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iamnsuperman  +   1175d ago
Wouldn't that cost a lot to use (tethering part)
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thegamingadvisory21  +   1174d ago
Not if u have Sprint and pda net
ElectricKaibutsu  +   1174d ago
According to the source article the guy connected to the train's wifi with his phone and then tethered through that.
chukamachine  +   1175d ago
what a nob
Thepcz  +   1174d ago
who needs vita
MmaFan-Qc  +   1174d ago
i do, you dont?

too bad for you, meanwhile i will be playing P4:Golden.
nerdkiller  +   1174d ago
i think he was joking, its ok to laugh at jokes even if there there the company you love.
Deku-Johnny  +   1174d ago
Why would you need a Vita if you could play the Wii U on a bullet train? In fact even if you don't live in Japan you could just play a 3DS instead, either which way it's better than playing a Vita.
coolmaster  +   1174d ago
cool stuff
X-Alchemist  +   1174d ago
LOL imagine this actually turning into a trend
Pillsbury1  +   1174d ago
Smart guy, hope he has unlimited data.
Aggesan  +   1174d ago
Recipe for disc scratching.
bubblebeam  +   1174d ago
I know right? Have you ever rested your head against a train window? I remember doing that as a kid, and by the end of the trip I'd have a bruise lol.

Are the disks protected like the Blu-ray ones though?
ChronoJoe  +   1174d ago
Nice. Going to take mine to University lectures.
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MeetMyHand  +   1174d ago
Oooo not a bad idea. I'm going to strap a car battery around my waist and Wii my U while I get groceries, or save power and use the electricity from my erect nipples.
knocknock  +   1174d ago
Why not the consoles tiny. But I'd personally be happy with my laptop/phone/ds/vita/tablet but it's new so ppl will do what ever...
josephayal  +   1174d ago
I feel ashamed
kent80082007  +   1174d ago
Japanese train lunch boxes are heavenly
nerdkiller  +   1174d ago
this was how big the sega gamegear that thing was a b3ast
chronoforce  +   1174d ago
who needs a 3ds
spurgeonryan  +   1174d ago did he hook the game pad to the outlet? Or did he bring his whole unit along?
thegamingadvisory21  +   1174d ago
Took mine to work on black Friday worked fine love this system
3-4-5  +   1174d ago
This guy is awesome.

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