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ZILLA  +   1173d ago
thats why the game is called BLACK COCKS
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bozebo  +   1173d ago
No, it's funny.
LakerGamerEnthusiast  +   1173d ago
I think this is an opportunity for us to see what goes on somewhat in the minds of many. It surprises me the type of stuff I see everyday and although funny and immature in some cases, it shows the level of progression the minds of young children and teens are going through. These are going to be the people who run the nation in the future or at least have some part in it.

It's truly something I think about every time I come across something that is really not what an average person would be thinking of.
e-p-ayeaH  +   1173d ago
Do Soccer moms play videogames now?

Im ok with it if you dont like what you see report it they could care less.
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LOOK_AT_THIS_I  +   1173d ago
I love how so many soft asses around here get offended by racism/religious offense/genitals but have no issue playing a game where the sole purpose is to kill people. While trying to say that those who make the emblems that offend your "morals" because they have issues. Does that mean you have issues as well, living out a sick fantasy of killing others? A guy getting his head blown off is acceptable? It's a game, if someone wants to make a giraffe bumping a Volvo so what, who cares? I laugh at them, you get offended. I don't get it

I saw a quote from apocalypse now in an earlier post, and it rings so true.
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Parasyte  +   1173d ago
The same thing happened in Black Ops 1. They truly are morons of the highest caliber if they thought it wouldn't happen in Black Ops 2.
InTheZoneAC  +   1173d ago
lol just report them, watch them get banned and move on.

then hear them cry about it later on, acting as if they knew nothing about what they did.
kingmushroom  +   1173d ago
ha what a bunch of tards, i have Iron man as my emblem
WhiteMare  +   1173d ago
The Emblems Make Me Laugh But One Does have to Wonder Why are there so Many Penis Ones.. I Guess There Just Making Up for What They Lack.
El_Jibarit0_PR  +   1173d ago
Last time I checked the game was Rated M for MATURE...
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Dead_by_Dawn  +   1173d ago
This is something they should've expected. They're the ones that gave gamers that freedom, and now people are complaining about it. What they should've of done is have people upload they're custom emblems to activision/treyarch and have them approve it before hand, this would of fixed all the whining. It's are freedom to do what we want, given the situation, cause they made it available.
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