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ufo8mycat  +   907d ago
Not sure why people are bothering comparing 360/PS3 launch sales to the Wii:U

Of course the Wii:U is expected to sell more. It's targeted for casual gamers. Much bigger audience.

Lots of parents popping in to buy one for their children.
pedroyamato  +   907d ago
If you think thats a lot, wait until pikmin 3 gets out
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chobit_A5HL3Y  +   907d ago
still not buying one or am even interested in getting one. can't even run warriors orochi 3 on the same level as current gen? new hardware or not, that engine has been around for YEARS. the fact it supports less on-screen AND slow-down is pretty sad. the wiiu is not truly a "next-gen" console. nintendo has just brainwashed enough people over the years to know that it can release sub-par products and succeed.
pedroyamato  +   907d ago
Cool, you are not buying one, you are not interested in one, so WHY THE HELL ARE YOU HERE?

go get a life
Gr81  +   907d ago
Nintendo and their Wii U is his life.
chobit_A5HL3Y  +   907d ago
i'm here 'cause i have an opinion. duh. and lmao tendo fanboys are so pathetic XD oh noes, calling me a guy and telling me to go get a life? lolz don't forget to give each other a reach around and at least take each other out for dinner lmao

and p.s.- i don't think it's ME who needs a life when you're concerned with giving someone bubbles on this site XD and take a look at your history on this site in the past month and look at mine. i'm clearly not the one who needs a life lmao

and wow. so clever :o 'cause only guys are allowed to have opinions on gaming, amirite? XD
Gr81  +   907d ago
; D
pedroyamato  +   907d ago

Bubbles up you sir
ThaBlackBaron  +   907d ago
LoLvdo i actually see idiots calling 400k in the first week in the US ALONE NOT GREAT??? LMAO dayum sum ppl math skillz are terrible!
And it hasn't launched in JP or EU....WiiU will easily be 3 million worldwide by end of the year
AWBrawler  +   907d ago
This gen is the first ever where the top dog from the previous gen released their console first. This will be interesting to see if Nintendo can be the first to be top console 4 Gens
Chevalier  +   907d ago
It wasn't as good a release as the Wii was. I walked around multiple stores and it was pretty easy to find where I'm at. Friends went down to black friday in the U.S. and they could have brought back a dozen from target if they wanted to.
thaimasker  +   907d ago
In the US so far it has been better than the Wii's release by 100k.

the reason why u may see the wii u in some stores is because they actually prepared and are re-filling their stock frequently. as opposed to the wii's were they didn't prepare.
gpturbo81  +   907d ago
this should be common sense to most people by now. apparently not here
Nes_Daze  +   907d ago
Expected from a system that caters to the casual audience. We'll see what happens when the casuals turn to a different product, and Nintendo is left without a core userbase.
BLAKHOODe  +   906d ago
First week sells, to me, don't mean much. Those are your early adopters who will buy anything based on the name alone and with Christmas coming up.. that trend will continue. Let's see how the Wii U does AFTER Christmas. Then we'll know rather or not it's a "must have" system.
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Roccetarius  +   906d ago
Damn, that's a lot of door stoppers being sold.
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