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ToonarmY  +   1177d ago
5 Reasons, I could think of 5000 reasons you lazy writer
SprigganN4G  +   1177d ago
PS3 for quality exclusive titles, for EVERYTHING else, i have my high end PC.
wiiulee  +   1177d ago
and there are 100 reason console gaming is better
annus  +   1176d ago
Apart from ease of use and exclusives, there really isn't anything the PC can't do.
Hassassin  +   1177d ago
This article is stupid

PC is better, but consoles are a better deal cost/time wise. Consoles are can be played by a 4 year old... and that is the real market (nintendo understood that).

(copy paste from my other comment)
josephayal  +   1177d ago
I have always preferred console gaming to PC gaming...yes, always
young7yang  +   1176d ago
5 reasons i don't give a shit!

1. already own a boss PC with the AMD's 8core and an overpriced graphics card with 5 gb/ddr5 and 10 gb ddr 3 system memory system.
2. never play games on it.
3. own a PS3 and Wii-U where i play all my games
4. Graphics have reached a point were the platform no longer matters
5. i like not spending 200-400 dollars every 6 months just to keep my hardware up to date
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Zha1tan  +   1176d ago
worst reasoning ever...yes because you need to spend that much every 6 months.....

its clear you have no idea wbout future proofing, what specs are overkill.
young7yang  +   1176d ago
i have owned my ps3 for about 5 years now and my wii u for about 3 days.. i come from the atari age.. i dont need spectacular graphics..

and i have a very good idea of what future proofing is... question is do you...

i buy a new CPU every 3-5 years.. never play games on it because i use it for work.. i edit vids and do graphic designs via photo shop other various programs.
kesvalk  +   1176d ago
oh god... this discussion again?

there is no "better" platform, the one you like is the best one for you.

now shut up please!
ArtificiallyYours  +   1176d ago
This is getting more annoying than "justifying your heterosexuality" on live gaming sessions. Was that possible?
Zha1tan  +   1176d ago
To me there is only two reasons to own a console.

1. Splitscreen is a blast, I still play Battlefront 2 occasionally with my bro on xbox.

2. Exclusives, but most exclusives are not enough to write home about and can be completed within a weekends good gaming session since the campaigns are short and well uncharted has a fantastic campaign but the MP leaves much to be desired...It could really just do with all the work focused on the SP campaign. Multiplayers on these exclusives rarely ever compell me for more than a month because there isnt enough depth to the meta game.

I dont buy the whole "consoles are easier" bull, I used to think like that until I actually googled a few things I was unsure of did research for literally 10 minutes and watched a video of how to stick a PC togther and I looked up exactly how a computer works on How stuff works. Its simply building your knowledge and its just a laziness to call out PCs on being to complex when the information is out there, its a bit like saying maintenence of a car which most people use every single day is complex, info is out there. USE IT.
mt  +   1176d ago
with all the respect to PC games, 1 reason consoles are better than PC gaming is mostly I don't like PC games "different gaming taste" and I only find my gaming taste in consoles gaming.
Dazel  +   1176d ago
PC games aren't cheaper, they may cost less to buy but I can trade my console games, my pc games just take up a load of hdd space.

However pc is better imo, mainly to do with the modding that spawns so many interesting games out of games.
Rageanitus  +   1176d ago
These are my reasons.

1) Cheaper in the long run and more flexible in control inputs
Yes higher initial costs depending on your needs

2) Playing casually i.e. FPS's is better on consoles.... but if you playing competitively I find it easier on eyes and posture when sitting in front of a smaller screen

3)My whole library is installed on my computer... and if I dont have a strong enough computer at one point of time I can assure you I can still play it in the future at high detail

4) MODS.... there is alot of mods

5) lot of indie developers
fullmetal297  +   1176d ago
PC is my personal platform of choice for gaming for its variety of options and cheap games.

When something malfunctions in my PC like a wifi adapter, I simply take it out and replace it with ease without having to call the company and sending out the entire unit. There are many companies like Asus that have outstanding warranties, so most of them will replace the part for free with no hassle. I had to pull some teeth with Sony just to get my PS Vita with my a dead pixel replaced my unit using the extended accidental warranty that I PURCHASED.

Secondly, I choose PC because of the cheap games. Steam has daily game sales and have giant game sales for just about every holiday. The amount of sales on steam are overwhelming that I wonder how can these developers possibly make profit. Although I still own a PS3 for the exclusives, I snicker the concept of PS Plus and actually paying for discounts when steam has them for free.
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Plagasx  +   1176d ago
Yet PC gamers always seem to get the shit end of the stick..
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CDzNutts  +   1176d ago
I can't do a Sho-Ryu-Ken on a keyboard.
Nor can I run in circles with one.

Looks like I need a controller.

Thanks consoles, for being packaged with one of these by default.
Max-Zorin  +   1173d ago
Can't we all just get along?
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