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Dlacy13g  +   1175d ago
Lets be honest... the trendy thing to do is bash XBL and compare it to PSN+. Just like it used to be the trendy thing to do was bash PSN versus XBL. Soon it will be Nintendo's turn
TEZ-RaViNlUnAtIk  +   1175d ago
lets be honest xbox live gold has always been a huge ripoff!!!!!!!! (fixed)
legendof117  +   1175d ago
After it's all said and done.. I love my Xbox Live. I have been a member since 2002.
takohma  +   1175d ago
I can understand paying for an online pass for a used game because the company does repair gameplay such as online patches and such. So that's understandable. But paying to play online when you already pay for your own Internet access isn't fair. Cross game chat ruined online gaming for me because no one uses their mics during gaming online. They're too busy talking to their friends when I need a team mate help, no one hears me. It makes me so mad. My live account is going to expire and it's not getting renewed unless I see a super good deal. No matter how you flip it. Xbox users end up paying more to play online then ps3 users from when the ps3 was more expensive than Xbox
oldskool79  +   1175d ago
Look Xbox Live is a waist of money period point blank. I have it and its way overrated I just recently bought a Wii U and the services I use for the X360 I can use for The Wii U for Free so Im done with MS. As with the Wii U im enjoying it its a breath of fresh air. I like Nintendo Land for some strange reason I'm looking forward to the next wave of titles.
Dfooster  +   1175d ago
God it's £30 a year, it's hardly breaking the bank and microsofts service is better than the rest and that's that. Nintendos service might be good but what's the point, once you've completed mario the console will be consigned to the cupboard anyway once GTA5 hits store shelves and MS and Sony show off their new consoles at E3. Discussion closed make your choice
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Rageanitus  +   1175d ago
its like porn sites, why pay for it while you can get it free from other sources :)
gamer7804  +   1175d ago
Since when has $2.50 a month too much to play for arguably the best online gaming service?
oakshin  +   1175d ago
people like 2 pay for things

y pay for netflix when u got a adobe enabled browser? if i wanna watch something i turn my ps3 on and stream it like a pc live sports everything on ps3 everything u can find on thepiretebay u can find on ps3 it is free but i know people that have ps3 but still pay for netflix when theres all kinds of free sites 2 use same with music unlimited y use it when u can use ur browser for free
ItsTrue  +   1175d ago
Haha, everyone can continue flaming but just face it, by the end of the day nothing will have changed. I'll continue playing xbox, while you guys continue fighting a pointless war. If you disagree, tell me why otherwise consider your arguments invalid.
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kenbuck  +   1175d ago
honestly why complain, they give you other payment options that are more cheaper lol. come on guys no big deal
unicron7  +   1174d ago
It's always been a rip off as far as I'm concerned. You're paying 60 a year for something that should be free. I played for years on the PC before live came around, all for free with the ability to chat with whomever I wanted. A fee was never needed for the service and in no way justifys the "cross game chat". Should be able to access apps that you already pay a monthly fee for as well instead of having to have gold. The microsoft point system is an even bigger ripoff as well. Prices are marked up substancially. I'll continue to pay for Live of course, but only because I have to. It sure isn't because I think it's worth it though. Sony does provide a good service for free. And if they chose to charge for it as well, I'd talk smack about them too. But at least they let me access content i've already paid for for free and they use actual currency!! Kudos to them for both.
azazel665  +   1174d ago
Games like Black Ops 2 and Metal Gear Rising Revengeance don't work properly on PSN. They do on Xbox LIVE. A rip off? I think not.
Dogswithguns  +   1174d ago
and I had it for like 4 years?!
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