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wiiulee  +   912d ago
reggie is not of duty on the wiiu is the best version...of course haters will disagree and hate...lets face it the wiiu is an incredible system...
sinjonezp  +   912d ago
Obviously you did not watch the video showing the frame rate issues with the WiiU version.
gpturbo81  +   912d ago
obviously you haven't played it. no framerate problems for me
sinjonezp  +   912d ago
The reason for this post is in direct response to the video uploaded showing the WiiU's inability to run framerates as high or as consistently with the PS3 or Xbox360. Regardless of those stating that the WiiU has not been optimized yet, the PS3 and the Xbox360 are 7 year old machines. The 360 graphics card is comparable to a HD1950. or a 7900GTX. These cards are obsolete in the PC arena. The problem I see with the WiiU is that seven years after the 360 has been released they cannot manufacture a product that can run parallel to a system with a 7 year old graphics card. To me that is unacceptable, especially when asking for 300 dollars for the console. I have a six year old gtx 260 that can run cod black ops 60fps at 1650x1050. So why is it that this machine cannot run black ops 2 smoothly? Why is Reggie sitting here lying when the gaming community knows the truth? Why Nintendo never officially released the specs of the GPU? The reason is because they have sold consumers a product that does not have the performance to compete and tablets and phones will render it obsolete within months. While I am a fan of Nintendo, releasing a system that would ultimately become a gimmick or loved solely by Nintendo fans undermines the development of technology; motivating 3rd party publishers to push there product forward. Just like the Wii, I think Nintendo will lose ground in the console space. Nintendo needs to get back to its roots from the SNES and the N64 days where quality graphics and quality games garnered mass appeal. Gimmicks only go so far and without a qualified visual upgrade, it will only last so long. If there was a cute girl on the street and she can do back flips we would be captivated until a beautiful WOMAN in a red dress walks by and stares into your soul. That is what visuals can do. Just look at Hitman on the PC or The Last of Us on PS3. The truth is WiiU hardware is lacking and I doubt it makes it beyond 2 years. IMO. I am a fan of gaming and it concerns me that Reggie would lie to the public. There is a reason and its the hardware of the WiiU.
black911  +   912d ago
Call of Duty Graphics Are poop! I wanna see beyond Two Souls,LAst Of Us,MGS,Watching dogs etc. graphics before you start bragging.
kingPoS  +   912d ago
I'm literally seeing Nintendo own identity change right before my own eyes.
MonopolyRSV  +   912d ago
All he said was "dramatically better", he didn't say whether he meant better than PS3/360 or if he meant better than the original Wii.
Orionsangel  +   912d ago
Reggie! The King of Bullshit advertising!
nintendoland  +   912d ago
it's not dramatically better but it does look better. Wii u could do dramatically better graphics if they used full potential of gpgpu but no. Lazy developers
spinbot_lv1  +   912d ago
uh! looks like Reggie and Nintendo are in damage control. Digital foundry say NO! frame rate issues and full screen trasparency issues slam the wiiu version of cod:blops 2 right in the bottom of the list after the ps3 version. can we forget that the limitations of the cpu and a very slow ram are an obvious problem even for a game like COD that has crappy graphics? NO
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millzy102  +   912d ago
maybe he has seen games that are not released. gearbox has already said Wii u version of aliens will be the best looking console version and I doubt they will lie so he could be talking about future releases. when aliens arrives and if it looks better no one has lied but if aliens look on par or worse than other systems that's 2 companies that have lied.
imXify  +   912d ago
You guys only blame Reggie for the graphics and framerate, while the controls possibility just poop on the 360/PS3
Schawk  +   911d ago
that frame rate video is fake nintendo flamebate, reports from players who have played on both 360/ps3 and wiiu is that the wiiU version looks and plays the best better effects smoother alltogether
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iconic56  +   912d ago
Why is CNN Hong Kong interviewing Nintendo of America? I guess Iwata didn't like the smell of that flamebait.
cyhm3112  +   912d ago
it is really funny, a piece of crap would receive so many support from stupid fanboys.
pedroyamato  +   912d ago
WoW, so much hate in this place lol

the guy is just doing his job...

some fanboys just forgot how sony tried to sell killzone 2 trailer in 2005 as it was real-time gameplay ( how microsoft denied the xbox failure rate (

If you are not satisfied by the wii u version, buy the xbox/ps3 one, that still looks shit compared with the pc.
Locksus  +   912d ago
Implying CoD looks good on any platform.
pedroyamato  +   911d ago
Lol, I am pretty sure you never played games before HD, yes?
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Locksus  +   909d ago
Yeah, actually I have. I've played games since the latr 90s. What's it to you?
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Hassassin  +   912d ago
Good interview! pressured on the right points.
Fez  +   911d ago
Whoa whoa whoa... Ctrl+f, "voice" - 0 of 0 on four pages. No one has mentioned the presenter's painfully annoying voice!?
LKHGFDSA  +   911d ago
Yeah I noticed it, god awful. Though I assumed it was normal to have terrible news reporters on American news, since I don't usually watch it.
(Edit:)Wait, it's Hong Kong? Eh, same reason.
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Roccetarius  +   911d ago
Reggie is living the political dream huh?
danieldeath  +   911d ago
My body is ready !!
jjank11  +   911d ago
Time will only tell.
ziggurcat  +   911d ago
oh, reggie... we've already seen that it isn't, so cut the BS.
phatfreddy1978  +   911d ago
After Wii U Nintendo will become Third party game developer just wait.
pedroyamato  +   911d ago
Cant wait to play LBP om my next nintendo home console
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big_dom_part_2   911d ago | Immature | show
lilbroRx  +   911d ago
I like how on a Nintendo articles, 90% of the comments are people who aren't Nintendo fans.
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