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bub16  +   1166d ago
if patcher would have said this a year or two ago then i might take my hat off to him. but not hes just stating the obvious. we know we are getting some kind of news next year
Plagasx  +   1166d ago
Makes sense..Seeing how MS is definitely releasing a new console next year.
sak500  +   1166d ago
NO as usually practher crackter is wrong. They would have otherwise been hyping it like they did the ps3 as the uber PC/360 "killer" games/computer/entertainment system.

They probably would be hyping 240 fps 4K Super HD realtime Ray traced Avatar looking graphics by now. They will show case their game based on real true world events and will show Godzilla tearing up one city or Giant 2 headed shark.

Anyway time for next gen is nearing and 2014 is the latest they should launch, 2013 fall will be ideal for 360 successor and 14 for PS3's.
hadouken007  +   1166d ago
Since when patcher been right.?
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