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alexcosborn  +   1177d ago
Plenty of killer deals this year, especially for PlayStation fans.
Sev  +   1177d ago
I saw a pallet full of Black Friday PS3 bundles at Target just an hour ago. Wonder why they weren't selling?
DaThreats  +   1177d ago
Those probably were just taken out from the stock room
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NegativeCreep427  +   1177d ago
@ DaThreats
*Begins to ready smart and logical response regarding major retailer/vendor supply chain seasonal purchasing activities...

then views DaThreats past activity and bubble count. Modifies response accordingly.*

Shut up troll! Stop hating on a system that your parents don't want to buy for you. Just because you don't have it doesn't mean that it is inferior.
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ftwrthtx  +   1177d ago
Already snagged AC3 dirt cheap. Gotta love it.
knifefight  +   1177d ago
I went out one time on Black Friday, but just to video tape people shopping. It was madness. I can't imagine trying to actually buy stuff.

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