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chadboban  +   1172d ago
Can't say anything that hasn't already been said. This is a fantastic deal!
jimmywolf  +   1172d ago
hate more competition for trying buy the bundle but anyone interested it today 12 pm pst 3 est it a gold box deal on amazon so not hard check their website see the countdown

scroll down it show gold box deal click that when it ready should send you too deal
Godz Kastro  +   1172d ago
Even if they offered this for $50 I wouldnt do it...
Liefx  +   1172d ago
'Tis a sad day indeed.
iNathan  +   1172d ago
what an amazing deal!
damn this deal is insane!
aquamala  +   1172d ago
the deal will be gone in seconds, be ready at noon 12pm pst
etownone  +   1172d ago
Will try and buy this.

Hopefully I get it.
This deal is too good to pass up.
Xer0_SiN  +   1172d ago
cant wait to get my hands on this. this is simply too good of a deal to pass up. not really a games fan, only buy a new game, once or twice a year, and it really has to stick out (demons soul/dark souls). out of all the games, im looking forward to playing ff tactics on this beast. i miss the old school controller type. the ipad version SUCKS.
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HyperBear  +   1171d ago
Just so I'm aware, cause I haven't owned anything PlayStation since I got rid of my PlayStation 3 in 2008, I have to continually subscribe to PS+ to keep that content right?
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G20WLY  +   1171d ago
Actually, the great thing is, it's not quite like that.

If you have a break in your subscription, you can't play the free games, but any discounts you benefitted from (and these are often significant) remain yours. When you resubscribe, the free games you downloaded are also playable again for the duration of the promotion.

Also, don't worry too much about the memory card, as the Vita just got a firmware update this week that lets you wirelessly move games between your Vita and computer using the revised content manager. So, you could play a game, transfer it to your PC and then put a different game onto the memory card.

PS Allstars is only 1.3GB, so you can get multiple games on 4GB if you went on a trip and had no wifi.
HyperBear  +   1171d ago
Oh okay, cool. Thanks man, I'm just slowly getting back into gaming again after taking about a 2 year hiatus, so just wondered how PS+ works and how the Vita interacts with the PS3 through cross-buy/cross-play and PS+ interacts with Vita/PS3, so thats cool. Great to hear...and just finished ordering one :D
dmonee  +   1171d ago
NOW I can finally get a Vita! Thank you Sony and Happy Holidays!
Lionalliance  +   1171d ago
I just ordered! Such a damn good deal!!
zmanacura  +   1171d ago
such a fast sellout. luckily it was on sale on the product page before it happend on gold box. Just added to cart when it said on product page Gold box deal was a go and waited till the clock ticked noon for good measure.
BigStef71  +   1171d ago
I know its weird tho for me at least cuz it said it was part of the gold box thing but then when I placed the order it didn't mention anything about the free stuff like plus and PSASBR
BigStef71  +   1171d ago
I originally ordered the target one but I decided to get this one because its a great deal. That shit sold out fast. It was up since 11:45 pt but as soon as it got to 12 bam they were sold out
Ok guys that thing on amazon must have been a glitch or something because you can still get it for 179.99 but im not sure if you get PSASBR download the $10 credit and the ps+ subscription.
By the way if I still get the code for PSASBR I will not be needing it cuz I already ordered the game for ps3 with the cross play. So if anyone wants the game download for vita just PM me and we can work something out
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Shawtymann  +   1171d ago
you can still get the freebies. its listed on the product page
negroguy  +   1171d ago
Just ordered, such a sweet deal.
KrisButtar  +   1171d ago
sold out :( i didnt make it, now they have them in stock again :)
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tubers  +   1171d ago
It's in stock right now gogogo.. (2:55 PM PST)
KrisButtar  +   1171d ago
ya it was sold out then back in stock like 5 mins later, thats when i ordered mine :)
pandatomsk  +   1171d ago
Helped a friend order his around 2hrs ago (4ish PM PST). Checked back again now (6:40 PM PST) & amazon's stock of liberation bundles are completely gone. Hope you got yours cause people definitely seized this opportunity.
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