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Neko_Mega  +   1169d ago
The biggest killer I think for most people is Netflix, Hulu, Crackle and so on. Can only be used by Gold members, an Crackle is free to use with no monthly fee (the only price you pay, is the ads).

Were PS3 offers all that stuff without have to be a Plus member to use it, an if you are a Plus member you get alot of free stuff (yeah it go's away if you aren't Plus member anymore, but oh well).

And now Nintendo is out with Wii U an free online gaming, Microsoft needs to really up their game in online gaming or forget about it.
WitWolfy  +   1169d ago
In my country XBL is like half the price! Seeing we dont have features the first world countries have for example.. Sky... Netflix..Hulu or whatever... Still feels like a rip off though
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Fakdafakinfakerz  +   1169d ago
Paying for a P2P service is a ripoff indeed.
Main_Street_Saint  +   1169d ago
I own a 360 but I stopped paying for live about 6 months ago; kids online these days are just too much for someone like me. Besides, I'm more of a single player gamer anyhow.
WhiteMare  +   1169d ago
I cant Justify Paying 60 a year for something i barely use.. more then half my friends on live are always on netflix(gotta pay for that 2) so i bought ps3 and wii u now i dont feel like im wasting $60. I mean i know $60 can be made real easy but when i can pay $50 bucks and get free games and discounted prices on new games but never am i paying to play online ill take it. i mean u dont wanna renew plus fine dont but guess what you still can play online FOR FREE. Plus Im tired of playing Forza, Halo , And Gears of War.. Come next gen Microsoft needs to be free online and make some different exclusives..
AngelicIceDiamond  +   1169d ago
People are desperately trying to start a flame war with these stupid articles. "Is Xbox Live Dead?" and now this, whats wrong with people?

I dunno know why Xbox Live is such a target. I mean these people talk about Live more than X fanboys? And That's ridiculous. Its simple, if you don't like it then don't pay for it.

And if you know longer own a Xbox then you really have no buissness complaining and crying about a service you don't even pay for, Xbox Live is fine, if it wasn't it wouldn't be here correct?
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retrofly  +   1168d ago
It takes me 90 minutes to earn 1 year of Live subscription. I can live with that. Compared to a lot of things its peanuts. It coss me about £20 - £30 just to go and watch a 2 hours film with my wife!
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Smokingunz  +   1168d ago
I agree with this article, but u get what u pay for. Xbox live is awesome indeed and chances are if u own a xbox you dont mind paying the fee. I really dont mi d payi g for live at all myself but I do believe live should be free now. It wasnt so bad when a one year subscription was $50 a year, but honestly, since they moved it up to $60 bucks a year, the same cost as a game itself, I havent bought a one year subscription in years, but thats how xbox makes their money. They have to find a way to make up for all that money they lost during the red ring era.

At the end of the day every company has its own set of rules and what they want to charge you for. So therefore we all have options. If you want free online gaming, then go to nintendo or sony, or if you want a robust online with tons of quality, quantity,lots of exclusive content, games and services then gi with xbox. With xbox you get what u pay for, a superb online service which neither nintendo and sony has (well nintendo's online service can make a good argument, I actually like Nintendo's online service a lot better than Sony's).

I think its about that time for microsoft to make live free or atleast just make a yearly fee for just $30 bucks a year, but again, thats how xbix makes their money.if u dont like paying, just dont pay.
JellyJelly  +   1168d ago
Xbox Live is a rip-off...and Vita is doing amazing. /Fox News 4 Gamers ;)
Sci0n  +   1168d ago
I just remember when I had 360 when it first launched long before PS3 came out on the daily basis I was getting chain messages from friends and recent players I played online with saying XBL should be free pass it on so we can get a petition going. 360 gamers never understood why such a service should cost anything. Now the fanboy in them tells them well its ok its not like it cost that much so Microsoft has them by the balls and will always charge as long as they keep paying. Wii u has nice innovative chat options, PS vita actually has party chat and there network is free, PS4 will definitely have party chat and the next Xbox will continue to charge for there services and people will still pay. If I was Microsoft I'd do the samething. If ppl want to be dumb enough to back up a company ripping them off might as well keep getting them.
palaeomerus  +   1168d ago
It's a rip off but PSN still isn't as good, and it's not really a HUGE rip-off. You can get live for about $35 a year if you look around and often you can get a free live arcade game and some MS points as a re-up bonus. That's what I've done for the last two years. I've seen people pay for their live by doing Bing Rewards programs and crap like that.

Steam is better than live and free. PSN is not really a great way to play online. PS+ is great if you want to subscribe to a game rental and discount service. Personally I do not. Nintendo online is a sad joke.

IrishViper  +   1168d ago
It is a joke how Xbox owners still think that Live is better than the PSN ! Well here's news for guys it's Not,The only difference is cross party chat which the PS3 simply can not do.Other than that everything works exactly the same apart from the Fact that when you purchase a game for the Xbox with mp you have to pay again to use it,whilst on the PSN they say you've purchased the game so go play it,
What you get for Xbox live gold ? You get to play the games that you have already paid for .
What you get on the PSN if your got Playstation plus which comes in at around the same price as a years subscription on Xbox live,You can play every game you've purchased online at No aditional cost,you get Free games every month for both your PS3 and Vita games like Crysis 2,Uncharted Darakes Deciption,Motorstorm , Little big planet,Ratchet and Clank,infamous,Bulletstorm,ear ly access to games and betas,discount prices on all content,Now unlike Xbox Live this is Value for money,
I have both systems but now buy all of my games for the PS3 I will never again pay twice to play a game online,Xbox Live is a total rip off.
younghavok  +   1168d ago
What ARE you paying for with Live? I hate that on top of a netflix sub I also need a gold membership to use it. Nintendo does it free as does Sony, and when I play CoD I dont notice a difference. I own a 360 and a WiiU, and imo the WiiU online is better with Miiverse and video chat and the best thing is is its free. I still have an Xbox live account. but its not being renewed after this month.
_LarZen_  +   1168d ago
You do know there is video chat on both PS3 and X360? Been for years...

Neither Sony or Nintendo delivers cross game chat. Why is that? Oh...I dunno...could it be that it requires a huge server park to support millions of players chatting?

I do however agree that one should be able to use services like Netflix without having a Gold account.
bozebo  +   1168d ago
Cross game chat/party chat etc. is peer to peer. You already paid your ISP for that bandwidth.
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_LarZen_  +   1168d ago
When the other consoles delivers cross game chat for free one can start discussing if Xbox Live is worth it.

Intill then...GTFO.
Rachel_Alucard  +   1168d ago
Party chat was not even added to the Xbox until the "Casual Family" aka NXE update in 2008.

PS3 has a lot more freedom than any other console in terms of what you can do with the system. There's alot of minor things about the PS3 that make it superior to the 360 when you examine both systems interfaces and research them online.
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grayfoxx881  +   1168d ago
The only reason I am paying for LIVE right now is the Halo 4 mp. If MS didn't have that game I would definitely go back to a silver account. With all the money MS brings in off of dashboard ads alone, there shouldn't be any additional cost for mp.

Many people are making the point that $60 a year is not much to spend for a gold account, and for some people it isn't. It's a matter of principle, what it costs is irrelevant. If LIVE was one dollar, some people would still not pay it because online mp is free everywhere else. The bottom line is that MS shouldn't be charging for it. This will absolutely not change though, as gold accounts are generating MS billions every year.
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SDF Repellent  +   1168d ago
Must be a slow Holiday for PS3 fans because there aren't a new Uncharted game coming out this year for the PS3. Now, plan B is finding and approving "Xbox Live is Dead" articles to post. I use to post here a lot like a year ago but these flame bait articles are just too much. How much something is worth will ultimately lies with what people thinks they are worth. Now back to Halo 4 and playing with the millions of people online that are ripped-off by Microsoft.
chuckyj1  +   1168d ago
Why is there so many articles hating on Xbox Live lately? PSN has a service that charges and will more than likely replace the Free PSN service for Next gen.

Bottom line if you think xbox Live is a rip off...Then don't subscribe to it. Xbox Live has been like this ever since the beginning. Microsoft is making Billions off the Service while Sony is Losing Money on PSN...

Why would MS throw that revenue away?

If you can't afford the $60 per year / $49.99 per year if you buy it off Amazon per year for the xbox live subscription then xbox live is not for you.

If you feel cheated that you are paying for the xbox live server upkeep/enhanced security then don't subscribe.

I like the service, I like the security I get with xbox live and I can afford the $49.99 per year (I buy off Amazon) and I Love Party chat, so I subscribe.

Bottom line don't expect MS to drop a revenue stream generating billions anytime soon.
ndl1531  +   1168d ago
lol server upkeep? enhanced security? yea buddy tell yourself what you need to hear to make throwing away 50 bucks easy on you . i can afford 50 bucks too doesnt mean im dumb enugh to pay it tho .
ILive  +   1168d ago
Just because you like it and tell yourself things about it does it and will not ever make it right. The PS vita has party chat and that is free. Come people, wake up.
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Cajun Chicken  +   1168d ago
"Here’s what they’re basically saying to gamers. “You pay for Internet service, so what. You’re giving Netflix $7.99 a month, who cares. You just paid $63 for a new game with a ton of online features, all right. Well, if you want to use these things on your Xbox 360 – you owe us $60 a year.”

ndl1531  +   1168d ago
thats one really BIG reason why i to this day dont get a 360 because i already buy my game for 60 dollars and pay my internet another 40 a month and now i gotta pay ms 50 or 60 dollars to play the other half of my game that i just bought? fu*king rediculous and anyone convincing themselves that its ok is a fool plain and simple .
bozebo  +   1168d ago
It was a ripoff day 1. You already paid your ISP for your bandwidth.
Mkai28  +   1168d ago
Most ppl on here never had Xbox live and to be forward, it wouldn't surprise me if the other companies( Nintendo and Sony)will follow suit. Sony copying and paste Microsofts online is the ripoff
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mayberry  +   1168d ago
I use my ps3's online capabilities alot. Just today I caught up to the most recent episode of the walking dead free on projectfreetv on the ps3's web browser, watched promethius on its blu-ray, played Killzone 3, Starhawk(awesome game) online, went on the facebook app in the browser, responded in this forum, bought and downloaded a new car from ps store for GT5 all for free. I will play some BF3 tonight on my 360 for about an hour that I have to pay comcast and microsoft for. jus sayin
MilkMan  +   1168d ago
One word - "YUP!"
CrustifiedDibbs  +   1168d ago
Wow... The home of the ps3 fanboy (n4g) thinks something ms is bad... I am astonished /s
slaton24  +   1168d ago
only thing i hate about the xbox 360 live this, i watch netflix on ps3 for free as long as i am a netflix member, well on 360 i have to spend that extra $60 a year just to use some apps like netflix which i am already paying them for...ps3=8 a month for netflix, xbox360=$13 a month thats a 5 dollar difference so 5 dollars times 12 months equals the $60 a year for live....i like to play MY GAMES for free, but i do like the party chat and how i can still go to the xbox store without having to have a membership....i think the price should be atleast $40 a year just for online apps should be free like facebook, netflix...etc. Im not hating i love playing my xbox and ps3 but i always believed the paying monthly just to play the games u payed for is stupid...especially when they shut all servers down and swap over to the next system
xJumpManx  +   1168d ago
Xbox costs like 30 to 35 a year if you take any time to look and find the cards on sale. I will gladly pay 3 bucks a month to be able to cross game chat and enjoy the best online service out there for consoles. Now if you want second best PSN is fine but I would never ever ever give them a credit card number they have proven to not be reliable and trustworthy with your information.
ILive  +   1168d ago
People are still using this excuse. Sad, really sad. Anything, anywhere can be hacked. People really are fascinating.
AD705  +   1168d ago
the ps3 got hacked by anonymous the same group that hacked the FBI, CIA, and the pentagon for fun. You really think XBL would stand a chance against them just because you pay monthly for it? Besides people have been hacking the 360 and xbl for years ever since it came out. It took 4 years before someone could figure out how to hack the ps3, and the man who did it is infamous for being a hacker prodigy.
isarai  +   1168d ago
"Has Become"? it always was!
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