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chanto23  +   2718d ago
Play N Trade !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- 30% more value for your trade-ins
- 5% less on new games
kingOVsticks  +   2718d ago
I tend to become the comment guy
when the idiot employee pisses me off but I'll hold off on the whole mothers basement thing more of a small dorm but its just as bad and taco bell gives me gas 0.o
Asurastrike  +   2718d ago
I love the annoying little grin they get when you are trading in a game and they are obviously f**king you.
Sssamba  +   2718d ago
I'm so SICK of Gamestop
At least three times I've called them, asking them if they have a certain game in stock. I ask them to hold said game for me until I get there within 30 minutes. I get to the store and turns out they were holding the wrong game for me, and they don't even have a copy of the game I asked them for! Aren't video game store employees supposed to know a little bit about video games?

Recently, I made the mistake of buying into the whole "Pre-order Patapon at Gamestop and get a free demo!" Yeah, so when I called in to pre-order, they had know idea what the fawk Patapon was. I should've known right then and there I was making a huge mistake. So I stupidly made the pre-order anyways. Two times I call them after I read that the Patapon demo was out in stores, and each time the jackass on the other end had no idea what I was talking about!!

Eventually the last phone convo I made with them went like this:

Me: "Hi, do you have the Patapon demo that came with my Pre-Order in stock yet? Yeah yeah, I know *jokingly* 'Patapon?? Wuzz that?' It's a game for PSP spelled P-A-T-A-P-O-N."

Them: " heck. Let's see here......Oh yeah we have it"

Me: "What?? ARE YOU SERIOUS? I'll be right down to come pick it up! Thanks!"

So I go down there... Only to find THEY DON'T FAWKING HAVE IT IN STOCK. His excuse? "Ohhh...Sorry dude, I was looking at the wrong game demo."

-_-; Needless to say, I cancelled my pre-order with them and plan to head straight to Play-N-Trade as soon as the game comes out. I'm never making the mistake of walking into another Gamestop unless forced to do so by gunpoint.

Tru Enuff  +   2718d ago
I really hate Gamestop. When you trade games in they don't give you hardly nothing for them.
Chug  +   2718d ago
Gamestop/Eb usually sucks
Except for on Xbox 360 launch day. I live about 70 miles from the nearest EBgames, and I worked until about 4pm, got off work and called EB to see if they still had any 360's left. To my amazement they had 1 core unit left! Even more amazing is the fact that they said they would hold it for me for 2 hours. Got in my car and cruised up there and sure enough, they had saved it for me : )
ScorpioKyle  +   2718d ago
don't go to gamestop, you get more money back for your games on ebay.
moodymofo  +   2718d ago
gamestop is awsome if you have an edge card a new used game is only 50 bucks and where else can you buy a used game and return it within 7 days for a full refund.and this guy who wrote this seems to not only have a problem with gamestop but with people in general he sounds like a whiner.what kind of person calls somebody a crak addict because they turned in a copy of halo 3?the guy is a dummy
SIXAXISofEVIL  +   2718d ago
Got to say the comment guy pisses me off the most
Selling your games at Gamestop is the worst. I put that sh*t on eBay, get about 70% of my money back, instead of 10%.
Rhezin  +   2718d ago
why the hell do you refer to yourself in the 3rd person. CREEPY
White-Sharingan  +   2718d ago
I've worked at Gamestop, and trust me its worse when stupid people arrive asking:

Do you have the PlaystationDS?

Is there any mario game for the PSP?

there is nothing worse than a casual gamer/no gamer.

I thought the same about gamestop and sometimes still do, why do they even hire clueless people there? but when I worked there, the tables turned for me, now I hate the customers I mentioned above.

BTW I agree, Used games are too expensive, seriously? wtf? Even the people who work at gamestop hate gamestop XD
themonkeydidit89  +   2718d ago
a rip off
i dont even buy new games from gamestop, they jack people around...
so they wont be getting any of my money
naptime1322  +   2718d ago
this is old...
imageicb  +   2717d ago
sonyfanonly  +   2717d ago
DarkSniper  +   2717d ago
The only time Dark Sniper finds Gamestop of any use is when there is a specific used game he is looking for. The only other time is when there is a big title that he preordered that will be released at midnight.

Midnight releases are the only true reason to preorder a game at Gamestop as you feel you get an incentive for doing so by obtaining a copy of said game several hours early.

BrotherNick  +   2717d ago
People complain, but yet are too damn lazy to put games on ebay :P I sell my games for more, and the buyers pay less for used...learn to ebay and you can make your dollar stretch more.
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