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Dark_Overlord  +   1169d ago
I don't mind minor glitches (Occasional graphical glitch etc) but major glitches like Skyrim and the recent Hitman one are totally unacceptable, I refuse to buy them till they are fixed

"At least with Bethesda, they can lean on their open world excuse."

F*** off, the game was an abomination on release on the PS3, its why no reviewer received a copy till after the game was released.
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Merrill  +   1169d ago
It became acceptable when reviewers started handing out 9+ on their reviews regardless of said glitches and with no mention of the existing glitches.

Reviews, at one point were there to protect our potential investment in a game, that is no longer the case.
BX81  +   1169d ago
True that. To all devs and reviewers who let this slide with out a mention so the game can sell, mean while screwing over the consumers.... SMD!
kevnb  +   1169d ago
ever since they started making them... People used to get stuck in walls in games all the time for example.
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rainslacker  +   1168d ago
Yep. And games are much more complex than they were even one generation ago. I know ET for the Atari 2600 was riddled with game breaking bugs, and is considered one of the worst games ever made because of that.

Still, games do seem to have more bugs than they should. The whole point of consoles was to not have to mess around with fixing problems that arose from computers at the time.

I mean it's great we can get patches now, but still wish games didn't release with obviously known bugs that would never have passed the certification tests just one generation ago.

This whole "we'll fix it later" mentality is really annoying.
kevnb  +   1168d ago
consoles dont really do a whole lot to resolve those issues, just hardware issues are resolved really.
rainslacker  +   1167d ago
True. Publisher deadline pressure is what's making these issues more prevalent. On top of that games have become much more complex than before. The hardware allows us to update after release, which isn't a bad thing, but takes away one of the advantages of a console...which is convenience without having to worry about that kind of stuff.
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AzaziL  +   1169d ago
It became a thing when they realized they could fix the problems with patches. Before then, if you released a game and something was broken, it stayed broken.
SnakeCQC  +   1169d ago
when bethesda started making great games but with many bugs seldom patched
Anon1974  +   1169d ago
As games become more and more complicated it's more and more likely that errors will occur. It's understandable. Obviously a game like Asteroids isn't prone to as many glitches as the huge, open world games we see now, and it's not going to become any better as games continue to increase in complexity.

I see someone using this opportunity to bash Skyrim again, one of the best games I've played on my PS3 this generation, hands down. You do realize that the vast majority of gamers haven't had any problems, don't you? It sucks that some have had issues, don't get me wrong, but man... the internet has an amplifying effect when it comes to complaints.

I remember even back when the Orange Box released, I avoided it on the PS3 as the internet lead me to believe it was unplayable despite the fact that review scores were so high. Eventually I picked it up in a bargain bin for my PS3 and the game was excellent. I suffered one glitch in the last episode that caused me to restart, that was it. But if you read the forums, gamers were making it out like Valve had taken a dump on our consoles.

I can't imagine how many excellent games like Skyrim I would have missed out on if I had bought into all the internet hate. I would have missed out on Halo, Fallout 3, Skyrim, GTA, all the Call of Duty games, Bioware games, that Ghostbusters game (not great, but a lot of fun) anything released by EA. I just don't buy into any of the internet grumbling. Gaming forums have quickly become havens of malcontent. Thankfully there's enough real gamers out there willing to talk sensibly about their hobby that makes it worthwhile.
ZBlacktt  +   1169d ago
I agree here. I beat Skyrim in 19 days when it first came out. That was before the patches and I got 100% of the trophies. I did have to replay one of the side quests because the game did bug out. But nothing mind blowing. But yeah, game was so good I just couldn't stop playing it.
rainslacker  +   1168d ago
The internet is probably both the best and worst thing for gaming.

So much hyperbole from people who call themselves gamers, but are so cynical and seem to have great disdain for anything they don't like. Like the 10% fail rate of PS3 now being closer to 25%, the fact that every single 360 owner has purchased 5+ consoles because of RROD, the fact that Mario, one of the biggest franchises in gaming, is crap and only the Nintendo sheep care about it. So much nonsense.

On the plus side it allows us who really care about games to actually learn about new games that just wasn't possible from print media due to size limitations. I remember when it was a big deal when EGM would be over 200 pages...and you know had less news than you could find on here in a day. Downside is that you don't get as much quality news on here in a month as you would get in a single 200 page issue of EGM.
ginsunuva  +   1169d ago
Since cod.
ziggurcat  +   1169d ago
i wish people would stop referring to them as glitches... it's called a bug.

also, there's no way that a game can be totally, 100% bug-free.
ZBlacktt  +   1169d ago
Stay away from AC3 then... Even with it's most recent patch. Game still has issues with things not showing up on the map. Places to go, side quests etc.
InTheLab  +   1169d ago
Since voting Fallout 3 GoTY and doing that shit again with a game that was broken on a platform. Hell, we laugh and celebrate the bugs in Skyrim, instead of laughing at how buggy the game is.
Tiqila  +   1169d ago
they ever were since n64
3-4-5  +   1168d ago
When they started releasing games on deadlines, instead of whenever the game is complete / ready / finished.
yodawins  +   1168d ago
just look at how medal of honor turned out. seriously though don't the developers play there own game? why didnt they catch these glitches?
rainslacker  +   1168d ago
These developers probably know about every bug in the game. Probably hundreds fold more than the average gamer would ever notice. They have databases to store them as they're found.

During the development process when a bug is found it is added to the database. It is then classified into a category..such as graphics bug(screen tear, texture not showing up, etc), game play (character goes wonky when performing an action or something), etc. It is then usually given a severity rating in a number scale, with some companies having a game breaking bug as a big red star that it needs to be fixed immediately. The more severe the bug, the more priority it needs to be given. For instance...If you can get stuck on an obscure rock in a corner of the map that you really have to work to get up to, then it would be rated pretty low. If you can fall through the map and just kill people without being seen in a MP game then it would be rated as critical. These bugs are then looked at by the programmer or artist and fixed, then sent back to the tester to see if they are fixed. If they are fixed then it gets marked as such in the database.

This is done many times throughout the development cycle. And many bugs have to be rechecked after a new build comes out just to make sure they didn't come back for some reason.

The problem comes in that developers are on a deadline to get a game released. Sometimes management just makes bad decisions which leads to longer than expected development time, other times it's just poor planning. With today's technology it's more get it out the door and fix it later, and most minor bugs do go unfixed.

One of my teachers was the head of the testing department for a big developer down here. He said at one point during one of their games development, word came from the publisher to ignore any bug that wasn't critical. They had to go gold to meet their compliance testing and release date.
Hicken  +   1168d ago
When games went mainstream and the people playing the games stopped caring.

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