!
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Jon_Fu_  +   1170d ago
I'm not sure switching engines at this point is such a great idea :/
bootycandy  +   1170d ago
Why not?? It's a more efficient and powerful engine.
Yes, it will delay the game by a bit. So what? I'd rather wait an extra year knowing that my $60 purchase goes to a game that's worth it, not using dated mechanics.

Bootycandy OUT.
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BattleAxe  +   1170d ago
The new engine will have more of a mass effect on the game as a whole.
Legion21  +   1169d ago
Definitely agree, don't fix what isn't broken. They've been using this engine for years and they're familiar with it. EA is ruining bioware/Mass effect
linkenski  +   1169d ago
Listen folks. The modified UE3 engine used for the Mass Effect trilogy has seen it's days now, and ME3 actually got a little bit of critisism that the engine showed its age. Plus the trilogy is ended. The next game is likely to go in another direction, and i think Bioware want to move forward.
thegamingadvisory21  +   1169d ago
@legion21 Just because something is not broken does not mean they can not improve on it. If the graphics stayed the same the game will be stall and everyone will complain about how the graphics look nvr change . Change is not always for the bad . In Bioware we Trust
A7XEric  +   1169d ago
The first ME looked good for it's time but by the time even ME2 came out UE3 was already looking dated. I couldn't be happier they are changing tech.
Legion21  +   1169d ago
@thegamingadvisory2 using UE4 would make more sense. EA just doesn't want to pay.
Jinkies  +   1170d ago
I'd only be interested if they make it like the first Mass Effect, bring back the cool down weapons and make it more like an RPG.

I don't know about creating a new character, I put so much work into my Shepard and with the horrible ending we got...I don't know, it's like watching a TV series, liking the main character and his character development and then when you get to the series finale it turns out to be crap...your left there thinking "This guy and show deserve more then this, they should of went out with a bang".

We'll see I suppose but I'm not going to trust them.
linkenski  +   1169d ago
I'd love to have another 'create-a-character' but they should make ME4 into a singular story, not a trilogy. That way things probably wont go wrong again :)
bootycandy  +   1170d ago
Judging by the huge overhaul, it looks like its gonna be a long time before the next ME, imagine the work going into a game like that....where do you even start?
nassour  +   1170d ago
I'm happy that they're switching engines
djslimzz  +   1170d ago
Step by step...

I'm looking forward to see how Frostbite 2 will make such an impact on the series!
AngelicIceDiamond  +   1170d ago
O M G you guys cant even wait a full year after ME3, take a vacation a break go to Hawaii. This gen devs announced there games way, way, WAY to early.
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ChampOfChamps  +   1170d ago
Just like the movies, they want to start building up hype... can't blame them!
XxWalksOfShamexX  +   1170d ago
All they really revealed is the engine, it will be running on. They're still determining if it's going to be a sequel or prequel. They aren't even in the early development stages, so its not like they aren't taking a break now.
KMCROC  +   1170d ago
Love the idea of switching engines,but it will be the Same tedious back & forth make friends ,save a son ,save a race , save the universe, find something thought to be lost. Just not with Shepard ,guess the Trilogy pack will be my last buy of anything Mass Effect. i will forgo & pass on this game or any that follow.
lashes2ashes  +   1170d ago
Haha you don't play a lot of RPG's do you? You just summed up all of them lol. That's one of the few things mass effect still had that was from RPG style gameplay. I'm all for better side quests but if they change it any more it will be a third person shooter.
KMCROC54  +   1169d ago
Not saying the RPG game-play are lame, it just sounds lame to have to do this all over again within the same timeline of this ME saga, but without the protagonist we played it with. could see this if maybe it took place say 2 -5 centuries later, but to do it in this time line seems dumb.(JMO)
Dlacy13g  +   1170d ago
Whatever they do.... I hope they don't take too much advice from the Dragon Age team... DA2 was one of the worst examples of open world creativity in an RPG. Here is a cave #1 with 3 is different cave #2 but looks the same as cave #1 with a just 2 doors... and here is cave #3 which is the same as cave #2 that was the same as cave #1 but now with only 1 door.
Bonerboy  +   1170d ago
Let the incessant whining and bitching commence !!!
djslimzz  +   1170d ago
Why? Are people really complaning about something not even showcased yet...

Geez, give this game a chance!
Perez  +   1170d ago
I cant really say im hyped for ME4 I was hyped for DA2 and ME3 and look what happened with those 2 games not counting the Game (retailer) insolvency pre-order debacle.

I find myself yearning for something with quality, gameplay, story and length like Baldurs Gate but more recent and I cant actually find something like it that peaks my interest.
GeisT  +   1170d ago
Not very excited about the adoption of the frostbite engine. I've played Battlefield 3 and Medal of Honor and honestly I think they are garbage. Unreal kicks ass and the new Unreal Engine was something I was really looking forward to seeing for this game. Bummer.

Looks like they are going for shininess to distract gamers from their crappy sendoff of an amazing franchise. I'll pass EA. Fix the end of 3 and we'll talk.
R6ex  +   1169d ago
Yeah. Why not use Unreal 4?
sjaakiejj  +   1169d ago
You do realize the engine doesn't determine how a game plays.. right? The engine is the technology behind it, it has nothing to do with the gameplay, only with the graphics.
TheOneWhoIsTornApart  +   1170d ago
Im getting really sick of the Whining about the ending of Mass Effect 3. Anyone ever heard the expression its not the destination but the journey that really matters?. I had such a fantastic time on my adventure with my Shepard and crew throughout the duration of the the 3 games and think that is whats most important not the ending
taquito  +   1170d ago
medman  +   1169d ago
This game probably won't see the light of day till fall 2014 or early 2015. I eagerly anticipate where they will take us next. Mass Effect is my favorite series this gen, on 360 or PS3.
TisMayo  +   1169d ago
I am glad that they are not rushing it. I am also very excited for the new game and I would like it to be a sequel.
R6ex  +   1169d ago
I want to prequel.

Imagine the suspense of discovering Mass Relays and the Citidal for the first time ... just like Prometheus.
bootycandy  +   1169d ago
^This. Yes.
TisMayo  +   1169d ago
Yes! That sounds indeed very exciting. I can not see how that would fit this type of game. Choices,allies. It would not have that Mass Effect feeling. Maybe I am wrong but I think a sequel is what everyone is seeking for.
Jazz4108  +   1169d ago
Dont forget it will most likley be on the next gen hardware as well. This game is not coming out anytime soon. Color me intriqued to hear more as I loved part 3 other then the ending mess.
ajax17  +   1169d ago
Whether it be a prequel or a sequel I hope the main character is an Asari.

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