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profgerbik  +   1097d ago
Oh god you react to everyone else Reggie don't get it twisted just because your consoles release when they do, it doesn't mean shit.

Why the fuck would 7 year old systems that still slightly out perform your new one need to respond to you?

I hate Reggie Fils-Aime, how about when your systems actually surpass others then you can start bragging.
Omnislash  +   1097d ago
Reggie needs to chill out not everyone's body is ready....
pennywhyz   1097d ago | Bad language | show
ylwzx3  +   1097d ago
Reading through these posts tells me there is just spec whores out there. The Wii U is more than able to hold its own. No one knows jack about the next PS or XBX systems so until you do you can't say a thing...
sdplisken  +   1097d ago
hes delusional lol
i still dont understand why they launched now

ps4/720 will bury em imo

sorry ninty the millions of soccer moms and grammas arnt gonna need 2 gimmicks

wiiU will still have a core fanbase for mario/zelda etc., but dont expect wii sales at all
jay2  +   1097d ago
I think that no one can say anything till we know what we've got, the all copy each other, if Sony god it right with PSP/vita, you could argue the GamePad's the PSP/Vita just bigger. Now MS has Smart glass to, Move and Kinect came from the Wii and these are all during all 3 consoles life cycles. If anything MS and Sony would have seen the Wii u in '11 and made changes to compete already.
dubal-e  +   1097d ago
Get em Reggie
frankiebeans  +   1097d ago
Only 700 people playing blackops 2 online so no need to react they are not stealing any part of the market from microsoft or sony if you cant get that nuber for that game in the hundred thousands or even ten thousands than you have a problem. Nintendo is still the family system/young kids system and like all kids they grow up and lets dance and mario will not keep your attention for so long any that got a wii when it first was released will probably be getting 360/ps3 for Christmas this year (if they dont have one alredy)
EffectO  +   1096d ago
It would be hilarious if one of the other two includes tablet controller.
joeorc  +   1095d ago
introduce a tablet controller
Where the hell have you been, both Sony an Microsoft were already moving their smartphones a tablets toward direct wired and wireless connection with their living room consoles, hell even before the Nintendo WiiU released Apple and Google were putting HDMi out put support native to the iOS and Android Gingerbread for 2nd screen support to TV in 2009 so where have you been?
rawshack  +   1096d ago
sega said the same thing with the dreamcast look at them now
ciksoisdkj   1096d ago | Spam
rmedtx  +   1096d ago
All it will take is for MS to add a windows tablet to the 360, Playstation already has the PS Vita. Nintendo is just catching up with this generation of consoles.
csreynolds  +   1096d ago
Oh good - MORE goading... *sighs*

These "my d*ck is bigger than yours" rants are getting really boring. Healthy competition, fine. Name-calling, hair-pulling and playground-esque arguments? Not fine.
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Roccetarius  +   1096d ago
MS or Sony barely needs to do shit. Nintendo is standing on their last leg, so obviously they're trying to make the last bucks.
lilbroRx  +   1096d ago
So the way the comments sections works on this site now is as follows.

Bash/insult/ridicule Nintendo = massive agrees.
Say even .5% positive statement = massive disagrees
ironcreed  +   1096d ago
Funny, the Wii U is looking like Nintendo trying to react to Microsoft and Sony 7 years too late and coming up short in the process.
Soldierone  +   1096d ago
Look at it from a different view, they would be SMART to not react at all.

Nintendo is living off them reacting. Sony and MS freaking out and pushing consoles out faster and reacting to Nintendo is what they want. It makes Nintendo seem powerful and keeps them in the spotlight.

Meanwhile if Sony and MS were to go "lets just do our own thing, we don't really need to worry about the casual crowd yet" then Nintendo can easily get pushed aside. Suddenly Nintendo isn't part of THEIR crowd anymore.

Imagine next year when Sony and MS are going at it. Nintendo is going to have to do something to stick their head in the door too. Nintendo needs to play off them as much as Sony/MS needs to play off Nintendo.
badvlad  +   1096d ago
"faster processors and pretty pictures"not wii 1.02
RedDeadLB  +   1096d ago
They have.. 7 years ago.
tonywood  +   1096d ago
How you gonna launch a so called "next gen" console with no blu ray? My issue with the wii u dvd/blu ray, graphical capabilities are currently out, and online functions. $300, really?

This is a great system for $199 ... and neither Sony nor Microsoft will follow that. Wii has its place, just like minor league baseball, WNBA, and division 2 football.
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BringingTheThunder  +   1096d ago
no they dont
Monstar  +   1096d ago
Nintendo getting likes. Now get some more games and better hardware punks!
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