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Vickistheman  +   1101d ago
The Vita will be just fine. It should sell well this holiday due to all the bundles and PS plus.

The Vita was built to last, and last it will.
TXIDarkAvenger  +   1101d ago
Vita is a powerful device but it needs more games. Yes, I know the 3DS came way before the Vita but still. That's the only reason I have not bought a Vita yet, the library of games isn't that great yet.
Gamerita  +   1101d ago
vita will not crush the 3ds or even the ds. this guy is dreaming.
SwiftArsonist  +   1101d ago
I still have high hopes for the console. Sony needs to be more aggressive with the pricing of the console and the cards. Also open up to developers, over them more incentives and more technical support. The system could do a lot more but if the developers see a lack of enthusiasm from Sony they will not invest on the system. Make developers use the max potential of the console and it will come back on Japan and in America.
KingOptimusAscend111  +   1101d ago
PS Vita will be fine and have games for it by next year and a price cut.
ATi_Elite  +   1101d ago
1. I still say the PS Vita needs a Cell Phone Application. Texting, Talking, and Web Surfing is a major need for Kids now a days and more so over mobile gaming for the Age bracket that would have an EXPENSIVE mobile device like a Vita!

Put a Phone on the Vita and the choice between Vita and iPhone/Droid would shift toward Vita in many age brackets!

2. The Vita game development just comes at a time when Most Devs are focusing on finishing up this Gen and getting Prepped for next Gen! We should see an explosion of Vita Games in 2013 that really push the system

3. The Vita is a Great Handheld....Best ever as far as Hardware!
optimus  +   1101d ago
i think by this time next year the vita will be over and done with...the numbers alone will be the deciding factor. and we all know that if the numbers aren't there than the developers will begin to jump ship... a lot of people had high hopes for the psp and all sony did was rebrand it and try again with the pspGo...
you could plainly see that they are trying to carve a nitch for themselves cause they tried the mobile market with the experia (or whatever it was called) and that was an ill faded attempt... it's all marketing people, the numbers don't everything else, if it doesn't sell the way they hope they will just pull the plug on it...again.
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_LarZen_  +   1101d ago
I play games and so far there is just to littlw to pick from, even with the games the article points to its just to little.

I actually sold my vita just two days ago as it has just been a dust collector.
TheRacingX  +   1101d ago
I think the Vita is poised to hit big IF, and thats it , IF Sony handles it properly. (1) Making the Vita backwards compatible with the PSP is great, but all those people who bought UMD's are SOL, make ALL the downloadable PSP games on the PS Store $9.99 or less, it sucks that we have to buy them again for the Vita, don't rape us for them, paying $39.99 for Tekken is utter ridiculousness. (2) Include a memory card and/or lower the price, just like #1, we know you need to make $, just try not to bend us over for it. (3) Game pricing, people feel $39.99 is high for a portable game, going to $29.99 I feel will put people at ease, even maybe $34.99. (4) Cross controller and remote play....make these work, smoothly, and with a bigger list of titles. Future titles need to show off cross controller, take for example Aliens Colonial Marines, you put in the same features in cross controller as the Wii U version, and advertise it as such , you start to turn away potential Wii U sales. (5) PROPER MARKETING AND ADVERTISING!!! Let the world know it CAN do everything the Wii U can AND that much more...its not only its own standalone console with top games like Assassins Creed and Uncharted, but its also a vital accessory for your PS3, enhancing those experiences, giving you every reason why you MUST OWN one..... come on Sony time to wake up.....
Honky Kong  +   1101d ago
LeiAndLove  +   1101d ago
A price-drop will definitely boost sales, but it won't dominate by any stretch of the imagination. It isn't as accessible as an iOS device, nor does it have the massive franchise recognition that the 3DS has. Sony will lose the handheld race for the second time in a row.
_LarZen_  +   1101d ago
I agree! And I hope they learn and dont use any more Money and time on portable gaming in the future.

Fitch Ratings downgraded Sony to "junk" just a few days ago. Telling investors Sony is not safe to invest in and that they dont think Sony wil get out of it if they dont do something major in the Company.

It's really big News in the Financiall world. I hope Sony dont go under..
Protagonist  +   1100d ago
I stopped using my PS3 since I got the PSVITA more than seven month ago and with all the new releases like P4: The Golden I dont see me gaming on other devices anytime soon.
j0ester  +   1099d ago
idk about you people, but both the PSP and Vita has really no good games. I always play my 3DS. Sony needs to rethink about Gameplay than Quality.
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